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Nail Planting- flourishing and creating unique beauty

Nail Care

Nail Planting- flourishing and creating unique beauty

Nail planting is an artistic and beautifying process that requires experience and precision. The stages of nail implantation generally include several stages, which are as follows:

Nail preparation:

Start by cleaning. Nail removal. Any stains or oil on it.

forming. to the nail using a nail file and removing the excess flakes.

Use commands. To prepare the nails for use.

Applying the base coat (Base Coat):

This step is important. Because the base layer helps the nail. to be ready to receive paint. and prevents nail damage.

Spread the base layer evenly and thinly on the nail. and dry it.

Color application:

After drying. Apply the base layer, the color you want. you can. Apply one or more layers of the chosen color on the nail. And between each layer, enough time to dry. let the.

Applying the final layer (Top Coat):

After applying the paint and making sure it dries. Complete it, apply the finishing layer or top coat. This layer protects the nail. and protects it from scratches and decay.

Apply the finishing layer homogeneously and thinly on the nail. and dry it.

Cleaning around the nails:

After drying. Complete, around the nail using the corrector. Nails or cleaning drops. clean up to remove any excess color from the skin.

For implanting artificial nails or doing gel and acrylic nails, the steps are slightly different and depend on the technique used. It is better to get help from experienced technicians in the field of nail implants or reputable training centers to get better results and manage your nails properly and healthily.

In the field of nail makeup, there are different types of forms and shapes for nails. Each form can change the appearance of the nail and give it a special beauty and shape

Some common forms of nails are:

Nail Planting- flourishing and creating unique beauty

Square form:

Square nails have angled corners that make the nails look neat and stylish.

Round shape:

This shape makes the nails look round and crowded, and some people prefer to have rounded tips.

Oval shape:

This form has nails that are wider in the upper part and go towards the tips of the nails with a less slope.

sharp form:

This form of nails moves from the base of the nail to the tip with a sharp slope, and the tip of the nails is very sharp and beautiful.

Alligator form:

This form makes the nails inclined towards a raised center, which is also called “alligator manicure form”.

Each of these forms can create different shapes and bring different beauty to your nails by using nail files.

Do you want to learn beautiful and different art? Are you looking for a creative and engaging skill that you can excel at?

Nail design and planting is one of the things that is used in the field of beauty and makeup.

How are nail implants done?

  • In nail implantation, first, the natural nail is cleaned and shaped. Then the artificial nail is cut to the desired size and shape and glued on the natural nail. Finally, the artificial nail is shaped and polished.

What materials are used for nail implants?

  • Common materials used for nail implants are: acrylic, gel, UV gel, acrylic powder and special glue for sticking artificial nails.

Is the nail implant done continuously or can it be rimmed?

  • Artificial nails may break over time, or the natural nail growth underneath may cause pressure and discomfort. Depending on the type of artificial nails as well as proper maintenance and care, they may need to be replaced.

Can nail implants damage natural nails?

  • Improper or incorrect use of nail implant techniques may damage the natural nail. Using strong chemicals, nail injuries, or improperly removing artificial nails can damage the natural nail.

What care should be taken to maintain artificial nails?

  • Caring for artificial nails includes taking vitamins , using moisturizing oils, avoiding using under artificial nails as a tool, and doing regular maintenance on them.

Note that nail implants can achieve the best results by following proper hygiene and care tips. Also, it is important that this work is done by skilled and expert people so as not to damage the natural nails.

Nail file training with an experienced teacher, Rehane Haghighi, is an exceptional opportunity for you. In this training course, you will get to know the techniques and professional methods of nail filing and you will improve your skills from beginner to professional

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