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Stiletto Nail Art Designs – The Best Collection

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Stiletto Nail Art Designs – The Best Collection

With Halloween around the corner, we thought it would be fitting to showcase some of our favourite Stiletto Nail Art Designs. Stiletto nail designs are a fantastic statement piece that will be a great conversation starter.

Who are we kidding? This style of nails is great for any occasion (not just Halloween!). So if you haven’t already delved into the world of stiletto nails, you are in the right place.

Stiletto Nail Art Designs – The Need to Know

Before we get into the awesome designs, let’s first take a quick look at the need-to-know facts about stiletto nail art and things you need to consider before racing out to your local salon.

What are Stiletto Nail Art Designs?

If we were to say the word stiletto, the first thing that generally comes to mind are long and pointy. If you translate those qualities to nail art (or nail design), you can now start to get an idea of what stiletto nail art is all about.

Stiletto nails are defined as nails (natural or acrylic) that have been shaped into long, smooth nails that come to a point. They can often be referred to as coffin nails or ballerina nails.

In the true spirit of the Body Bedazzle community embracing the DIY and Be Your Own Beautiful mentality, here is a quick video by Crystal Nails showing how you can achieve stiletto nails in your own home.

Are Stiletto Nail Art Designs Sharp?

Depending on the style of the stiletto nail, some designs may be sharp and should be worn with caution. In general, most salons and professionals will blunt the point of the nails. Yes – safety is a factor for dulling the nails. However, you will want a rounded tip on your stiletto nails because it is more practical for your daily living activities. In addition, you will be less likely to chip, break and ruin your beautiful nails.

Practical Considerations

You may be thinking “Those nails are so hot, but how can I live with nails that long?”. And you wouldn’t be the only one with that concern. Long nails can be troublesome and well, let’s be honest, a nuisance at the best of times.

However, we at Body Bedazzle have your back. We have prepared the TOP CARE TIPS for living with and protecting your stiletto nails.

In this guide, you can find our secrets to maintaining those beautiful nails and tips for overcoming those simple daily chores with long nails (like opening doors!).

TOP TIP – if you feel that stiletto nails are a bit too long for you, try almond nails. They are a bit shorter than stiletto nails – but just as glamorous.

What is the difference between Coffin Nails and Stiletto Nails?

Both designs share the same characteristic of being long in nature. The length varies from design to design, however, it wouldn’t be too difficult to say the average length of both designs would be over an inch in length.

The main distinction between the two designs is the tip of the nail. Stiletto nails tend to have a point (sometimes blunted a bit for practical applications) at the end of the nail. Whereas their cousin, the coffin nail design, tends to have a straight edge at the end of the nail – similar looking to the typical shape of a coffin.

Our Favorite Stiletto Nail Art Designs

source: thenailist.com


Once you try stiletto nails you will be hooked! They will become a regular feature in your nail art design ensemble. Even though they have practical challenges, you can easily overcome them with a bit of creativity and ingenuity.

Take some inspiration from our gallery of favourite stiletto nail art designs and go get creative.

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