September 24, 2022

Today is the first day of a new page in the story of my life.
I just found my passion, I found a way to be happy and finally do what my subconscious self wants to do.
I feel like sharing it because I want to make this post a memorable one.
But it will be out of the topic I’d like to share in this post.
I will leave the rest of the story for another day.
The title of this post is still unknown to me as of the time of writing this line.
But nevertheless, I want to share with you some tips on how to make the best out of your schooling life without regretting at later stages of your life.
Maybe I should go for the best schooling life as the title of this post or student tips.
I think the latter summarizes what you’re about to learn.
Because the school is where I think most of the passions are decided.
Everything that I share is all based on my opinions and what I have experienced while in school and when I started working.
You are free to make changes, take what you want from it but don’t leave without taking at least one of the tips.
Because they are REAL.
In fact, I wish that someone had told me what you are about to read right now during my first day at the higher institution.
And that I followed what the person said.
I didn’t hear something of this sort from anyone but I learnt the lesson the hard way.
Please enjoy and take action on any of the tip(s) you feel will help you.
I know all will help you anyway.
school tips

Be sure on who you really want to be

I remembered the last few day days in Junior Secondary School, I guess it is called Junior School in the U.S.
Maybe not…
But that was when I faced the decision of picking science, arts, or commercial class in High School.
Most of us had the impression that the best students go to science class, so we all want to be a science student in High school.
I must admit that this was the first mistake I made.
But I am grateful that life is lenient on those that wish to change their path.
I know now that my life would have been much better if I had picked the right class then.
So the first tip will be on passion.
Let me tell you how to pick the right passion.

That takes me to the question 1:

either how can someone choose the right class in school or how can someone know what he should take as a passion?
These can be so easy if you already have some people praising you for a job.
It might not even be a job, maybe some actions that you took but you didn’t think there is anything special about it.
And at the end of the day, you hear one or two people telling you how great the action was.
When you experience such a thing in two or three times and from different people, be sure that the people are right.
You are good at it. All of them can’t be wrong.
Take for example…
Someone asked you for advice on an issue and the person later followed your advice.
And some days later he came to you, giving you thanks for the advice.
Telling you that the advice was so thoughtful that it helped him on this and that.
If you get this kind of praise for most people that followed your advice….
You are good at giving advice.
Another common example is that of a kid that can repair home appliances.
Usually, the kid didn’t have any formal training on electronics repair.
He is just doing it for the fun of it.
And before you know he has repaired all the abandoned appliances in the house, neighbors have started giving him their faulty gadgets.
If you have such kid close by, please read this post in entirety and use it to give advice to the kid.
He will thank you for it someday.
So what is the next question to ask yourself after finding what you are good at?

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The next question you should ask yourself is:

“Do I like what these people say I am good at?”
If you like it and you do it without putting much effort, that could be what you are looking for.
I like this approach for two reasons:
You as a person already knows how to do the work and you do it effortlessly.
This is very important because it is difficult to develop a new skill till you are able to do it effortlessly.
It shows that you have passed through the difficult stage.
Although, you should aim to improve your skill by learning from other experienced people in your field.
There are many people who fail to achieve their dreams due to the fact that the skill they choose to sell is very difficult on them.
Don’t get me wrong, you can learn a new skill and work through the difficult stages to become proficient.
It is easier to build on what you already know how to do and create the kind of life you want than learning a new skill from scratch.
It is one thing to be good at a skill, it is another thing for other people to enjoy what you produce.
Know that you have a gold mine whenever you are able to find the two.
This might be difficult for new high school pupils, which will lead me to discuss other ways you can find what you like to do.
Is there a profession that you love?
You might not know much about it now, but you are certainly curious about having the required knowledge.
That is it.
You can come up with more than one profession at first. You need to eliminate them one after the other till you get to the final profession.
I only advise you to take this second approach if you cannot find an act that people praise you for doing.

Learn from The Experts in Your Choosing Profession

The school system will always try to give you books and materials written by experts.
However, you should do the digging yourself.
The internet is a good place for meeting practicing experts, learning from them and see what is going on in your profession.
For example, you find out that you like the idea of computer security and you will like to be an expert on it.
A simple googling of ‘the best book on computer security’ is enough to expose the knowledge you should have if you want to be an expert in the field.
If you can study the top ten books on your profession and you read what experts on the topic are saying on a daily basis…
It will not take you two years to start earning from the knowledge.
The truth is most people are not willing to read.
You already have an edge above 80 percent of your colleague if you can study and apply the content of the best ten books in your profession.

Make Yourself Some Money While in School

The idea of making money is simple. Look for a problem then help people to solve it.
How does this relate to our discussion?
You have learned from proven experts in your field of study, that alone has given you an edge above your colleagues.
Your colleagues will not hesitate to pay you if you can show them the skills you have, and you offer to teach them.
Secondly, we are now in the world of ‘can you do it?’, many people are willing to pay someone to get the work done even if the person does not have a certificate.
So far you can do it.
Take for instance. You are in school to study computer science and you used part of your time to study books written by experts on Java programming (btw, you will learn how to make more time below).
Companies will pay you if you can help them solve their Java needs. Period.
You might even go to online sites like Upwork, Fiverr, and other freelance sites to get clients that will pay you for Java programming.
This is one of the many ways you can make some money for yourself whilst still in school.
You can start a blog to teach what you have learned from the experts and books.
Put adverts on the blog, or recommend the books to people on the blog and make money as an affiliate.
No matter what you study in school, read books written by the experts and follow their online posts, and make some money from the knowledge.

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Use Your Time Effectively

The four to seven years in school can pass in a flash.
It is after then that most people realize that they have not really achieved anything.
Except for the certificate the school has to offer them.
You wouldn’t want to be among such a group of people at the end of your schooling days.
You have read an idea on how to be an expert in your field of study while still in school.
That alone will separate you from the just-certificate group at the end of the day.
“School life can be so time-consuming with all the activities involved, and you still ask me to study what experts have written, how do you want me to do that?”
We all have 24 hours in a day, the only difference is how we use those hours.
You will have some hours within the day every day to work on your better future…
If you can show some act of seriousness and you are willing to work hard.
It is not going to be easy, especially at the beginning, that is the reason most people don’t make it.
My advice for you is that you should be among the few that will show seriousness and hard work.
Let me explain how to manage your time.
I can break the whole time management idea into three sentences.
Set priority on the things you should be doing.
Wake up early to get more time if you will need it.
Don’t give room for distractions.

Set priority on the things you should be doing 

Don’t be a jack of all trade, master of none.
You already know the list of activities you will be doing at the beginning of the semester.
Why don’t you just take a few minutes of your time to decide and pick just the activities that will help you on the long-run?
Don’t forget to include some study time to learn from the experts.
And discard the rest.
Even if your favorite football training session is among those you will discard.
You will have yourself to thank in a few more years.

Wake up early to get more time if you will need it.

It is among these activities you divide your 24 hours.
Don’t make the mistake of worrying about how little you do on an activity every day.
The Compound-Effect will do the job, just make sure you do the activity every day.
Cut your sleep to make more time if you will need it.

Don’t give room for distractions

Distractions will eventually come along the way. Don’t fall into the trap.
You stick to the plan.
Here is the good news: it will only take three to six weeks to make your daily plan a part of you.
After which the plan would have become a habit and everything will be a breeze after then.
Persevere and you will see it.

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Manage Your Money

The money will continue to flow into your account if you follow the ideas I have explained above.
These ideas are from my personal experience.
The only thing I will need to warn you about is the life you should be living when the money starts coming in.
Many talents have been destroyed due to lack of self-control and proper money management that needs to be applied to the money and fame.

Change Your Mindset

The first thing you should have a change of mindset.
You can do it right now,
Change your mindset from someone that works for money to someone that does the work for the fun of the work.
Work can be difficult at some point in time, even for the elites, the only thing that will keep you going is…
If you do the work just for the love of it.
One of my favorite statement is “be in the game for the joy of the game”.
This goes in line with the idea of picking a profession that you are already good at.
Even if you are not perfect.
A profession you love and willing to develop yourself on it.

The second mindset, save and invest your money.

“Never depend on a single income, make an investment to create a second source.” Warren Buffet
Don’t spend all your money. Make your money work for you.
You should check out the book The Richest Man In Babylon.
The book might be old, 18th-century book, but the ideas still work like magic till today.

Invest in yourself

What got you to this stage is a keen investment in yourself.
And I can tell you that you can get all the knowledge needed to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars for free.
What will take you beyond that might not be free.
That is why you need to take from your earnings to invest in yourself and grow your income.

School Does Not Determine Your Success In Life

The last and final tip
It is good to be educated and get the necessary certificates.
But the ultimate aim of going to school, which is to be successful, is not determined by the school.
You need to have this at the back of your mind because…
You would not want to blame yourself in later stages of your life after you have been carried away by the school activities.
I will explain why.
The real world needs people that will help them solve a problem or two.
If you sit there in school and consume the entire school curriculum without having a solution to any real world problem, you might blame yourself at the end of the day.
Take for instance.
Paul has a degree in computer engineering from one of the big universities in the country.
He can recite all the school materials off-hand, but here comes the problem.
These school materials are old, and Paul does not have much practical knowledge of fixing a computer.
But he can show you all the certificates.
Jane, on the other hand, learned computer engineering from practicing experts.
She can break down and build up a computer system without any trouble.
In addition to repairing a computer, she can also do computer networking.
If you are looking to solve your computer problems, who will you call on among the two?
Paul or Jane?
Paul had the chance to be far better than Jane, but he did not.
In conclusion, take your chances when you can and be an expert while still in school and earn from your knowledge.

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