October 5, 2022
Young tatoo artist

Thirteen years. This is the age of the tattoo artist who has reverberated on social networks. Lilith Siow, believe it or not, is one of the most acclaimed tattoo artists in Singapore, the fourth richest country in the world, marked by its skyscrapers, the presence of private jets and Rolls-Royces.

Even though we are introducing you to Siow today, the young woman made headlines in the biggest international news outlets for the first time in 2019, when she participated in the Cartel de Cultura Exhibition in Singapore.

During the event, the small – but talented – tattoo artist showed how firm her hands are and how she is able to work under pressure. At the time, Siow was only 11 years old.

Young tattoo artist

Young tatoo artist

Siow, as we said at the beginning of the story, is now 13 years old. The promising young woman is the daughter of Joseph Tan, a famous Singapore tattoo artist, who carries more than 20 years of experience on her back .

Tan, who currently works at Visual Orgasm Tattoo, revealed to the Odditycentral news portal that her daughter has shown an interest in art since she was little. “As soon as I realized that Siow started to work on my equipment on my own, I asked her if there was any interest in learning the art of tattooing. As she said yes, I started taking her to the studio,” said Tan.

The little tattoo artist never stopped studying, but she always used her free time wisely. The young woman, as indicated by the information provided by the Odditycentral news portal, spent her weekends, as well as school holidays at the tattoo shop where her father, watching him act and, consequently, learning the various tricks that the profession requires.

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From amateur to professional

Also according to the report published by the news portal Odditycentral, Siow needed to dedicate himself for six months to get his first tattoo. The first ‘victim’ of the little tattoo artist was one of her father’s friends. The art chosen by Siow’s father’s friend was a cartoon character.

The drawing was completed in 90 minutes. “She was a little nervous, of course. After all, it was his first job, but luckily my daughter completed it with mastery, ”said Tan, in an interview with Odditycentral.

“I was scared at first,” admitted Siow. “When you draw on paper, you can erase any mistakes, but when it comes to a tattoo, the situation is quite different.”

Obviously, over time, the young woman’s confidence grew little by little. Currently, Siow has carried out numerous works. Although she is a highly sought after professional, her father nevertheless jokes and says that he would not allow himself to be tattooed by her.

“But I have reserved a special space on my body. When I think she’s really ready, I’ll leave, ”Tan said.

Known as the youngest tattoo artist in Singapore, Siow continues to study the art of tattooing and, to this day, works as an apprentice alongside her father. Soon, the little one, for sure, should replace him.

Interestingly, Siow is not the only young tattoo artist to be recognized for his work. In 2017, Ezrah Dormon, another tattoo prodigy, conquered the spotlight with his work. The young man, a native of Panama City, was just 12 years old when he was recognized as one of the youngest tattoo artists in the world.

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