October 5, 2022
Toyota Land Cruiser Prado

The Toyota Land Cruiser Prado still seems to be a favorite SUV for drivers. The reason is, recently, Toyota is reportedly going to release their latest series for this type of car.

The Land Cruiser type has started paving since 1985. Armed with the name Land Cruiser Light 70 and Wagon, Toyota finally introduced its turbo-diesel technology.

Specifications Toyota Land Cruiser Prado

Remarkably, the Land Cruiser series finally became car enthusiasts’ choice as competitors to Mitsubishi’s Pajero. For that, here we provide a complete review of the Land Cruiser Prado, especially for you.


As an SUV type car, this latest Prado seems to have a stronger impression that is more pronounced. The thick body chassis with a mighty appearance is even more enchanting with the tire’s stature, which does look quite large.

In terms of this car’s front angles, there are not many changes that Toyota has made. Even though there are minimal changes, the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado doesn’t have a dull impression at all. check also Toyota starlet 2020

Especially if you look at the interior of this one car, anyone who gets on will inevitably have an enjoyable experience.

Engine, Transmission, and Performance

In this latest series, significant changes in terms of engine seem to be the main thing for Toyota. Just imagine, reportedly, this newest series will play a much bigger turbocharger.

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado engine

If we calculate it mathematically, the Land Cruiser Prado series will have an engine power of 204 PS. This figure is more prominent when we compare its predecessor, which only has 177 PS of power.

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It’s not enough; this latest Prado engine reportedly also has an even more powerful diesel. The machine, which is labeled 1GD-FTV, has a capacity of 2,800cc 4 cylinders capable of moving power of 500 Nm at 1,600-2,800 rpm.

Driving comfort with the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado is even more enjoyable with its 6-speed transmission complete with its Super ECT technology. What is interesting is not only present for diesel engines. This latest Prado series will also be current for the gasoline engine series.

There is a slight difference in the Prado diesel and gasoline Prado’s fair strength in terms of power. However, the Land Cruiser’s other mainstay features remain attached to the Prado petrol series.

Additional Features

In addition to improvements in the mechanical heart, the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado has also made many improvements in additional features. Toyota itself does have a big name for its safety features.

Then the feature labeled Toyota Safety Sense is also more perfect in this latest Prado series. The first improvement appears in the smart detection feature installed on this latest Prado series.

The reason is, the Land Cruiser Prado can reportedly detect pedestrians at night and cyclists during the day. In our daily driving activities, the two other riders are quite tricky for us to detect. With the help of these sensors, of course, yourself and others’ safety can be maintained.

Not only about sensors, but the latest Prado series also includes new capabilities in its Lane Departure Warning section. This latest Prado series reportedly can give a signal if a shaking occurs while driving.

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The hazard sensor from the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado is also increasingly sensitive to the added ability to detect other vehicles’ presence. In this series, the car can sense and detect other vehicles in the left, right, rear position, or when the car is in reverse.

Users can adjust according to their needs in terms of warning, namely the blinking of lights in the rearview mirror or sounds. This car feature is even more complete with a paddler shifter and a 9-inch audio screen.

Release Date and Price

Regarding the release date, the Land Cruiser Prado series is ready for us to search for its existence starting in 2020.

As for price, it seems that Toyota wants to make users choose the latest Prado that fits their needs. The reason is, for each different specification, Toyota will give an additional dowry.

What is clear is the price of the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado for seat five is priced at a price range of  ‎US$3,360.00 to US$9,451.00. As for the seven-passenger seats, the price ranges from  ‎US$4,560.00 to US$11,251.00 million.

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