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Top 10 Things To Know About 21 Savage Net Worth 2023 Updated


Top 10 Things To Know About 21 Savage Net Worth 2023 Updated

21 Savage Net Worth is around $8.5 Million as of the year of 2023

American Celebrities including actors, actresses, musicians, and other elements make Hollywood one of the biggest industries of the trade. All of these individuals are the main contributors that fuel the industry and are known for their high rolling net worth. The recent years have witnessed a lot happening in the music industry.

If we particularly talk about the music industry, Rap Music gained a lot of popularity in the recent few years. This gave birth to amazing icons like Mac Miller, Eminem, and the most popular star 21 Savage.

These guys are known for their amazing lifestyle, appearance, their wealth, style, and much more that people love to admire. Particularly talking about 21 Savage who is recently getting too much attention in the media is one the best Rappers in the industry.

His net worth is estimated at $15 Million as of the year 2023. Here we are going to get you up and close with one of the richest Rap Musicians in the world.


21 Savage’s Early Life, Tragedies And His Family:

21 savage real name is Shayaa Bin Abraham-Joseph. 21 Savage American Rapper is one of the young blood in the American rap music industry. 21 Savage was born in the year 1992 on October 22 in Roseau, Dominica.

There, he was raised by his Mother, along with 4 brothers and 6 sisters. 21 Savage brother got shot and died in a shooting after a drug deal. He was a Grade 7 student when he was on a permanent bar from getting admitted to any school in the DeKalb County School District as he was caught with a gun in his possession.

After some time, he resumed his education in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area until he was sent to a Youth Detention Center. As he grew up, 21 Savage got his place in a gang known as “21” where he committed criminal activity of various natures that included street hustling, drug dealing, and other activities. He also got shot six times due to an attempted robbery on his 21st birthday where one of his best friends lost his life.

The news is that 21 Savage shot the assailants back but they managed to escape.  He underwent a couple of surgeries after which he got discharged and got back to his gangster life after a couple of weeks.

Even after a huge incident that almost took his life, and having a life with nerve damage and paranoia, he couldn’t help himself staying off the streets. According to sources, he expressed profound love for life on the streets even if it doesn’t even worth it.

Life After 21 Savage Brother’s Death And Getting Shot:

21 Savage’s brother, who was also a rapper. He was one of the reasons that he tried to get a hand in the Rapping Industry.

He started to get serious about rapping and took it as a serious business. In the beginning of the year 2015, after he was recovering from his wounds, he decided to take up “21 Savage” as the name for his Instagram account.

At the moment 21 Savage net worth was nothing. Hence, “21 Savage” as in “21” that he borrowed from the crew and added “Savage” to it. Next, he bought himself a Mac and a mic to start a new course in life.

He got himself a better computer and a mic. He used this equipment to get his first project recorded and named it Slaughter Tape. He started recording this without a marketing plan.

He started to get serious about rapping and took it as a serious business and making 21 Savage net worth in the industry. He landed on the XXL Freshmen list in 2015 and became to be known for his amazing Music.

This way he got amidst the people who loved 21 Savage’s rap music in America. Apart from this, the major part of his fame and 21 Savage net worth came through because of mixtape and rap music he released online.

How Much is 21 Savage Worth?

Best 21 Savage Songs And Album By The American Rapper:

21 Savage songs and albums include one of the most popular music numbers of all time. His best songs include the following amazing songs like:

21 Savage No Heart:

21 Savage’s No Heart was released on 19 October 2016 by Epic Records and was produced by Metro Boomin. This was the second single and a collaborative extended play of Savage Mode. The song turned out to be a Certified Platinum by RIAA and was number 43 on the US Billboard Hot 100.


This 21 Rapper’s song “X” was originally titled to be “X Bitch” was released on July 14, 2016, as the lead single produced by Metro Boomin. The song features other guest vocals from the American Rapper Future.

The song was certified double Platinum by RIAA and was number 36 on US Billboard Hot 100.

21 Savage Bank Account:

In 2017, 21 Savage released Bank Account as the lead single from his debut studio Issa Album. Bank Account was one of the renowned numbers of 21 Savage’s Issa Album. You can find out 21 Savage Issa album download by clicking here.

He wrote and co-produced the song alongside Metro Boomin. This was released on November 20, 2017, and was Number 48 on the US Billboard Hot 100.

Skrrt, skrrt:

This was the first track that was part of Savage’s debut album call the Slaughter Tape. The title indicated to the burning sound of tires or if we talk about Savage, it was the fork scraping the sides of the pot coated in dope.

Ocean Drive:

21 Savage’s song Ocean Drive was an ode to the superb Miami beachfront area. It consists of Savages story that turned his life and his rags to the riches story.

He seems to brag about being able to have the wealth to afford wearing designer clothes and the times when was short on money. He also tried to pasteurize the hard times he had and people who can’t afford things and end up being on the streets.

The Numb 21 Savage Song:

21 Savage’s Song “Numb” got my full attention. The song states “Numb the Pain With Money” repetitively. He draws attention to social violence and other evils of our society.

I personally believe that he is the Rapper version of Mother Teresa, where he is using his songs and albums to help us understand the dark realities of the society. This expressive behavior makes him appear to be more brave and charismatic as well.

Along with these, 21 Savage mixtapes are the main contributor to 21 Savage net worth. this includes Slaughter King, and Free Guwop released in 2015. These provided 21 Savage fans with some great music to enjoy and 21 Savage net worth riches he has today.

Also, these are some of best 21 Savage songs ever released. My personal favorite was 21 Savage’s Rockstar where he performed alongside Post Malone and got himself some amazing response from the viewers.

How Much Is 21 Savage Net worth:

No matter how hard his life was, this amazing young lad never gave up on something that he believed in. He was expelled from school, and he got into the dark world of crime, he was on drugs, he got shot and almost died and met with tragedies in his family. 21 Savage net worth in 2023 is estimated around $15 million.

21 Savage net worth 2022

But he focused on his career. Today, 21 Savage net worth estimates to be somewhere around $4.5 million. He made this total net worth he has today along with other remunerations from his passion, hip-hop recording businesses, singing, brand endorsements, successive deals in business and many other sources.

The major part of his wealth comprises of proceedings from live concerts, events and whatever he earns from selling albums. He decided to get himself the latest 2017 Mercedes Maybach and it to his 21 Savage cars collections. 21 Savage’s home in Atlanta, Georgia, is equipped with all the amenities and has a worth of around $0.5 million.

The Amazing 21 Savage CarsCollection:

Besides 21 Savage net worth, 21 Savage seems to be a sucker for a car. Though it is not that huge as other stars of the industry he has some amazing cars in his collection. 21 Savage car collection comprises of Ford, Chevrolet and he is looking forward to having a Mercedes Mayback added to his car collection.

The Drake21 Savage Friendship:

On 21 Savage birthdays, Drake gifted him a Ferrari on his 24th Birthday. He received a Happy Birthday Wish in a post on Drake’s Instagram page. He is highly regarded by Drake as the “Young October King with A Lot of Juice.” Drake added an amazing toy to his collection in the garage.

The 21 Savage Amber Rose Relationship:

The amazing American Rapper is rumored to be dating the Amazing model Amber Rose. 21 Savage and Amber Rose relationship has been in the news for quite some time now and both of them seemed quite happy with each other.

She posted a cushion cut ring that was a diamond ring of course. The picture also had one of her fingernails painted with nail art from one her MUVA collection.

The other fingernails were blank. This might be an indication that she might be wearing an engagement or a wedding ring. This can also be a symbol of her engagement announcement.

The 21 Savage/Amber Rose couple is seen almost in every big event, likes the launch party of 21 Savage Issa Album in Hollywood, 2017s MTV VMA and other major events as well. The couple was also seen in their Instagram post sharing a bed wearing matching Space Jam shirts. Rose expressed deep compassion about waking up with him like this.

She continued expressing the deep sad moment that came in her life where she was alone, abused, slut-shamed, gaslighted and went through utmost torturous treatment on different occasions in her life.

Moving on, she says that she is quite thankful to God to bring someone as amazing and a talented individual in his life who supports her and defends here where and when needed. She thinks that probably that’s because probably they both have a complicated life and have gone through irreplaceable losses.

Her previously married life with Wiz Khalifa, with whom she has a son as well. They filed to part ways in the year 2014 and ended their relationship with a settlement 2 years later on.

Then she had to leave her new boyfriend who was a Dancing With the Stars pro named Val Chmerkovskiy. The relationship didn’t work out pretty well and collapsed after a short while. To me, 21 Savage net worth is something that she fell for. She for his heart that is more than 21 Savage net worth to her.

How 21 Savage Perceives Life To Be:

21 Savage is more of a quiet individual who you can see sitting in a coffee shop or in his car minding his own business. He considers rapping to be a business for him and considers being one step ahead of everyone in rapping like in all the other businesses.

He never feels good about insulting or dissing out other rappers in the industry but at the same time, he says that you have to beat the best to be the best and it is the just simple business.

What Does The 21 Savage Tattoo Means?

Maybe that’s the reason 21 Savage tattoo that displays a dagger on his forehead and somewhere between the eyes. One can see that on 21 Savage Face too.

The tattoo has a deep meaning that is linked to his life and tragedies he has encountered in his life. That explains pretty much about his rules that he has principled his life on. His brother Tayman had the same dagger tattoo as well before he died.

He has lived a life of utmost complications. He lived it and survived it. He says, “People believe me and they don’t really believe other people.” He delivers and raps in a normal conversational tone with caring about the volume or anything artificial.

He expresses that it is really hard to be someone who is black and it is equally difficult if they are not from a sound family background. He gives out insights about the life in the hood and says that there is enough hatred amidst the black people.

They kill each other and there are other elements who are looking out to kill them as well. Then there is another problem where black people are poor as well. And the world is against them too.

21 Savage Quotes That Will Urge to Hit Hard and Achieve In Life:

21 Savage is the American rapper from Atlanta, Georgia, who has seen the toughest days in his life. So much so that he ended being the notorious criminal in the streets. He ended up in being violent, addicted and much more than that during his time in the streets.

So much so that he has seen his friends, loved ones and people he cared about getting buried in the graves. He had to attend as much as 5 funerals in a short span of 1 year approx.

But he channeled his force to a much greater and something that made him one of the most unbeatable rappers in America. Here are a few quotes that can help you get along with the adverse days of his life:

For people who seek for inspiration in big names and big things, I believe that 21 Savage is an inspiration by talking less and achieving more. Also, that the rapper might live a life that is considered way too luxurious to us but he is quite simple at heart. And trust me, this is the key to a happy contented life.

21 Savage Kids and Personal Life:

21 Savage started making music in 2015 and has gone at the top-notch position on the charts and in the industry in a very short time. He seems to be a very socializing individual on Snapchat and Instagram.

21 Savage’s Instagram account has around 6.5 million fans and a Twitter Account that comprises of a vast audience and fan following of more than 2.0 million fans and followers from around the globe.

He is also on Snapchat with the name “Savage 730” and seems to be quite active using these social networks. His social network activities tend to capture some major audience and fan following.

Apart from this, 21 Savage has kids. By the age of 19, 21 Savage had 3 daughters, information about his kids when covering his Sneaker Shopping with Complex.

So being a family guy, I believe that 21 Savage is a complete human being and the best person at heart as well. His personal life is as sweet as he is in his profession as a rapper and artist.

What else is Fascinating Other Than 21 Savage Net Worth?

21 Savage is one amazing symbol of utmost struggle where he turned from a mere nobody to someone who is now a symbol of class and excellence in the world of music.

He gives me an inspiration to the people who give up on life and tend to feel low in life. He got motivation from his brother and even after his death, he became something that he never was. He escaped the dark alleys of crime, violence, and drugs and made his way to the top of the tops in the world of music.

21 Savage quotes about life, his ways of life, 21 Savage net worth has helped not only himself and others around him but his life partner to be as well.

This is something really huge if you will become an inspiration and a huge support to your significant other. Its better in a way that you are more than a support to your friends, family, and fans, rather being a symbol of oppression, addiction and everything that makes you look less than the others.

Me being a fan, I always follow his example whenever I get my adverse days and keep in mind 21 Savage net worth on the way and get motivation.

21 Savage house, height, and background

21 savage known as Shayaa Bin Abraham-Joseph was born on October 22, 1992, in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. Here, we are going to discuss his house, how tall he is and also his background. To talk about his living place, according to FaZe Bank’tweet‏, he just moved in next door lmao.

21 Savage height is actually 1.83 meter and 6.0 feet inches. 21 Savage backgrounds are very interesting to be talked about which shows his birthplace, age and also includes his growing up in the criminal area so was dropped out from school once.


What does young savage mean?

Young Savage is the era of 21 Savage’s life when he had no money and no fame before being known as an American Rapper

What Gang Is 21 Savage In?

21 Savage has an affiliation with the “Slaughter Gang”.The rapper’s association with this dates back to his days out in the street.

What is 21 Savage Phone Number?

There is no authentic information about 21 Savage Phone Number. However, on his Facebook page, it is mentioned as 404-434-2593that you can dial in and ask for a booking.

When is 21 savage birthday?   

21 Savage celebrates his birthday on 22nd of October as he was born on the same day in the year 1992.

Where is 21 savage from?

21 Savage is based in Atlanta Georgia where he owns a luxurious property that has all the amenities. This is where 21 Savage live

Who is 21 savage?        

21 Savage is a young American rapper and one of the most savage rapper when it comes to giving some amazing quality rap music in America. 21 Savage net worth is more than $15 million.

Who is 21 savage signed to?

21 Savage declared that he has a contract with Epic Records that makes him a business model. 21 Savages song “Jumpin has around 2.5 million views. Tracks that include “Ain’t No 21” has more than 2.7 million views. Also, No Heart got more than 1.5 million views by the viewers.

Savage Boomin was his collaboration on an EP with Metro Boomin. Within in a few years, this rapper 21 Savage will acquire the top notch position as he is on a success spree through his amazing rapping skills and talents. 21 Savage net worth rose too much after this.

How Did 21 Savage Get His Name?      

21 Savage decided to take up “21 Savage” as the name for his Instagram account. Hence, “21 Savage” as in “21” that he borrowed from the crew and added “Savage” to it.  21 Savage net worth is his true identity.

How Much is 21 Savage’s Net Worth?

in the year 2023, 21 Savage net worth is estimated around $15 million, in 2021 his net worth is somewhere around $12 million. However, 21 savage net worth 2018 is forecasted to be somewhere around $8 million or higher.

How Much is 22 Savage Worth?

22 Savage the known comedian and rapper based in Atlanta has a net worth of around $100, 000.

How Much Is It To Book 21 Savage?

According to a source, it takes around $35,000 approx. to book 21 Savage for a live performance or a concert etc. You can do 21 savage booking through his Facebook page or by emailing his agent on her email address at [email protected]. You can also estimate 21 Savage net worth with the amount he charges

How Old is 21 Savage?

It is not very difficult to know how old 21 savage is. 21 savage birthday is on 22 October 1992. Twenty One Savage is currently 25 years old.


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