October 7, 2022

In this post I’m going to show you the causes of WHEA uncorrectable error and how to fix it.

As a matter of fact: these are the steps I follow whenever one of the computers I manage show this error. And they work all the time.

I’ll begin by explaining what the error is, the causes, and then you will see how to fix it.

Let’s begin.

What is WHEA Uncorrectable Error?

WHEA uncorrectable error

There are many types of Blue Screen Of Death (BSOD) errors, in which WHEA uncorrectable error is among and it is a fatal one.

You get WHEA uncorrectable error occur when there is a critical problem with your computer’s hardware or software.

Most of the other BSOD errors are caused by hardware and WHEA usually occur when there is problem with the processor.

This error doesn’t just happen in a day.

The cause of it would have been occurring for a while before you will see its BSOD.

You just didn’t notice it.

And that brings us to the next point…. What causes WHEA uncorrectable error?

What Causes WHEA Uncorrectable Error

Many things can make your computer give the error. Often times, the culprit is a hardware.

What caused WHEA uncorrectable error in my computer can be different from what will cause it in your computer.


You can use the stop code to get more information on your computer.

The stop code is 0x0000124.

Locate the dump file of the error and its timestamp in C:/Windows/Minidump.

You can quickly identify what caused WHEA uncorrectable error on your computer from the dump file.

The cause will be any of the following:

  1. When a hardware part like the processor, RAM, power supply unit e.tc is corrupt.
  2. There is a driver that needs update or it is incompatible with your computer.
  3. Heat and overclocking too can cause the error.
  4. Problem on a registry file.
  5. Voltage problem. This is one of the common causes of WHEA uncorrectable error.

Now that you can identify the cause, let’s see how you can fix the error.

How To Fix WHEA Uncorrectable Error

At this stage….

You now know that hardware is a major cause of the error and what usually comes to people’s mind is to replace whatever hardware it is.

I think that is not the best way to tackle the error.

You should start by solving any software issue that is related to the problem first.

After that, you can think of replacing the hardware if the problem still persist.

Yes I mentioned that hardware usually cause the problem but know that it is not so simple to replace an hardware and also not cheap.

So your best option is start with software part then you move on to the hardware.

Let’s go through all the fixes one after the other.

Update Your Windows Operating System

Windows update is a very important feature that determines how good your computer will serve you.

A lot of people don’t give regard to it.

Be sure that your window is up to date. Windows update comes in patches it is better to leave it ON all the time than updating it occasionally or worst, leaving it OFF.

Confirm the status of your windows update now.

Search for windows Update from your search bar. Update all the pending patches there and leave the update settings to Always Search for Update.

WHEA Uncorrectable Error Fix On Windows 10

Disable Overclocking In BIOS

Overclocking is the most popular solution to WHEA uncorrectable error.

I have solve the error simply by disabling overclocking on a computer several times.

In my experience, overclocking is the common cause of the error and some other BSOD errors too.

There are two ways to solve overclocking issue on your computer:

You can either uninstall the software that is making your computer overclock or…

Disable overclocking in the BIOS settings.

I usually do the two. Yours might be different depending on the importance of such software to you.

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Keep in mind that software isn’t as important as the computer J

How to Disable Overclocking In BIOS

Follow this path:

Settings > Update & Security > Recovery Tab > Advance Startup > Restart Now

Follow this path in the after the restart take you to Advance startup page:

Troubleshoot > Advance Options > UEFI Firmware Settings > Restart Now

The second restart will take you to BIOS settings page and in there, you follow this:

Advance Tab > Performance > Overclocking

Disable overclocking on that page and save your settings with F10 key on your keyboard.

Restart the computer and observe what happens.

Try the other fixes below if this doesn’t work.

Disconnect USB Devices

Whenever any BSOD happens to my computer, I’ll always detach all USB connected hardware then I’ll restart the computer.

This external devices cause BSOD. In fact, there was an old popular video where Bill Gates was working on a computer that has windows 98 installed on it.

He was trying to explain Plug and Play feature on the O.S using an external scanner.

The computer showed BSOD as soon as he connected the scanner to the computer.

So external hardware devices, especially those connected via USB can cause blue screen of death.

Remove the hardware and restart the computer.

The computer will continue to work normal after the restart, in most cases.

Continue to use the computer while you observe it.

I’ll advise you shouldn’t do any important task on it until you are confident that the computer is working fine.

Scan the System with CHKDSK

One of the first step to take after blue screen of death is to perform Check Disk on the computer.

Check Disk will scan the file system on the hard disk.

Then fix all the errors that come along the way. There are few settings you can add to the default Check Disk command however, they are not always needed.

To use check disk, open the command prompt on the computer as an admin.

On Windows 8 or 10, press the Windows and X key together. Select CMD admin.

Now type chkdsk /r into the command prompt and hit Enter key.

The scan will start right away and fix any error it comes across.

Next is how to fix WHEA uncorrectable error using restore tool.

Restore the Computer to Last Working State

Recent changes made to the computer can cause WHEA uncorrectable error.

You can track such changes and revert it. Give restore a chance if you can’t track the changes.

It will give you the recent history of such changes and allow you to revert the computer back before such changes were made.

It is like when you press Ctrl Z in Microsoft Word.

All the recent actions you took regarding changes or installation to the computer will go.

Set the BIOS to Default Settings

Setting the BIOS back to default can be solution your computer needs.

It is one of the easiest fix for WHEA uncorrectable error.

To open BIOS, restart the computer and press F12 or Del (delete button) immediately it comes back on.

Pressing any of those keys early on will take your computer to the BIOS settings page.

Check the top right corner of the screen if one of those keys don’t work on your computer to see the right key that will take you to the BIOS settings page.

You might need to restart the computer more than ones to actually figure the key out.

Perform Windows Memory Diagnostic

The Windows Memory Diagnostic tool will check if there is an error on the memory.

Search Windows Memory Diagnostic from the search bar and click on it.

Leave it to run until it founds error.

Often times, you will have to replace the memory when the tool finds an error.

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Update Device Drivers

I am of the notion that updating device drivers is as important as updating the windows O.S.

Your computer is likely to develop a fault when the device driver is outdated or damaged.

There are many software that help with device driver update. You can install one and make it do all the work for you.

I have used both Malwarebyte and IOBit, those two are the best.

You can also do it manually from Device Manager.

Expand the device driver you want to update. Right click and select update driver. Then pick automatic update.

The General and Last Resort to Fix WHEA Uncorrectable Error

As you have known, WHEA uncorrectable error is much related to hardware failure.

The fix will always work if every other things above fail.

So this is it…

Check the computer’s cooling system. Make sure it’s working as expected.

Switch off the computer before implementing the tips that follows and restart after each step to see if if the error has stopped.

Check the CPU and its socket. Is it properly mount on the socket?

Now move to the RAM. Remove and clean it. Mount it properly on its socket.

Remove any hardware that is not important from the computer.

And lastly, reload the operating system is none of the fixes above didn’t work.

I am very sure that most computer will work before you get to this level.

General Computer Maintenance Tips for BSOD

Can you compare the difference between a well maintained computer and the one you don’t really care about?

I’ll tell you, the difference will be huge both externally and internally.

There are two things to keep in mind though. You will be saving yourself some money when you take some simple maintenance actions on your computer regularly. And you will rarely get the strange feelings that comes from switching from an old/dead computer to a new one.

In my opinion, the familiarity between you and your computer will be a long one and that can improve your productivity even if you don’t think about that.

And still all of that comes with you saving few bucks that could have gone to buying new PCs.

So let’s see one or two ways to prevent WHEA uncorrectable error with computer maintenance.

Shut Down Before Moving the Computer

The disk in hard-disk drive is similar to the common DVD disc.

You and I know that moving the DVD disc here and there without good casing can quickly destroy it.

The hard disk is not too different from that.

Shut down the computer if you want to take it out. Don’t just close the lid of the laptop while it’s still running.

The disk can scratch while you are moving it in that way. So take your time to switch off the computer and take it along in your bag.

Are you afraid of that slow boot up time?

Use hibernate or put the computer to sleep instead. Those two ways will prevent cold boot next time you power up the computer.

Free Up the Hard Disk

Do this every time.

Different files will eventually fill up your hard disk as time goes by with usage.

You don’t have to wait till then before making life easy for the poor hardware.

The more your hard disk gets filled, the harder it takes to store and retrieve files from it.

Don’t give the disk any chance to wear out sooner than necessary.

Free up space regularly by clearing out un-important files from the computer, free up your recycle bin, and uninstall redundant programs and the ones you last used 12 months ago.

Back Up Your Files

Tell your friend that is getting a computer for the first time to plan for backup immediately he’s getting the computer.

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He should get an external drive along with the computer, and plan for a cloud storage subscription.

Why all that?

Computers are not as reliable as we thought. And a file can be more important than a life in some cases.

Maybe that is too far, but you get the idea? Yeah.

Make backing up of your files a regular task that you take.

And have special plans for important files. Plans like backup in many places and security.

The sad truth is that your computer can crash at any time.

Why won’t you prepare for a disastrous occurrence anyways. Even if it doesn’t always occur, prepare for it man.

Make it a habit to always backup your files. Have a plan in place and do the important files ASAP.

Make Good Ventilation around Your Computer

A computer doesn’t have to be the best in the world or…

It gat to be doing the biggest work in company before it gets good ventilation.

Sure, high performance computers need it so does all other computers too.

I am using a laptop to write this article. It is a good maintenance step to clear out all books and equipment that blocks the side of the laptop which air passes through.

Having a clear table boosts productivity. You can do that, pity your laptop if your productivity isn’t important.

Same applies to desktop users too.

Don’t clog the system under a table. Put computer where air can easily get to it. No wall or cabinet obstructions.

Air is important for these devices just like it is important for you and me.

Don’t suffocate them.

Do check the cooling fan in the computer to make sure it’s working fine.

Heat can quickly cause WHEA uncorrectable error blue screen of death because it affects the processor.

Trash the Junk

There is a staff at my former work place that stores his files on the desktop. He rarely uses the document folder – just the desktop screen.

Everything goes to the desktop and it made the desktop look horrible.

And when I asked him why he does that, he replied ‘I can locate the files quicker from there’.

Ok no quibble Mr. Staff.

Just trash out all the junk files on your desktop.

Recycle bin isn’t meant for storing files. If the file is important recycle it, else common trash that thing.

Trash out all background programs you don’t use. You’ve got to look for them. Or they will suck up the life out of your computer.

After uninstalling unnecessary programs use CCleaner to remove all registry junks on the system.

Another junk that sucks up hard disk space is user accounts. Check and delete all unnecessary user accounts and files on your computer.

Give Windows Update High Regards

I don’t know why some people can’t see the reasons why updating their computer is far cheaper than not.

The internet consumption of windows update is nothing compared to the havoc not-updating can cause you.

And if they do allow the update to download, they hardly give time for it to install.

Common, you just have to restart the system after work and the thing will take care of itself.

Don’t snooze any update on your computer. Not now that there are many security threats everywhere.

Give update the respect it deserves.


You are now have all the possible solutions to fix WHEA uncorrectable error.

Let’s recap:

This error is a type of blue screen of death errors.

This error is a hardware error. But to fix it, you have to work on the probable causes from the software.

And after that you can take on the hardware one after the other.

Be kind enough to share this article using any of the share buttons around.

You never know who might be in need of it among your friends.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is WHEA Uncorrectable Error?

You get WHEA uncorrectable error occur when there is a critical problem with your computer’s hardware or software.

What Causes WHEA Uncorrectable Error

Most of the other BSOD errors are caused by hardware and WHEA usually occur when there is problem with the processor.

How To Fix WHEA Uncorrectable Error

You should start by solving any software issue that is related to the problem first. After that, you can think of replacing the hardware if the problem still persist. post melone

WHEA Uncorrectable Error Fix On Windows 10

Settings > Update & Security > Recovery Tab > Advance Startup > Restart Now. Troubleshoot > Advance Options > UEFI Firmware Settings > Restart Now. Advance Tab > Performance > Overclocking.

How to Disable Overclocking In BIOS

Overclocking is the most popular solution to WHEA uncorrectable error. You can either uninstall the software that is making your computer overclock or. Disable overclocking in the BIOS settings.

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