October 3, 2022
Self isolation Matthew Perry has changed beyond recognition

Self-isolation – Matthew Perry has changed beyond recognition: The star of the series “Friends” 50-year-old actor Matthew Perry shocked fans with his appearance. Paparazzi photographed the performer of the role of Chandler Bing in Malibu during his visit to the pharmacy, reports Just Jared.
Fans noticed that Perry looked scruffy in the pictures: scruffy pants, a crumpled T-shirt and old baseball cap and sneakers. Fans concluded on the silhouette of the actor that during self-isolation he gained a lot of excess weight. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Matthew shared a cookie recipe with fans and joked about the calorie content of milkshakes. Probably, he owes them the gained weight, discussing the appearance of Perry, supporters suggest.

Despite weight problems, Matthew Perry is still the idol of millions. For example, in February, an actor started an Instagram account, to which almost 2 million users subscribed in just a day. Now 6.9 million people are following his page.
Earlier, Matthew Perry decided to find love on the Web.

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