October 2, 2022
What is Jose Zuniga Net Worth

The success story of Jose Zuniga tends to make everyone believe that you can make it anywhere, in any platform so far you are doing the right thing in a right state of mind be it singing, blogging, acting etc. In this article, we are going to tell you all you need to know about  him like what is Jose Zuniga Net Worth 2020, Age, Early life and family.
Below at the breakdown of things to be discussed on this article.

  • Biography & Early life of Jose Zuniga
  • His age
  • Jose career
  • His height and weight
  • And finally the net worth of Jose Zuniga

What is Jose Zuniga Net Worth 2020: Age, Biography, Career and Family

Jose Zuniga is a blogger, fashionist, Instagram celebrity and YouTube star.
His blog talks about men fashion whereby updating men on the latest trending fashion and it has grown so big with large audiences.
He also owns the popular “ESNTLS” a clothing brand in the United States.
His Youtube channel has grown so big and have lots of subscribers.
He uploads latest men fashion and give tips and lectures on hairstyles and clothing.

Biography & Early life of Jose Zuniga

In the year 1994, Dec 13th, Jose Zuniga was birthed in Honduras.
Jose loved fashion at a tender age and at the age of 16, he has already created a website that talks about the importance of dressing well and how it has impact on people.
He went further to study finance after he had graduated from high school.

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Instagram Of Jose Zuniga

So far, the social media celebrity has over 1.2 million followers on his Instagram page.
He started growing the page since 2012 where he posted daily tips on styles and fashion on his Instagram account.

YouTube Of Jose Zuniga

That same year in 2012 September, he opened his YouTube channel and started growing it.
He uploaded clothing styles and hygiene, trending and updating cloths on his YouTube page.
The popular YouTube didn’t just stop there, he went further to share how relationship advise tips also.
His YouTube channel is more of a big community as he has over 4.6 million active subscribers and and over 750 million views on his channel.

He has over 13 million views in one of his videos “10 Ways Men Are Dressing Wrong” and that is known to be this highest viewed video from a single upload on his channel.

It was uploaded on 15th of May, 2017.

On a September style challenge, Jose won GQ’s first-ever How GQ Are You?


ESNTLS is Jose’s clothing brand which he started in the year 2014.
The brand sells numerous styles of men’s cloths and also other accessories for men
According to him, he has received so much contributions and support for his brand “ESNTLS” ever since he established the brand.
According to him:

”The amount of support we received for our brand ESNTLS was more than I could ever imagine.”

Jose Zuniga’s Wife

Jose Zuniga Net Worth
Zuniga and Karla marriage picture

Jose Zuniga got married to his long time girlfriend Karla Zuniga, on July 2019 at that The Breakers Palm Beach, a historical hotel named Renaissance-style hotel in Palm Beach in Florida.
According to Jose, he knew her right from childhood in his quote…
He said:

”We were just kids when we fell in love.”

Jose also said:

”I’m so lucky to be able to spend the rest of my life by your side and create memories together.”

Jose Zuniga Children

Zuniga has a beautiful daughter from his wife named Stella Zuniga and they love her so much.
Before they gave birth to her, Zuniga wrote in an Instagram page:

”For my little girl, I can’t wait to love you, protect you, and teach you all this world has to offer.”

Brands Zuniga works with.

Zuniga partners and works with the listed brands:

  • JCPenny;
  • Old Spice;
  • Toyo Tires;
  • Alfa Romeo;
  • Reebok
  • Audible;
  • Amazon.
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Height and Weight of Jose Zuniga

The handsome fashionist has a height of 5 feet 8 inches and a weight of about 72 kg.

Jose Zuniga Age

As of 2020, Jose Zuniga is 26 years old.

What is Jose Zuniga Net Worth 2020?

As of 2020, Jose Zuniga Net Worth 2020 is estimated to be $5 million.
He makes his money from sponsored posts on his Instagram page, YouTube channel and also his blog.
His YouTube channel also has google monetization and with such views, he account should be smiling.
Media has it that he charged $15,000 to sponsored post on his social media accounts.
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