October 4, 2022
The most expensive house in the US will go up for auction with a value of $500 million

The most expensive house in the United States will be auctioned! The One mansion is located in the Bel Air neighborhood of Los Angeles, California, and is valued at $500 million, in an auction held by Concierge Auction, between February 28 and March 3.

Trading will be done on the basis of waiting for the highest bidder. The expectation is that the records will be broken. It is worth mentioning that currently the most expensive property purchased in the US belongs to businessman Kenneth C. Griffin, and costs about US$ 238 million.

The One was created for film producer and real estate developer Nile Niami. The property took ten years to complete and became a source of debt for the entrepreneur. In 2020, the development company declared bankruptcy, which forced the house to go up for auction. In addition, the house still has a year of work ahead and expenses of US$ 340 thousand.

The home will be marketed by Concierge Auctions in partnership with Aaron Kirman of Compass and Branden and Rayni Williams of The Beverly Hills Estates.

“As the real estate community knows, there are a very limited number of $300 million homes and it often takes one to five years to sell ultra-high-end mega-mansions,” Kirman told Forbes. “The auction is the best way to sell the property in less time. The team is open to receiving offers prior to the event, based on price and conditions. It is highly likely that the auction will take place so that buyers can compete for the most valuable home in the world.”

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Discover the house up for auction

The house has 9,750 square meters and is inside a property of 15,300 square meters. Outside, the mansion has a water moat, five swimming pools, a 100-square-meter deck, as well as a 37-meter open-air running track.

There is also a lounge area with bar, lounge, spa, games room, bowling alley, theater, golf simulator, terrace, cigar lounge, charity pavilion, as well as a space for special events.

The One features 21 bedrooms, 42 bathrooms and 7 half baths and is decorated with custom artwork by artists such as Mike Fields, Stephen Wilson, and Simoe Cenedese.

Outside the mansion are a large backyard with nine-meter tall palm trees, a covered patio, and a play area. The house also has a golf course, a wine cellar with 10,000 bottles, a tennis court, and a nightclub.

“The property provides extravagant living, you don’t have to leave. It has everything imaginable, including five swimming pools; a wellness center with a juice bar; large salon and spa; game rooms; bowling alley; a theater; golf simulator; terrace; cigar lounge; a charity pavilion or special event space and other amazing amenities,” says Kirman.

According to co-agent Branden Williams: “The One earned its nickname because a house of this size and magnitude simply can never be built again, particularly given the laws limiting mansion construction, which were passed in Los Angeles during its lifetime. construction”.

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