October 2, 2022
Sean Edward Hartman Biography, Net Worth and Family

Who is Sean Edward Hartman, how old is he, what is his net worth, where does he come from, what are his height and weight, how many awards has he bagged?

The questions above would be answered in detail in this article.

Below are she Sub-headings we are going to talk about today:

  • Sean Edward Biography
  • His Age
  • His Net Worth
  • Height and Weight
  • Awards and Achievement
  • His Relationship and Family.

Biography and Early Life of Sean Edward Hartman

Sean Edward Hartman was born into the family of well respected successful Canadian-American actor, Phil Hartman, and Brynn Omahl.

He was born in the year 1989 on the 29th of September in Sunset, Vancouver, British Columbia.

After his birthday, they moved to Los Angeles where he grew up with his parents. His parents are now divorced.

Sean has a beautiful younger sister named Birgen Anika Hartman, she is currently married. He grew up together with his sister and parents in Los Angeles.

He had a proper good moral childhood upbringing. When he was 9 years old, his parents had a terrible accident.

Sean Edward Hartman Net Worth 2022

As at the time of writing this article in the year 2020, Sean Edward Hartman has an estimated net worth of $3 million.

His father Phil Hartman, was a Canadian-American actor who has an estimated net worth of $3 million also.

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Is Sean in any Relationship or in Love?

Sean Edward is a busy man who has his sole interest in his acting and job. Presently, he is single and not in love with anyone.

The popular actor, Sean Edward is also a writer who have written hundreds of film.

What Caused the death of Sean’s parents 

The Canadian-American actor, Phil was a man who didn’t find luck in marriage.

After divorcing his previous wives, he met Brynn Omahl after which they gave birth to Sean and his beautiful sister.

Both couples had some misunderstanding which prompted Brynn Omahl to shoot dead her husband.

At that time, Sean was just nine (9) years old and his sister, Brighten was just 6 years old.

Their marriage was suffering some setbacks because Omahl was jealous of how successful his husband was and she felt intimidated that someday, she might lose him forever.

Even though their marriage was shaky, they still remained in the marriage with the hope that their marriage would be better someday.

But it wasn’t getting better as Omahl became very jealous that she even abused ‘Strain’ Phil’s Hartman ex-wife and even went far by threatening her that she would rip out Strain eyes if she ever dares speak to her husband again.

Phil Hartman saw how bad his marriage had gone and he thought of retiring from his acting job in order to be a good husband and father.

It was during this time, his wife, Omahl shot down her husband, Phil Hartman.

After Brynn Omahl had shot her husband, she called the police and confessed to the shooting of her husband. Before the police officers could arrive, the wife Brynn Omahl had committed suicide by shooting herself in the mouth so the Officers found both of them dead.

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After the death of Phil and Omahl, the government gave Phil Hartman’s sister, Katherine Kay Wright custody of them both.

Sean Edward Age in 2022

The Popular film writer and actor, Sean Edward Hartman was born in the year 1989 on the 29th of September therefore, he is 31 years old in the year 2020.

Sean Edward Hartman Biography, Net Worth and Family

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