October 6, 2022
The BMW 3 Series Touring 2020

The BMW 3 Series Touring 2021 finally reveals itself. From its official statement, the 2021 model was first launched in Germany. This car comes with a diversity of applied changes, starting from the appearance to the functionality.

Although amid the Covid-19 pandemic, the launch was done virtually through a video application. The appearance of this product called BMW is a historical thing because the All-New BMW 320i Touring M Sport is one of the first Touring or Station Wagon products. 

The specifications of BMW 3 Series Touring 2021

The launch of this latest vehicle is historical in the BMW 3 Series series, which is very legendary. BMW believes The 3 Touring will further strengthen the heritage of The 3.

BMW appears with a masculine and dynamic appearance. When viewed in size, this new model has more dimensions compared to the previous version. Like a body that has increased length and width, the size is 4,709 mm, with a width of 16 mm, and a height of 1470 mm. Meanwhile, the wheelbase is also 41 mm longer to 2,851 mm.

Besides, amendments were also made to the BMW 3 Series Touring tire tread. The tire tread is widened to 43mm for the front and 21mm for the rear.

Stronger Exterior

The new features of the BMW 3 Series Touring are more specific with the present common “kidney grille from” BMW. Currently, the kidney grille is fused and bigger. The bumper has also been revised with a modern style and a lot of detail. LED lights are paired using a sharp design. The lighting can be upgraded to BMW Laser Light and LED fog lamps by taking an optional package. Besides, the roof rail section has also become a charming innate feature.

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Meanwhile, the rear of the car is getting improved with a combination of thin rear lights. Complete with spoilers that blend together with the body. The rear window of the BMW 3 Series Touring is made with a 20 mm wider design to give the driver a more spacious impression. Then at the bottom has a double drain. Although it has a sharp impression, overall looks softer on the stern.

Accommodating Interior

This latest BMW 3 has an interior that is configured to be more accommodating. As in the shoulder space of the enlarged first row. Similarly, at the level of the head with the ceiling.

The impression, this car is very roomy. In addition, the wheel was also redesigned using a leather wrap. The most important thing about the interior design of the latest BMW 3 Series is the trunk’s haulage capabilities. The second-row seats have multiple configurations of 40: 20:40.

This function provides flexibility for BMW 3 Series Touring users in managing luggage capacity according to their needs. The capacity when the bench is not folded is all 500 liters. Up 5 liters from the generation that was launched earlier. Meanwhile, when the extended capacity to 1,510 liters and that means up 10 liters from before.

Storage space under the trunk is also provided. This room is also equipped with a partition. Also, access will be easier because there is a trunk door that can be operated electrically. If the user is trapped in a narrow space, then the rear window can be opened separately from the door.

Engine Performance

BMW 3 Series Touring has six engine options that are offered to you. The details are 3 hearted mechanical engines and 3 diesel. But BMW will not bring it all. Some will be prepared a few weeks after launch. The variants that use gasoline engines include the BMW M304i xDrive, BMW 320i Touring, and BMW 330i.

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Meanwhile, for the diesel variant, there is the BMW 330d XDrive Touring, BMW 318d Touring, and BMW 320d Touring. The distribution of energy is done with a 6-speed manual transmission system. But it can be upgraded to a Steptronic 8 speed for operation. As for the BMW 3 series traveling with gasoline and the six-cylinder option, the Steptronic 8 speed has been used.

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