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Choosing the right nail polish color for every skin

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Choosing the right nail polish color for every skin

From attractive and everyday colors to creative and stylish designs, we help you choose the best nail polish color and design to have a unique style. Choosing the right nail polish color for each skin depends on different tastes, skin color, seasons, and situations. But in general, the following tips can help you:

light skin:

  • Darker colors like warm pinks, rich reds, and warm oranges can work well with fair skin.
  • Colors like beige, gray, silver, and almond are always good options for light skin.


  • For medium skin tones, dark magenta, lettuce, hot oranges, and warm grays work well with this skin.
  • Also, various colors of pink, red, and purple are suitable for this type of skin.


  • For dark skin tones, candy colors, brown crimson, hot oranges, and some dark grays can be attractive.
  • Dark colors like purple, coral, and brown also go well with dark skin.

Other tips:

  • For formal situations, classic and low-risk colors such as red, burgundy and neon are not appropriate.
  • Pastel and light colors can be suitable for warm seasons and dark and impressive colors for cold seasons.

Also, everyone has their own taste and style. Sometimes the choice of nail polish color is also related to personal taste and preferences, so it is better to experiment and try different colors on your nails to see which color matches your skin and tastes better.

The durability of gel polish on the nail is related to various factors, including the type and quality of the polish, the method of application, the condition of the nail, and the way of care and use

Here are some tips to increase the durability of gel polish on nails:

Nail preparation:

  • Cleaning the nail well: Using an alcohol spray or a solution used to remove grease and blemishes on the nail surface can improve durability.
  • Nail cutting and cleaning: cut the nails to the right size and smooth the surface so that the nail polish adheres better.

Use of thin layers:

  • If you are applying the gel polish yourself, make sure you apply each layer thinly and dry under a UV or LED lamp.

Use of UV lamp:

  • Using a drying lamp for gel polish (UV or LED) makes the polish dry faster, which increases its durability.

Quality varnishes:

  • Using high-quality gel polishes from reputable brands usually lasts better.

Care after use:

  • After applying the nail polish, using moisturizing oils or care lotions on the skin around the nails can help the nail polish last and also keep the skin soft and fresh.

With these tips and following the necessary care, you can increase the durability of gel polish on your nails

Nail polish colors are usually in harmony with different seasons and environments. Here are some suggestions for the right nail polish colors for each season:


  • In the spring season, use pastel colors such as soft pinks, pale blues, black yellows, and bright greens. These colors are associated with the feeling of freshness and freshness of spring.


  • Happy and bright colors like sky blue, sea blue, lily red, semi-sour yellow, and fresh green are suitable for summer. These colors match the warm and bright colors of summer.


  • In the fall season, use warm and natural colors such as brown, greenhouse orange, almond, burgundy and gray. These colors are compatible with autumn colors and dry leaves.


  • Dark and warm colors such as smoky purple, dark gray, and deep burgundy, as well as striking colors such as gold and silver are suitable for winter. These colors are in harmony with the feeling of winter cold.

The mood and personal preferences are also influential in the choice of nail polish color. You may be interested in other colors that are not commonly used in different seasons. Therefore, it is better to use the choices that match your taste and style

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