October 1, 2022

Stephen Kalayjian Net Worth is estimated at around $2 Million

Stephen Kalayjian is Chief Market Strategist and Co-Founder of Ticker Tocker; He is a trading veteran and industry leader with not less than 36 years of experience in the industry trading stocks, futures, and currencies. Kalayjian began his career at the American Stock Exchange in 1983. He is doing well and established his company to examine and design software to identify most trends, reversals, patterns, and divergences in the trading marketplace for all asset classes and time frames.

In the year 2005, Stephen founded his firm to research and developed software that helps him to identify trends, patterns, divergences, and reversals in the marketplace for all asset classes and also time frames. 

Stephen seeks to generate extraordinary alpha trading opinions during the day. He and his team utilize specific analysis by using the exclusive charting software he designs on Ticker Tocker to forecast the market. 

Stephen Kalayjian  Net worth

Stephen Kalayjian is the founder of Ticker Tocker. He has other sources of income. He said that he makes no less than $250000 a year. his net worth is estimated around $2 Million

Stephen trades patterns, trends, reversals, and divergences in Equities, ETFs, Futures & Forex which can be YOURS on Ticker Tocker!

Ticker Tockers costs you $160 per month with more than 1000 members. 

Stephen Kalayjian Net worth

Thirty-seven years ago, before Stephen began working at the American Stock Exchange, he earned $2.10 in domestics works for people. He just did everything available as a job to do to survive. After nearly 1,500 hours of work, Stephen had saved roughly $3,000 from his earnings, and his plan was to invest the money he saved.

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After Stephen starts working at the American Stock Exchange floor when Stephen opened an account at his father’s friend’s brokerage and bought 550 calls, i.e., he bet that the stock was going to go higher.

Stephen has traded nearly 2 billion shares over his career.

“If you’re gonna invest or trade, you got to have discipline.”

Stephen Kalayjian

Stephen Kalayjian Career – How he make his money

Stephen Kalayjian begin his career on a trading floor in New York. Kalayjian father exposed him to the trading platform and landed him his first job. He also attends college, played baseball and football, and later engaged on the trading floor in New York at the COMEX. Stephen Kalayjian learned endurance and consistency. According to a trader, Kalayjian would make or lose $100 per day based on his method, and then he stops. Stephen Kalayjian later became a multi-millionaire following that his theory. 

Stephen Kalayjian Biography

Kalayjian started Tiger Securities with the same theory of staying flat at the end of each day. Kalayjian never had a loose month or year. He traded just below 2 billion shares with a huge winning percentage in the top 90s.

For eight years, Kalayjian examined the markets visually and observed patterns repeat themselves constantly. All the markets have patterns that reoccur. He originated his own charting software with his own indicators. He was able to recognize trends and reversals.

Mostly such methods use backtesting by looking to see if the system worked by watching back. Kalayjian’s strategy and the Equity Management Academy’s Variable Changing Price Momentum Indicator (VC PMI) are based on forwarding testing: how well the system prognosticates the market. Kalayjian said his method was working well in multiple markets. His strategy gave him the market direction. also read about iman gadzhi net worth

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Stephen Kalayjian Indicators

Stephen Kalayjian has been doing well in various trading, If you are looking for Stephen Kalayjian indicators , and want to know which indicators he is using. he explains several Indicators and Numbers on his charts in a video on the Ticker Tocker Twitter page. you can study with Stephen Kalayjian ‘s methods and indicators which he personally explains every day in his youtube channel during market hours. Stephen Kalayjian Net worth is estimated at $2 Milllion as of the year 2022.

Stephen Kalayjian Contacts

Email: [email protected]

 Skype: stephen.kalayjian

 Twitter: @SteveKalayjian

 Instagram: SteveKalayjian

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