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Acrylic Nails Designs – Our TOP 50 Collection

Nail Designs

Acrylic Nails Designs – Our TOP 50 Collection

Our TOP 50 Acrylic Nails Designs (in no particular order)

Now to the main feature – the collection of our Top 50 Acrylic Nails Designs to spark some inspiration for your next visit to the salon.  Note that we haven’t rated each design from highest to lowest simply because everyone has different tastes and requirements.   

Butterflies Galore

source: thetrendspotter.net

Do you want your nails to inspire a flutter of excitement?  Then you won’t be disappointed with this unique and creative Acrylic Nails Design.  We love the way the butterflies sparkle and give a 3D effect when it captures light at different angles. 

Glitteratti anyone?

source: instagram

This imaginative design is great for those summer nights where the pastel colors match a balmy summer evening outfit.  As the evening moves to an intimately lit occasion, use the glitter to catch the light from the candles.  Perfect for those special (but casual) occasions with friends or a special someone. 

Pretty in Pink

source: nsinails.com

Although some may classify these as over the top or too out there for their taste – hot pink acrylic nails designs are more common than you would think.  Also, even though they are only one tone and color, they are much more versatile than one would think.  Instead of matching the color to your outfit, use the hot pink nails as a statement piece in your ensemble. Wear a simple outfit and let the brilliance of these simple nails do their thing and shine! 

Summer Times

source: pinterest.com

For those that love a touch of something different, don’t look any further than these creative acrylic nails designs that incorporate flowers, rhinestones and a beuatiful color pallet that would suit either a Summer or Autumn feel. 

We particularly love the color matching of the sunflower petals to the off centre burnt yellow nail on the pointer finger. 

Ceramic Feels

source: pinterest.com

Do you remember the feel of looking at those showroom cars with pristine ceramic paint, with not a speck of dirt to tarnish their sheen?  Well here are a set of nails to match your next car! Check out the ceramic feel these nails give off with a simple and short look to complete the appearance.  

Looking to create your own Acrylic Nails at Home?

We are always looking to help out our community members at Body Bedazzle.  Especially those that have a bit of a creative flair and like to do things for themselves.  So we have compiled some of our very own posts  for DIY Home Acrylic Nails:

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Powdered Nails

source: nsinails.com.au

Have you ever considered using Nail Powders for your next salon visit.  It isn’t quite the same as acrylic nails, however we thought that we would include this in the mix in case some fashionistas wanted to explore other options. 

Jamaican Beats

source: instagram.com

For those times where you may find yourself in the Caribbean here are a set of nails to rock on the beach while sipping on a cocktail with those cute little umbrellas.  The black stepping stones pattern adds much-needed contrast to what would otherwise be a very plain set of Acrylic Nails Designs. 

Pink Tones

source: arty-nails.org

If you are a fan of pink you won’t be able to resist these acrylic nails designs with marbled tones of pink with black and gems as highlights. We simply love how the outside nails act as a border to complete the pink as can be designed with these nails

Gold Member

source: pinterest.com

You would think at first glance this nail set is about the design of the amber/orange highlights, but strangely what makes this set of acrylic nails is the gold glitter that connects the jewelry and gold links in your outfit.  Definitely, one to keep in your back pocket to show off your creative flair. 

Flames Akimbo

source: pinterest.com

Simply try and resist flashing these beauties around at your next special event!  These pink shimmering flames design is sure to catch the eye of anyone who crosses your path.  

Be warned: it’s best if you are accustomed to long nails before donning these at your next party.  The length on these ones will take a bit of getting used to. 

Glitter Solo Time

source: huda-beauty.net

Sometimes a bit of minimalism with a touch of bling can have a big impact on your nails.  Try these simple yet elegant nails at your next special evening.  These acrylic nails design can even suit a work attire as it isn’t too in your face. 

Hello dusk stars

source: instagram (zack_pa)

We love this design because it reminds us of a calming evening sky at dusk when the stars are just starting to sparkle in the night.  This design is best worn for evening and afternoon engagements. 

Two-toned polka dot

source: guestfilma.com

An estimate to simplicity this acrylic nail design suits those who don’t want nails that are too in your face, but still have a certain charm to them.  Note the studs are only on every other nail to give a random effect. 

Ghost White

source: glaminati.com

Don’t ever underestimate the effect of a monotone design. Check the impact these off white acrylic nails have to complement the black outfit of this chic fashionista. White and black are a classic combo for a reason.  You will definitely receive some compliments from onlookers with this design. 

Good as Gold

source: posh_nails.com

Gold nails are popular for a reason.  For some reason it matches almost any outfit.  In fact, it would be extremely challenging trying to make these nails not fit with an outfit.  We dare you to send us some pics with mis-matching gold nails!

Texture Terrific

source: merlinnails.org

The unique design here is not the color, but the play on different textures from each nail as it draws your gaze from one nail to the next. We love the way how each nail somehow connects with it’s immediate neighbor making this acrylic nails design feel like a complete set. 

Be Bold – Be Blue

source: kaludiaSyldatte Instagram

This one is for those who love to be bold and beautiful.  The contrasting rainbow dotted patterns highlights the beauty and striking power of this nail art design.  

For even more impact you could try to add some gloss or sheen to the nails with an overcoat once the acrylics have set. 

Fluro Time

If you cannot resist but flash your new set of acrylic nails designs, then this set of fluorescent yellow nails are right up your alley! 

You could even take it to the next level and discover glow in the dark fluorescent nails!  Your nails are only limited by your imagination! 

Denim is BACK baby!

Feeling a bit retro?  Try these baby blue tones with your next denim ensemble and feel the classic vibes as you rock through your night. 

We love the alternating butterfly and glitter combination to give this acrylic nails design a little bit of something different.

Roses are red!

You cannot help but feel the love with nails in this luscious red number.  Wear these acrulic nails with a matching polka dot red out fit or even a black evening dress for some dramatic impact. 

Plain and simple wins the day

There is something about nude nails that are elegant and understated.  We love donning some skin toned nails with length to give your fingers a long illusion.  Add into the mix the fact that they are a versatile option for any outfit and you will come out a winner on all fronts!

Nude Dude

Another option for the nude look – these acrylic nails designs are actually a transparent set that adds gloss and shine to your natural nails.  Perfect for those that want some protection and an acrylic feel, but with a completely natural look for working occasions. 

Chic and Natural

We just love the mosaic feel with these nails provided by the broken glass fragments in the standalone nails. 

This coupled with a plain chic grey tone just brings to attention the details and intracacies given in this set of acrylic nails designs. 

ITS me now!

No top collection would be complete without some scary nails with a touch of mood.  Try out these frightening IT themed acrylic nails and instill some shivers in your friends and family!

Mauve me!

Sometimes a simple color is enough to make an outfit really come together. 

Check this luscious color out and see how well it compliments that bling and rings on the fingers. 

Minimalistic movements!

A simple and understated design, this acrylic nails design is very soft and complimentary of any outfit.  Casual wear, office wear or even a night out on the town – simple is sometimes perfect!

Invisible to the eye!

Another one of those simple and majestic acrylic nails designs that looks natural and beautiful.  French manicure designs are a very popular choice for many ladies wanting to have that acrylic nails feel without having to continually upkeep of other more extravagant designs. 

Beyond Blue!

Blue as the nights sky comes to mind with these many toned blue acrylic nails.  Check out the beautiful matte finish on the nails that adds a different textural feel when you look at the unique design. 


At one point in your life you will want to try out some extra long nails – and this design is perfect for those beginners.  The stark white tones allow you to observe any maintenance you will need to do to upkeep the acrylic nails. 

The durability of these nails are an added bonus for those wanting less maintenance.  

Be Happy!

We couldn’t agree more with the message these nails send!  And why wouldn’t you be happy wearing this beautiful set of acrylic nails. 

The classic white and gold flake appearance of the pinky nail make it easy to pair with classic outfits. 

Classically beautiful

A combination of elegance and simplicity makes these acrylic nails one of the best options for the all-round look.  We actually love the length of these nails.  Not too short and not too long – just perfect. 

Don’t forget the feet!

source: instagram.com

With our focus on the hands it is easy to forget about those little piggies down the bottom.  Be exciting and mix and match the combination between nail art on the feet and hands.  

Especially effective in the summer with your open-toe slip on shoes. 

Gem City

source: twilio.com

Many people consider gems or studs do not belong in the nail art industry.  And we agree when the design is not done tastefully!  

But check out these acrylic nails where the gems are incorporated in a minimalistic way that accents the colors and design (rather than detracts). 

Fusia Anyone?

We personally love love love this color.  It screams look at me and with the subtle nuances of the glitter and unobtrusive gems you cannot go wrong.  

We will definitely be including this one in our nail art rotation going forward.

Note the difference in the sheen and matte nails as well. 

Architect designed?

source: pinterest.com

The lines in this design reminds us of a classic building in NYC!  Those edges and parallel lines take us back to the intricate lines you would see on the details of a exlcusive building. 

Those lines coupled with the pinks and grey glitter take this design to the next level. 

Pastels always win

source: pinterest.com

You cannot really go wrong with pastel colors.  They go with everything and due to their very nature, they are not obtrusive or in your face.  

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This pretty baby blue number would pair beautifully with a black ensemble.

Deceptively Simple

source: pinterest.com

These clear acrylics look natural.  But don’t be fooled.  The shape and length give it a beautiful shape and line that will have onlookers green with envy. 

Much more practical than the coffin nails that is more typical of a acrylic design. 

Blended French

source: salonrouge.net

Want something a bit different (but not too different) from a French Mani?  Check out these acrylic nails that graduate the white into the nail tones. 

The length still matches most French Manicures but the extended white area gives a point of difference that will catch many a eye. 


source: pinterest

Wonderfully over the top these nails won’t be for everyone.  But if you are into your brands and love to show off then these acrylic nails designs will be right up your alley. 

Check out the creative flames that even showcase on the envied Chanel logo.

OTT – Take Two

source: pinterest

Another set of acrylics that will create some chatter amongst your friends.  Again these won’t be everyone’s taste, but we all know someone who will love to donn these at the next social gathering!

Soft and loving

source: instagram.com

Simply a beautiful set of nails, the tones and baby pink in these acrylic nails will warm up your heart on a wold winter’s day. 

Match these with the large knit cardigan and show off your creativity and fashionista designs. 

Flora Galore

source: katerinanails.com

You won’t be able to resist this pastel and floral combination.  Notice how the colors are intertwined into the patterns of the flowers to ensure continuity with the design and really complete the look. 

Flora Galore (take two)

We wanted to bring another floral design into the mix to show what really can be done with your creativity. Check out these artistic take on flowers.  It gives an almost Japanese feel with the painting design of the nails. 

We just love flowers – especially ones that don’t have to be watered! 

Shimmer and Shine

source: pinterest.com

Sometimes glitter doesn’t have to be ostentatious.  Check this design from Pinterest where the marbled effect of the shine and glitter is gradually reduced down the length of the nail. 

We love designs that play to their strengths. 

Has it all!

source: estrella sanchez

What a talented design.  This one has it all (as the title reads).  Gems in the right places.  Pastels and classic flowers incorporated all in one neat package. 

This acrylic nails design will take any outfit from wow to woo hoo!  

Ready, Set Go!

source: instagram.com

You won’t be able to get these on fast enough with the flames and racing theme in these acrylic nails. 

For those racing enthusiasts in our community go grab these and make your way to the racing track to show them off.  Classic black nails on either side make this design easy to match with any outfit. 

Graduation at it’s best!

source: instagram.com

Check how these blues work their way along the edges.  You will find yourself constantly marvelling at the technique and design of these understated nails. 

Pro Tip – if blue is not your penchant you can do this with other colors of your choosing!

Long and Slender

source: instagram.com

Let’s face it – sometimes the longer the better in the nail industry.  These hard-lined coffin acrylic nails take the cake with their long lines and glossy look. 

The color combination makes it easy to work with and the white is great for low maintenance and a clean look. 

Glitter me up, baby!

source: nailzbysav.com

Finally an aqua-themed design.  We love to see an array of colors in our top collection and funnily enough aqua wasn’t as popular as we first thought.  

Nonetheless, we found a design that met the brief.  Check this combination of glitter and gems in this design.  And to top it off a graduating of the colors to a nude color completes the look. 


And that is our collection of Top 50 Acrylic Nails Designs.  It was a long list, but hopefully we have captured all types or designs for everyone in our vast and varied Body Bedazzle Community. 

If you didn’t see any designs that caught your eye please send us a picture of your favorites and we will be sure to include it in our collection.  

We update this constantly with readers’ feedback so place a bookmark on this page and come back to visit every once in a while. 

Till next time Body Bedazzlers!

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