October 6, 2022
Stargirl producer Reveals it may produce new other series

Stargirl debuted last week on streaming DC Universe and the CW channel in the United States. The series is theoretically part of the Arrowverse, on Earth-2 of the DC Multiverse, according to Johns himself – that is. Initially, it should not interact with the other attractions of the DC Universe or the Arrowverse, but this may happen in the future.

Stargirl, the new series from streaming DC Universe and the CW channel has been very successful, with its light tone and homage to the legacy of the Golden Age of comics. With only two episodes, the attraction has been pleasing both audiences and critics and has already brought many references to the universe of DC Comics. It didn’t take long for fans to speculate about a possible expansion of this DC Multiverse spot on the small screens, and on Wednesday (27), producer Geoff Johns admitted that all Easter eggs could even generate other derivatives with shared plots.

“You should pay attention to all (the references). There are characters that seem irrelevant, but they are not. People have been commenting on a large number of easter eggs, and I said ‘Sure!’, Because it was done by someone who is deeply involved with the tradition (from DC Comics). We love the Justice Society and Stargirl, and everyone who works on the series really deepened in this universe, from production to the writers – everyone, “said Johns, an expert on DC Comics history.

The screenwriter has already written monthly titles for these characters in the publisher and added that several groups from the 1940s and 1950s, such as the Justice Society and the Seven Soldiers of Victory, will be cited constantly – especially those that are not well known to the general public. “There are a lot of smaller, obscure characters and stories. For hardcore fans, it’s not so obscure, but when you talk about Johnny Thunder and Thunderbolt, it can be obscure for some people. We have plans for more and more series of this. We have ideas to explore all corners of the DC Universe from this point of view, just like we have in the comics “, he revealed.

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He has celebrated the success of the attraction so far. “We were impressed by the reaction of the fans to the first episode. It is impressive because we put everything we had in it, and Brec [Bassinger] (the actress who plays Stargirl) is amazing as Courtney. It has been great to see people like what they have we hoped they would like it “, he added.

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