September 26, 2022

Nowadays, fortunately, it is possible to choose from a wide variety of IT courses. You probably have heard of most of them due to the popularity that the technology sector has been receiving in recent years.

But, if you think of taking any course, the first step is to do proper research, so as not to end up making a hasty choice, which can lead you to do what you don’t want to.

Regardless, any of them is crucial, given how far technology advances and becomes more accessible to everyone, both in the workplace and in private life.

The way we relate to each other has changed.

Think about how we communicate more easily and quickly via mobile, how we can send scanned documents through an application, or make purchases with a few clicks on a website.

These are just a few simple examples of how things have changed.

In the labor market, the impact is also felt. The need for professionals who can deal with trends is shaped by different aspects, warming the area with opportunities.

In short, this already shows how promising the area is, and indeed how much it is worth investing in.

But in today’s article, we’ll show you the reasons why choosing one of the IT courses to start your career, as well as giving tips on how to accept it.

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Why choose one of the IT courses?

Considering the IT job market, the advantages of making a career choice in this direction are diverse.

This is because, as IT has become a strategic sector in various fields of activity, the job possibilities for those dedicated to becoming professionals are many.

The variety of IT courses alone is a good reason.

But, let’s take a closer look at some important reasons that show why to choose one of the available IT courses:

Market potential

For any of the IT courses you want, the most important thing is to know that the market is trending. The world is moving towards a scenario focused on computer technologies.

In this context, the IT area is the one that must work towards improving these technologies, optimizing processes, and improving the quality of storage and exchange of information within the company.

But we know that nowadays IT goes much further than that, as the market extends to the creation of software, applications and other tools that can facilitate and improve the lives of people who serve a specific niche.

That is why we say that this area has great market potential. It is not a sector that can disappear or be forgotten but on the contrary. Its entire evolutionary trajectory indicates that there is still much to grow.

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In crisis situations, for example, we can clearly see how many companies depend on IT to survive, as it is a business area that is directly linked to profit or loss.

Career opportunities

The sector is growing, and with it, new specializations, subsectors, career options, positions, and more spaces for growth in the chosen area appear. In the same way, new IT courses appear.

This is all strengthened by the trends that the market presents, such as Cloud Computing and its data storage technology, Big Data and the need to be able to make analyzes with information generated within companies, or even the Internet of Things and the scenery created by her, where everything is even more connected.

All these trends need professionals who are a reference in them so that the market continues to advance.

In addition, those who invest in IT courses maybe even closer to discovering a new trend. Innovation is a hallmark of information technology.


Compensation is one of the topics that worry anyone who thinks about choosing one of the IT courses.

But the good news is that the salary in IT is quite flexible according to the job and professional level. Some earn more, others less.

However, this is not a negative. Professionals who finish some of the IT courses and enter the market, usually start with a compatible and satisfactory salary.

That is, you can adjust according to what you want because the prospecting is good. If you are looking to grow your career and gradually earn a better salary, this is possible.

Mainly because there is no lack of ways to specialize and improve your position, with so much material to study and improve.


The flexibility of the IT market allows it not only to be possible to choose an area of ​​expertise but also to switch between functions and change the work routine.

At any time, you can change the course of your career without necessarily changing your profession, as you have valuable flexibility at your disposal compared to other areas of training.

In other words, you can switch from technical to managerial careers. You can work on developing something, testing, correcting, or supervising, depending on what interests you most.

How to choose between IT courses

Choosing one among so many IT courses is not an easy task. But thinking carefully about two aspects can help a lot at this point.

See what they are:

1) Practice area

Knowing the intended course more thoroughly, it is possible to know what its focus is and with which areas you can work after training.

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The main thing at this point is to identify which aspects of the area are most attractive and what you would like to work with in the future.

In Brazil, the best IT courses for those who want to work in the field and that are worth good research are:

  • Analysis and systems development
  • Database
  • Computer Science
  • computer engineering
  • telecommunication engineering
  • Information Technology Management
  • Computing
  • Computer network
  • Information systems
  • Internet systems

2) Educational institution

The institution is a very important criterion to be evaluated when researching IT courses.

The first step is to make sure you choose a course recognized by the Ministry of Education (MEC) because only then will your diploma be recognized throughout the country.

Likewise, it is advisable to check the MEC’s ​​own evaluation ranking to find out which are the best institutions in the area. It is important to think about this step when you already know which of the IT courses you are most interested in, as each one has a different classification.

Operating segments 

Investment in technology is already considered a priority for companies in all segments.

And of course, we are including professionals who manipulate data in order to improve processes or even create new methods and tools.

Naturally, as in any other area, the IT sector has gained several ramifications.

The consequence of this is more investment in the area and specialization of IT functions, in which employees perform increasingly specific and targeted jobs.

In this context, new positions continue to emerge in the area, and that is why we will highlight here some of the main positions that have received a lot of demand in the market today. Check it out:


The database is the sector responsible for mastering the ability to interpret information generated from within companies, knowing how to apply the huge flow of data generated by users effectively.

It is an area of ​​activity that has a constant search for trained professionals, as it plays a very important strategic role within corporations.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing, as we mentioned earlier, is also one of the main IT trends and ends up requiring companies to be able to evolve in their solutions and knowledge to deal with the virtual era.

Thus, the area needs specialists who are able to work with planning, execution, and directing information processing and storage capacity in the cloud.


It is easy to see that few companies today do not sell their products online, as this is a necessary strategy to adapt to the retail model 4.0.

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The ease of reaching customers and influencing them to buy through digital marketing actions are some of the agents responsible for the growth of business on the Internet.

Taking this into account, the systems developer focused on e-commerce needs to work to make the customer experience more satisfactory and ends up becoming one of the most requested professionals on the market today.

Information security

With the growing importance of technology in companies, cyber-attacks have become a major threat.

Therefore, the concern with protecting internal information in companies has made the investment in information security receiving more and more attention, making this a branch in which the IT professional has a lot of supply and demand.


The programming is a large area with many ramifications, but that briefly covers from development web, i.e., the creation of sites, to application development and software.

Professionals who choose to pursue this area should also research what programming languages ​​are of most interest to them, as there are IT courses focused on specialization in each one.

Technical support

Technical support remains one of the indispensable services for any company, especially for those who do not have technology as their main activity, but who need it so that everything can work correctly.

For the vast majority of companies, technical problems can cause huge losses, which makes this professional very in demand.

Software quality tester

The quality of the software comes a little closer to the programming in the sense that the testers work after the software development phase, looking for flaws in the created product.

Do not judge this function incorrectly: it is very important.

The professional who performs this function is the one who will ensure the proper functioning of the applications before they reach the market.

Without the testing team, the program can suffer from the end-user rejections.

Network administration

The network administrator is responsible for managing the connection within the company and being aware of the computational resources connected to it.

It is one of the areas of IT known for requiring very solid technical knowledge, as the routine includes dealing with cabling, equipment, and software with ease and agility.

Forms of professional performance

To stand out as a professional in the market, in addition to having the knowledge acquired in IT courses, it is important to always be up to date, to know how to adapt to different work environments and their demands, as well as to observe and learn from those who know more than you.

The profile of this professional requires someone to be focused, dynamic, and ready to work to provide the best result.

These are the basic principles to excel in any of the forms of work that the IT area offers. As mentioned earlier, the IT professional has several options in the field.

He can work within companies and startups, looking for innovative ways to undertake within the business or even in the field of fintech, which are growing more and more and combine the financial market with technology.

As a profession that adapts to society’s work models, there is also the possibility of working remotely, or as a freelancer, with more career flexibility.

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