October 2, 2022
Veronica Roth Net Worth

Veronica Roth Net worth is estimated around $35 Million as of the year 2022

Wondering how much is the net worth of Veronica Roth? Well, check out further to find out Veronica Roth’s net worth, career milestones, charity work, and a lot more below. 

An American novelist and short-story writer, Veronica Roth rose to fame at a very young age. Divergent, Insurgent, and Allegiant are the three novels forming part of a trilogy of her novels released in 2013. 

The bunch known as Divergent Trilogy was instrumental in winning her the status of a world-renowned author when she was just 25 years old. 

The Divergent novel was made into a film by the same name, which premiered in 2014. Born in New York, Veronica Roth grew up in Barrington, Illinois.

Veronica Roth

How Much Is The Net Worth Of Veronica Roth 2022?

Veronica Roth is an American novelist and short-story writer whose current net worth is $35 million as of August 2022. 

She pursued her undergraduate course in creative writing at Northwestern University. During the winter break of her senior year, she wrote the first book of her trilogy of novels. 

She received some notable awards including the Goodreads 2011 choice award, the Best Young Adult Fantasy & Science Fiction of 2012, and the Best Goodreads Author in 2012. 

Even before graduating from college, she sold the movie rights of her first novel to Summit Entertainment. One of the highest-paid authors in the world, Veronica earned $25 million in 2014 alone. 

Net Worth of Veronica Roth 

Veronica Roth is said to have a net worth of $35 million in 2021. The primary source of her earnings is her books and publications like novels and short stories, and the sale of publishing and filming rights. 

Her trilogy of novels published under the theme Divergent Trilogy and the set of four short stories titled as Divergent Story Collection brought her universal fame and massive wealth through their sales as books and e-books.

Her writings had a massive impact on the youth all over the world within a very short span of time and this was responsible for Roth to shoot into fame. The filming rights of her first novel were sold in 2010 while she was still at her college. 

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In 2013, her first two novels sold more than 5 million copies worldwide while the film based on the novel was still being produced. The income she made from her early writings made her the richest young author in the world.

Veronica Roth is Amongst the Top Authors in the World

When Veronica Roth was just 26 years old in 2014, she earned $17 million in proceeds from the publication of her trilogy Divergent. This made her earn a place among the richest earning authors of the world, wrote Forbes. 

In the 2014 year’s list of top-earning authors released by Forbes, There were three new names including James Patterson in the first place, Veronica Roth in the sixth place, and John Green and Gillian Flynn in the 12th place. 

Veronica’s stories were a smash hit among international readers and the trilogy of novels set in an altogether different world that is defined in terms of people’s dominant personality characteristics made her win a pale among the top-earning authors when she had turned only 26 years old.

Veronica’s success was the outcome of her persistent learning and hard work of which she was never tired of. In an interview, she said to the media, “I was always very focused on the craft’’ and “In high school, I took physics in summer school so that I could take both creative writing and my regular English class my junior year.”

Career Highlights of Veronica Roth

Facts about Veronica Roth 

Veronica Roth’s schooling happened at Grove Avenue Elementary School, Prairie Middle School, and Barrington High School. After spending just a year at Carleton College, Veronica moved to Northwestern University to pursue its creative writing program during under-graduation. 

During the winter break in her senior year at the university, she wrote her first book and then came across an agent. The success of Divergent gave a sharp impetus to her writing career. 

In 2013, her first novel sold more than 5 million copies globally while she had also sold the filming rights to Summit Entertainment and the novel was being made into a film around that time. 

The divergent film was released in 2014 followed by the release of Insurgent in 2015. The third one in the series Allegiant was filmed in two parts and part 1 and part 2 were released in 2016 and 2017 respectively.

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From the point of view of the character Tobias Eaton, Veronica wrote four short stories. Released in 2013, the first of the four stories titled ‘The Transfer’ discusses the life of Tobias before Divergent. 

The other three stories were ‘The Initiate’, ‘The Son’ and ‘The Traitor’. Clubbed together under the title ‘A Divergent Story Collection’, these stories were sold as separate e-books. In 2014, these stories were also published in many forms. In 2012, they were released for Ki9ndle in the US and in 2013, they were published in the UK.

In a two-book deal signed with Roth, HarperCollins publisher published two novels ‘Carve the Mark’ in 2017 and ‘The Fates Divide’ Sequel in 2018. The same publisher signed another two-book deal with Roth for a collection of stories under the title ‘The End and The Beginnings: Stories, which was published in 2018.

 A story in this collection ‘Inertia’ was made into a film by Fox 2000 Pictures. Roth’s book ‘Chosen Ones’ was purchased by John Joseph Adams Books for publishing in 2020.

Net Worth Comparison of Veronica Roth with Top Authors

2014 was a highly momentous year in Veronica Roth’s career since she made a huge wealth during the year from her publications and sale of filming rights. Between 2013 and 2014, her Divergent Trilogy sold around 6.7 million copies globally fetching her around $17 million from a printed book and e-book sales.

 The book’s film adoption also fetched her a lot of money as the film grossed $270 million at the box office. In 2014, Veronica Roth stood in sixth place on the list of 17 top-earning authors of the world.

James Patterson topped the list with his $90 million net worth. The second place was claimed by Dan Brown whose net worth was estimated at $28 million in the year.

With his $23 million net worth, Nora Roberts secured third place on the list. In fourth place stood Danielle Steel who had a net worth of $22m. The $20 million net worth placed Janet Evanovich in fifth place. 

Jeff Kinney was set for the sixth position with a $17million net worth. Veronica Roth shared this same sixth position with her $17 million net worth and two others who shared the same sixth slot on the top-earning authors’ list were John Grisham and Stephen King whose net worth was also $17 million. 

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In the tenth place following them, Suzanne Collins was placed with his $16m net worth. Veronica’s novels and stories had a massive appeal among the readers and this was instrumental in pushing her net worth to peaking heights when she had just passed out from college. 

Аwаrdѕ аnd Асhіеvеmеntѕ of Veronica Roth

Veronica Roth Awards

Vеrоnіса Rоth proudly bagged several awards for her trilogy. In 2011, Divergent secured the Goodreads Favorite Book recognition. In the same year, this book was also awarded the Goodreads Choice Award in Best Young Adult Fantasy (& Science Fiction). 

In 2012, she was chosen as the Best Goodreads Author for Insurgent. In the same year, she too got the Goodreads Choice Award in Best Young Adult Fantasy (& Science Fiction) for Insurgent. 

In 2013, Veronica bagged the Goodreads Choice Award in Best Young Adult Fantasy (& Science Fiction) for Allegiant. Veronica Roth’s Divergent was also nominated for the ‘Kids Choice Award’ in 2015. She has over 350,000 followers on Twitter and it is said she would be the next YA superstar. 

Veronica Roth’s Expenditures

When asked what would she do with such a lot of money like Stephenie Meyer or J. K. Rowling, Veronica said her preferences were to buy a house in Wisconsin, invest in some ways, do charity works, and pursue the wildest dream of jumping into a pool of mini-marshmallows. 

When asked if she would go for day jobs, she said, “Day jobs? Pshh. Who needs them? If I could set up a nice little room in which I could write all day and supply myself with infinite tea, I’d be pretty much good.” 

Veronica Roth’s Charity Work

Net Worth and charity work  of Veronica Roth 

When Veronica turned into a multimillion-selling author at a very young age, she also discovered some ways to do charity. She backed a campaign during the holiday season sup[porting First Book, which had distributed millions of books to children in need.

 For every $2.50 given to First Book, Harper Collins, the publisher of Veronica’s trilogy, would donate a copy of her ‘Divergent’. 

Commenting on her charity work while talking to The Associated Press, Roth remarked, “Reading is such a huge part of my life and there are so many kids who don’t have access to books. I felt like it was time to get involved with some kind of organization that donates books and First Book is excellent.” 

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