October 5, 2022
Yamaha Niken 2020 with Three Wheels Features

Yamaha Niken 2020 is one of the most sophisticated three-wheeled motorcycles owned by Yamaha. This big motor has a far more advanced technology than Yamaha Tricity 155 with two wheels on the front.

Yamaha Niken motorcycles have been implemented with Multi-Wheeler Leaning technology. This technology can allow the motor to maneuver up to a 45-degree angle. While the engine races carrying Yamaha Yamaha MT-09 complete with three cylinders with a capacity of 847 ccs. Thus, it’s no wonder that Yamaha Niken comes with unusual and different driving experiences. Indeed with such formidable performance, it is natural that the price of Yamaha Niken is also fantastic.

Yamaha Niken New Color 2020

This motorcycle comes with an energetic design. Where also armed with 4 Upside Down suspensions in the front. Each front wheel has two suspensions. Hence, it can produce optimal damping and stability. Particularly when the Yamaha rider Niken maneuvers at high speed.

In 2020, Yamaha motorcycle manufacturers provide attractive offers. One of them is a new color choice for Niken and Niken GT. Niken GT itself is available with a choice of nimbus gray and phantom blue. This motorbike arrives with a choice of black wrapped in red accents in several parts. Meanwhile, the color play on the Yamaha Niken 2020 will provide a more dynamic and sporty look. Apart from that, there is also a classic graphite finish color option.

Yamaha Niken Specifications

This unique motorbike provided with three wheels has become a pioneer of three-wheeled sport motorcycles. Until now, there are no motorcycle manufacturers other than Yamaha that have marketed these types of bikes. The wheel performance of the Yamaha Niken is also different. Because the motor cannot stand alone, that way, it takes a standard or paddock, so it doesn’t collapse.

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The chassis used by Yamaha Niken has the Leaning Multi-Wheel Chassis technology. This technology makes it possible to bend to a 45-degree angle. Meanwhile, the front wheels of the Yamaha Niken 2020 have hydraulic disc brakes with a diameter of 265.6 mm. The size on the front wheels is smaller, with 120/70 wheels and 15 ring wheels, while the rear wheels have 17 ring wheels with 190/55 tire sizes. So that tire traction can be maintained, Yamaha has equipped this bike with TCS technology or Traction Control Systems so that it can reduce the risk of losing tire traction.

Engine Performance

Yamaha Niken has indeed been designed with very sophisticated technology. So it’s natural that the price tag for Yamaha Niken is quite expensive. Moreover, this motorbike uses a 3-cylinder engine owned by Yamaha MT-09, which is known to have tremendous torque. The resulting peak torque reaches 87.5 Nm with an 8,500 rpm rotation.

The power produced by the Yamaha Niken 2020 with an 847 cc engine capacity is quite immense. Power can reach 115 ps with 10000 rpm engine speed. Yamaha Niken has the same transition system as motorsports on the market in general. This motorbike uses a 6-speed manual transmission. The transmission has been optimized using the Quick Shifter System (QSS) technology and Assist & Slipper Clutch.

Mode features

Also, there is also a Drive Mode feature that can allow the driver to set the driving mode. So they can adjust to the conditions of the road being traversed. Thus does not end here; Yamaha Niken has also been designed with Cruise Control features. This allows you to set a constant vehicle speed at a certain speed. When looking at the full features that come with this Yamaha Niken 2020, surely, this bike is perfect for riders who have a hobby of touring. This motorbike can guarantee the satisfaction of the rider when traveling short or long distances.

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