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TDBarrett Net Worth 2024 and How He Makes His Money

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TDBarrett Net Worth 2024 and How He Makes His Money

TDBarrett Net Worth 2024 and How He Makes his Money.

You might have heard of TDBarrett but how well do you know about the YouTube channel? Do you know how much money the channel makes?

Well, in this post, we are going to enlighten you on every details you need to know about TDBarrett.

What is TDBarrett and how much money does TDBarrett Make

If you know TDBarrett, then you must have known that it is a very popular channel that entertains sport lovers and it is a very popular channel across Canada.

The YouTube channel was created by a Canadian YouTuber named Bret Barrett.

Bret Barrett of the popular YouTube channel TDBarrett is estimated to be worth $2 million.

His video contents focuses on NBA 2Ks and Major League Baseball (MLB 2017).

His video contents has the following;

  • Madden career mode
  • Challenges
  • NBA full court challanges
  • gameplays

 How many subscribers does TDBarrett have and How much it makes

TDBarrett has over 500 million views since its creation with it large audience of over 1.4 million subscribers.

Many YouTubers and bloggers links to his channel daily and he has over 400k daily views from direct (subscribers) and indirect sources.

From the look of his channel views and traffic, TDBarrett generates around $2,100 daily and approximately $756k yearly from the monetized YouTube channel.

How YouTube Pays Youtubers

In every 1000 views, YouTubers get paid $2 – $8 depending on the countries that watched your video and after YouTube has collected it’s cut.

YouTube pays lower when a Youtuber gets a visitors from a third world countries like some countries from Africa like Gabon, Kenya, Chan, Tanzania etc, but pays higher when views comes from a first world country like the United States, U.K Germany, Canada, Australia etc.

Also, it big pays depends on the type of mobile phone being used. For instance, Samsung and IPhone views on a YouTuber’s video tends to make huge money compared to a normal lower android phone version.

YouTube also also considers the number of ads placed on a YouTube channel, the number of skipped Ads and number of Ads watched before the main video, Ads engagement and the Type of ads being displayed on a YouTube channel.

The lowest amount being paid per view or numbers of views is $0.01 and when it is high, it ranges from 0.40 upward.

TDBarrett age

Bret Barrett popularly known to own the famous YouTube channel, TDBarrett was born on 4th of December, 1996 therefore, he is 28 years old.

TDBarrett Net Worth in 2024.

TDBarrett is approximately worth $2 million and he makes his money from Google AdSense on his monetized YouTube channel.

TDBarrett Net Worth 2023

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