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Wedding Nail Polish Designs

Nail Designs

Wedding Nail Polish Designs

Every girl knows the wedding is all about the dress. So it is understandable that some forget about the other small details – like your nails! So to keep them at the forefront of your mind we have created a list of our favorite wedding nail polish designs.

What characteristics should wedding nail polish designs have?

The answer to this question depends on the style and type of bride you want to achieve.

Traditional brides should stick to monotone and pastel colours that are not too in your face. This would include colours like nude or skin tone colour, silver, and gold. For some real style, you could even go for a pastel colour that matches the bridesmaid dresses. However, if you are going down the traditional route, you don’t always have to be boring. Try incorporating some rhinestones or glitter to add a flash of brilliance to your nails. Not only will they have a sparkle to match your beautiful engagement ring., but you can also work it into matching some diamontes or Swarovski diamonds on your dress.

For modern brides, the sky is your limit. Try some bold colors like a bright red, or stunning hot pink for a flash of something different. To be honest, there are no strict rules when it comes to newer modern designs. The more astute brides will think about matching the colour with other elements of your wedding. Such as the colour of the flowers in your bouquet or the groom’s tie colour.

Wedding Nail Polish Designs

Lace Work Designs

We adore these lace work wedding nail polish designs. Nothing says weddings more than the lace work on a dress. And these wedding nail polish designs scream weddings. Even if you decided to wear a plain slimline silk wedding dress, you could bring the wedding detail into your outfit with these lace work nails.

French Manicures – the classic look

You can’t go wrong with a French manicure on your special day. There is a reason why they call it a classic look. Clean, polished, and elegant nail polish designs are what you will get with any type of French manicure.

For something classic, but different, try adding some rhinestones into the design. For example, if you look at the image of the French manicure above, they have designed the engagement ring finger to have a couple of rhinestones to complement the diamond. It isn’t too in your face but still adds something different to the norm.

Something Blue

You may be looking for something to fulfil that ‘something blue’ for your wedding. Your wedding nail polish design is the perfect opportunity to work that something blue into your outfit. This is especially so if you are lucky enough to have received a Tiffany and Co. engagement ring. Use their signature Tiffany Blue as the nail polish colour of choice and tie all your wedding styling together.

With Whimsy

If you are the type of bride who wants to have fun, your wedding nail polish design is a great way to express your creativity. Have some fun and whimsy with the design. Take for example the image above by Eyemakeup Beauty Pinner. She has designed a beautiful ring design into nail polish. It is both event-appropriate and stylish at the same time. We love this design because it is not in your face, yet shows that the bride can still have some fun.

Plus, you have to remember it is your special day! You’re allowed to do what you want! Like we always say at Body Bedazzle – be your kind of beautiful!


So there you have it. Our favourite collection of wedding nail polish designs. Even though they may not seem significant, your nails are the perfect opportunity to add that little bit of something special to your bridal outfit.

Make it an occasion and get the bridesmaids involved with a session down at your favourite salon.

If you found some inspiration from our article, we’d love it if you shared it with a bride-to-be so they can get some inspiration of their own. You can use the share icons located on this page.

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