October 4, 2022
Toyota Starlet 2020 deatails

The 2022 Toyota Starlet has now entered its reincarnation with various updates that make it a favorite. Of course, for auto enthusiasts, this is a chance to look forward to.

This Toyota Starlet is very familiar. Especially in the automotive market segment from the past to the present.

Moreover, for those who feel the beauty of growing up in the late 1980s to early 1990s, you will surely know the Toyota Starlet very well. His figure that we cannot even forget because he is a favorite mount.

Interestingly, this hatchback type car is trendy and has a lot of interest, especially among young people. After being invisible for a long time, the Toyota Starlet is now rebuilding with a different innovation.

Of course we can hope that the 2022 Toyota Starlet brings a series of qualified and more reliable specifications. No wonder, with its changes and updates, this brand-new car will be a vehicle that gets a lot of attention.

Check out the provisions of the 2022 Toyota Starlet!

Santer sounds, this latest version of the Toyota Starlet comes with the concept of Suzuki Baleno’s specifications. Because the Toyota Starlet is currently just a rebadge or just a re-label of Suzuki Baleno.

This car will enter the market segment of the African continent. We can describe this in simpler terms.

Toyota and Maruti Suzuki are currently collaborating to develop models for several regions centered in India. It is not without reason why Toyota is pursuing such a marketing strategy.

Toyota wants to start reviving the name Starlet specifically for the black continent, considering that Africa has excellent potential and opportunities. Most especially to enlarge the Toyota market.

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If we think logically, instead of having to bother creating new models, Toyota can take advantage of the capabilities of its new alliance with Suzuki. Surely this will be a very profitable opportunity.

We don’t need to linger any longer, here we summarize the specifications of the Toyota Starlet 2022, which is ready to try out the automotive market this year. We’ll see how the achievements he will show.

Exterior design

This brand-new Toyota Starlet shows an increasingly futuristic appearance. You can see graphic lines with the touch of a strong groove and a more upright angle.

Toyota Starlet 2020 interior and exterior

It’s become a truly unique design language. The application of this form returns to the rendering of Top Gear Filipin.

It’s still too fast to move on to other specifications. The design’s appearance is even more perfect with the grille and headlights, strengthening the inner impression.

It’s like seeing the neo-classical concept getting stronger. That’s not enough. The square lights are decorated with DRLs, getting a horizontal grille that looks very thick.

The 2022 Toyota Starlet didn’t just leave its identity. On the front, there is a beautiful emblem of the brand using the Toyota logo.

Meanwhile, for the bumper, using a combination of materials with honeycomb accents on the trapezoidal housing on the underside. As for the other side, we may be amazed by the doors that are installed.

This Toyota Starlet seems to show its elegant but straightforward body. It doesn’t take a lot of stuff to make a different impression.

Only Pillar C has been able to strengthen the classic concept that this car carries. Even though we know it is rare for modern cars to use the C pillar with this angle.

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This 2022 Toyota Starlet also offers an ideal size that makes it even more attractive for us to have. The dimensions are smaller when we compare it to Yaris.

Meanwhile, if we compare it with Agya, it will look bigger. More precisely, the dimensions reach a length of 3,995 mm, a width of 1,745 mm, and a height of 1,470 mm, complete with a wheelbase of 2,527 mm.

Engine, Transmission, and Performance

Problem spur kitchen, no longer a doubt. The reason is, the Toyota Starlet brings a formidable kitchen runway for the source of its best performance.

When we look from under the hood, the Toyota Starlet gets power from the 1.4-liter K14B engine, producing 95 horsepower. Not only that, but this engine is also capable of producing a torque of up to 130 Nm. The 2022 Toyota Starlet is also available with a 4-speed automatic or 5-speed manual transmission.

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