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Mike Hostilo Net worth, Biography 2023 updated

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Mike Hostilo Net worth, Biography 2023 updated

Mike Hostilo is popularly known for his career as a personal injury/accident attorney of law, he has practiced law for nearly three decades Known as an intense negotiator, he has gained fame for recovering millions in settlements for accident victims as a personal injury, automobile accident, workers comp and drug, and medical lawyer. Here are the details about Mike Hostilo net worth, biography, salary, sources of income, expenses, endorsements, investments, Home, Car, and Personal details.


Mike’s father was born in Emanuel County and raised in Savannah, GA. A career Marine, Mike learned discipline and hard work from his dad. Mike’s mother, a native of Japan, moved to America in the racially turbulent 1960s. As an interracial couple, the Hostilos faced many social challenges.

Through his upbringing across the United States, Mike learned the value of hard work, discipline, perseverance, persistence, and the ability to be open-minded to all cultures and races.

Mike Hostilo Educational Qualification, School & College

Mike Hostilo graduated from the University of Georgia and then attended Atlanta Law School, at the same time during his legal studies he is doing several job. With a lot of employment experiences, allowed mike to view life from many angles with a broad understanding. He also worked in a variety of industries, including construction, security, food delivery and newspaper delivery, and many other jobs to assist himself. Mike is a hard-working person, his hard work has him to become a lawyer for the people and make his net worth today.

After Mike graduated from law school in the year 1993, he relocate back to the Lowcountry to practice with former Marine George A. Zettler. The late, great Zettler reinforced the honesty, patience, and good judgment that had been instilled in Mike by his parents.

He now serves in the state of Georgia and other surrounding areas. He has offices in Augusta, Macon, Savannah, Columbus, Atlanta, and Beaufort

Mike Hostilo Net worth

According to a source, online Mike Hostilo is estimated to have a net worth of about $2 million as of the year 2022. He made a huge net worth in his professional career as an Accident Attorney of law. though his net worth has not to be confirmed by a reliable source, however, he has earned a lot from his professional

Mike has practiced law for nearly three decades and The Mike Hostilo Law Firm has lasted so long because while Mike’s team has expanded, our goal has never changed: client care always comes first.

Mike Hostilo Law Career

Mike Hostilo is a personal injury lawyer based in Savannah, Georgia. But in the 1980s he was a history major at the University of Georgia. After finishing at UGA and Atlanta Law School, he returned to the Savannah area to practice law in 1992. Around the year 2021, Mike gave $25,000 to establish a scholarship fund to support underrepresented minority undergraduates who choose to major in history at UGA. Here, he reflects on his career as a history major

He began practicing with George A. Zettler in 1992 and ascended to partner in 1995. He later ran offices in Statesboro, Macon, Savannah, and Atlanta before opening his current practice in 2007.

 Michael G. Hostilo, LLC handles personal injury cases in the following areas:

Auto Accidents: The most common personal injury lawsuits in Georgia deal with injuries from auto accidents. Mike Hostilo recognizes that victims could be saddled with serious injuries, high medical bills, and uncooperative insurance companies so he helps victims obtain compensation and medical care.

Drug & Medical Device Injuries: Mike Hostilo represents individuals who suffer negative side effects and injuries from drugs and medical devices. He works with victims to make sure they receive the settlement or other compensation they are owed by manufacturers.

Premises Liability: Property and building owners are expected to keep their premises safe by preventing slip and fall accidents. When individuals are injured on someone else’s property, Mike Hostilo ensures that the property owner’s insurance covers all medical costs.

Truck Accidents: Truck accidents are more complex than auto accidents because there are more parties that could be at fault. Mike Hostilo guides accident victims through the claim process to determine whether liable parties include the truck owner, manufacturer, trucking company, or brake manufacturer.

Workers’ Compensation: Georgia workers have protected from on-the-job accidents thanks to the Workers’ Compensation insurance program. Mike Hostilo helps victims file claims correctly and in a timely manner so they receive payments to cover lost wages, medical expenses, and benefits for dependents.

Wrongful Death: While no amount of money makes up for the loss of a spouse or family member, a wrongful death payout will allow dependents to cover medical bills, funeral costs, and lost wages.

Mike Hostilo Interviewed at University of Georgia 2010

Why did you choose to study history at UGA?

I love the subject area of history, and I am quite fascinated by the past and our ancestors.

How did it prepare you for what you’ve done since leaving UGA?

 Being a history major allowed me to be able to handle the voluminous reading material requirements in law school, and as a practicing attorney today, I am still able to read and understand volumes of material at length.

What are some of your favorite memories from life as a history student?

I thoroughly enjoyed Dr. Thomas’s southern history class and Dr. Ganshow’s Chinese history lectures.

What advice would you give to prospective history majors?

The University of Georgia’s History Department provides a wonderful education. Prospective students can learn from the mistakes of the past. One of my favorite history quotes by Robert Heinlein says “A generation which ignores history has no past and no future.” I stuck by this motto during my studies at the university and prospective history majors should as well in order for history education to continually thrive.

What led you to fund the scholarship?

In the past, I have typically donated to the Athletic Department. Since the History Department springboarded my career path, I felt it was a great contribution to give back to such an influential department.

is mike Hostilo married?

Mike Hostilo is currently married and blessed with children. information about Mike Hostilo wife is not yet disclosed online yet. we promise we will update you any time we get details about Mike Hostilo wife. he is happily married.


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