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Nail Colors for Pale Skin Tones

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Nail Colors for Pale Skin Tones

Having a fresh set of nails makes you feel like taking on the world.  For whatever reason, it makes you confident and gives you an extra bounce in your step. 

It is, for this reason, we want to be able to gift this feeling to everyone and anyone.  It doesn’t matter if you have dark, olive, fair, or even purple skin.  Every individual is entitled to feel awesome. 

At Body Bedazzle, we have been providing nail color guides for every skin type under the sun.  In this guide, we will be looking at nail colors for fair and pale-skinned individuals.  

We will explore the tones that will pop and complement your skin tone.  As well as some alternative colors for those that want to make your nails especially eye-catching. 

How to pick nail polish colors that flatter your Pale Skin

When looking at nail polish colors that will make your skin glow, fair-skinned beauties will need to go for warm undertones.  

PRO-TIP:  We think it is worth mentioning we are not talking about the colors (like red, blue, green, and yellow).  We are specifically looking at the tone of the color.  And there is a big difference.  

You can see from the above color palette selector, warm undertones include peachy colors and soft neutral colors, such as nude colors.  

You will want to try to avoid colors that have strong blues and cooler tones. 

What nail color looks best on pale skin

Now that we have established we are looking for colors with warm tones, let’s move our attention to the colors themselves. 

We mentioned Neutral colors work well with fair skin.  These include creamsoft pinks, and light browns.  All will blend flawlessly with your skin tone and complement your beautiful fair skin. 

If you are feeling adventurous, bright Reds and Orange colors can be an eye-catching combination with your skin. 

While there are a few colors that are dark in the above color chart, you may avoid some of the dark colors, like Navy Blue and Dark Maroon.  These stark colors may in fact emphasize the paleness of your skin with the strong contrast. 

What color makes pale skin look tan?

Many women with fair skin tones want to try to darken their appearance.  You can achieve this effect by layering some pastel colors.  If you choose lighter options such as pale pink, light lavender, and off-white colors with warm undertones, they will pair beautifully with your skin. 

You can also look for beautiful shades of coral and light orange

What nail colors make you look lighter?

You may be asking “Why would a person with fair skin want to look lighter than they already do”? 

However, if you pick and choose your colors carefully, you can actually complement your fair skin in such a way, that it makes you appear to be glowing with radiance. 

To achieve this effect, you will need to select hues that play a contrasting role with your skin tone.  In the last section, we did warn readers that you may want to avoid darker contrasting colors.  And this statement is true.  However, the darker colors will need to maintain a warm undertone, so as not to wash you out. 

At Body Bedazzle we always encourage our readers to try new things.  And the only way you are going to find out if it works for you personally is to give it a try and see for yourself.  Do the darker tones make your skin pop or does it wash you out? 

Main Takeaways for Nail Colors for Fair Skin

In the beginning, it may have seemed like an impossible mission to match nail colors with your pale skin.  

Hopefully, by now you have a few ideas of which colors and tones you can try to complement your beautiful fair skin. 

Depending on the look you are aiming for, the key is to use a color with warm undertones. 

Once you have found some warm-tone color options, you can mix and match your nail colors with your ensemble to make your fair skin glow. 

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