October 4, 2022
Pusha T Net Worth

What Is Pusha T’s Net Worth?

Terrence Thornton popularly known by his stage name Pusha T is a controversial rapper born and raised in New York, U.S.

From his epic battle with Rapper Drake to Drug dealings and to other controversial activities.

Yes, he might be too controversial and gets into fight with other artists but he really know what he’s doing in the music industry.

He might be controversial but his bank account isn’t that is why we have come up with the topic “What Is Pusha T’s Net Worth”

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Real Name Terrence LeVarr Thornton
Stage Name Pusha T
Born on May 13, 1977
New York, U.S.
Age 42
Genres of Music Hip hop
  • Rapper and
  • songwriter

Controversies of Pusha T

Below are some rapper’s biggest controversies of Pusha T.

Rapper Pusha T was a drug dealer

Before the rapper came to spotlight, he was a drug pusher.

Coming from a rough street in the big city of New York, the rapper, Pusha T just like every other hustling kids, pushes drugs to make some cash away from his parents home.

Not until one day, he was caught by his parents and that day was one of the worst day in his life as his parents really dealt with him.

Pusha T’s Parents Reaction over his Drug Activities

According to him, he was owned by somebody and that led to a disagreement which later led to a fight between them both.

The fight was so serious that the other teen he had scuffle with came to his home and shot in front of his parents house.

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Pusha T’s mum wasn’t around when this incident happened but of course, she was told about what had transpired.

The mother was pissed and the Dad was really angry of getting to know that his son is a drug pusher.

He has never seen his parents be so angry before with so much disappointment in their eyes suddenly, he develop guilt and regretted his actions.

The issue was so serious that his parents had to ask him to leave their house.

From that moment, he became motivated to work and push harder toward achieving his rapping dreams.

Not so long after he was chased from home, he and his brother created a rap group called Clipse.

This was how his musical career started.

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Pusha T’s fight with Drake

From the beginning of Pusha T’s career till this very date, he has been in fight occasionally with other rappers.

He is good at dissing other rappers and making use of that fame to capitalize his presence to his audience.

He had had numerous fight with many rappers but his biggest fight was between him and Rapper Drake.

The Diss tracks between Drake and Pusha T went out of control when Pusha T used the medium to expose Drakes secret child he had with a Porn artist on the track title The Story of Adidon.

In the year 2017, Drake had a Child with a porn artist called Sophie Brussaux.

They named the child Adidon and kept the secret of their child away from media not until the diss track of Pusha T that got everybody investigating to know if it was actually true.

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This forced Drake to admit that he had a child on a lyric in an album called Scorpion.

According to him, he denied that he was not hiding his kid from the world but he was hiding the world from his kid.

Ever since Drake child was exposed and Drake admitted that he had a child, he hasn’t been in good terms with Pusha T for letting the world know about his Child.

When he was interviewed with Rap Radar, they asked him if he would ever patch things up with the controversial rapper Pusha T, he said;

 “I have no desire to mend anything with that person. “That situation just went where it went and there is no turning back.”

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What Is Pusha T’s Net Worth?


Pusha T Net worth is estimated to be $15 million

Despite the controversies of rapper Pusha T, he still knows how to make money and that kind of seems to us that he knows what he is doing.

Of course, fans don’t like their favorite artist dissing but the truth must be said that, Pusha T enjoyed lots of media attention doing dissing tracks for his fellow artist most especially the Diss he had with Drake.

Dissing other artists alone brought him much more closer to the media surface.

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1 thing you should learn for Pusha T

Concerning the article, What Is Pusha T’s Net Worth, there is still one thing you could grab from the young rapper which would be mentioned below.

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1. Grab every opportunity

Despite Pusha T always always getting into fight with numerous rappers, he still use that as an opportunity to enhance and capitalize his fame.

Always see a good thing when there are lots of bad things and this goes to say that, filter the bad part of life from the bad side

Make use of every opportunity because that opportunity might never come again.


Pusha T Net Worth 2022

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