October 3, 2022
Kanye West Spent $6.7 Million Over His Presidential Campaign

The famous American rapper Kanye West has spent not less than $6.7 million on his presidential bid of the United States. According to West’s campaign finance report, which was leveled with the Federal Election Commission on Friday.

Kanye West has loaned his presidential campaign with $6.7 million. West takes off his presidential campaign in July, and since that time, $5.8 million has already been used.  Americans were astounded to hear the news that Kanye West was more serious about his effort for the 2020 Election. While he has made a handful of public appearances as part of his campaign, he made sure people are determined by registering under the Birthday Party member. He also added his vice presidential candidate, Michelle Tidball, to his ticket,.

Report from The Hollywood Reporter, and a company named “Fortified Consulting” of Tempe, Arizona holds $1.2 million of the campaign’s debt.

Apart from Kanye’s loan, his campaign has received contributions from the public, which seem to be “typical citizens” that have donated from $200 to $1,000 dollars. The struggle for Kanye West has been ascending as he’s been dropped from ballots left and right, and newly it’s been reported that he’s accused to have his name added to the vote in West Virginia.

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