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Otakar suffner Net worth 2024: Biography and Trading Career


Otakar suffner Net worth 2024: Biography and Trading Career

Otakar Suffner is the co-founder of a young and ambitious company, which searches and financially supports trading talent in financial markets. in this post, you will know

Who is Otakar and what’s the story behind FTMO?, How he got the idea of starting a prop firm? , What Otakar trades and does in his daily analysis? Otakar Suffner Net worth?

Otakar Suffner Biography

Otakar Suffner was born and raised in Prague, Czech Republic. He has a master’s degree in Economics, which obtained as a major at Prague University. He also studied in South Korea for some time (Seoul National University). Thou he had a passion for sports, when he was growing up, Otakar Suffner played tennis quite well, but I wasn’t good enough to make a living from it. After 11 years of relationship, he married his first girlfriend.

Career in Trading

Otakar Suffner started to be addicted since 2011. He initially started on Futures, but Suffner moved to Forex / CFDs. Before starting Project FTMO, He has traded full-time for about three years until he decided to fully commit to FTMO. Besides working, He loves to spend time with my family and friends.”

Thou Otakar Suffner is a very statistics-based person, He believes in numbers that do not lie unless you make a mistake in the formula. He claims to like to know probabilities, which He can use to create trade ideas. Suffner view on the market is that it is mostly random with some tendencies, which keep repeating all the time.

To illustrate this, let’s imagine that you throw a coin as said by Otakar Suffner, the long-term probability is 50:50, but when you throw just 10 times the ratio between tails and heads could be easily 7:3. I trade probabilities with at least 65% in my favor, but I always know that the outcome of the trade is random he added.

Otakar Suffner Net worth

Otakar Suffner has not officially declared his net worth publicly. But According to information online, His net worth is estimated at around $1 Million

Otakar Suffner Trading Company

FTMO is the leading prop firm for Forex traders owned by Otakar Suffner. FTMO started its company and debuted on the Forex market in 2014. The name of the website translates from Czech as ‘Get your account!’ and it was founded by Otakar Suffner, who now serves as its CEO in Prague


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