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Renato Gaúcho: Net worth, Biography, Lifestyle, Titles, Awards, and curiosities

Crack, Marrento, loudmouth, winner. All these adjectives fit when it comes to Renato Gaúcho, one of the great modern characters of Brazilian football.

But the most carioca of the gauchos is much more than a picturesque figure. He won titles and scored outstanding goals for Grêmio, Fluminense, Flamengo, and Cruzeiro and even went to the World Cup.

As a coach, he was practically a protagonist of a strong Fluminense team and played in the Brasileirão Serie A before finding his true home, Grêmio.

Both as a player and as a coach, Renato never lost touch with two things: victories and stories. You can check both in the text below.

History of Renato Gaúcho as a player

The young Renato began his career at the small Esportivo, a club in Guaporé, in his hometown of Rio Grande do Sul. Strong, dribbler, and confident, the right winger took a short time to catch the attention of Grêmio, who started to have him in the main team in 1981.

In 1983, he was already an idol. Also, who wouldn’t be after giving the club a world title?

After forming the best attack of the successful Libertadores campaign, Renato completed his magical year by noting the two Grêmio goals in the triumph over Hamburg, from Germany, in the final of the 1983 Interclub World Cup.

The first, in the 38th minute of the first half, was in his style. Receiving the ball in the middle, he took off on the right and, already inside the area, cut his marker twice before kicking. The shot left almost without an angle and entered the only space available between the goalkeeper and the post.

The winning goal came out again on the right. In overtime, the striker received in his hot zone, gave another of his classic shorts cuts, and kicked left in the opposite corner, for Immortal glory.

The most carioca gaucho

The striker continued in a great phase in 1985 and 1986 when he commanded Grêmio in the Bicampeonato Gaúcho. He was even called up for the World Cup, but was cut by Telê Santana for indiscipline during the preparation.

The absence of the World Cup in Mexico made him look for new air and, in 1987, Renato went to Flamengo to become Renato Gaúcho. The curious thing is that there he began to, in fact, become the most carioca of the gauchos, with a quick and accurate identification with the Marvelous City.

On the field, this new identity was reflected in the ball in the net and the cup in the air. Alongside Bebeto, Renato won Carioca in 1987 and the controversial Copa União, one of the modules of the confusing Brazilian Championship in the late 1980s.

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Gaucho played so much that he took the Golden Ball from Placar Magazine, which awarded the Brasileirão ace. In addition, he arranged a transfer to Roma.

Renato Gaúcho Net Worth

Renato Gaúcho  net worth has been growing significantly, His net worth is estimated around $7 Million as of the year 2022? Renato Gaúcho’s income source is mostly from being a successful football player. He is from Brazil. We have estimated Renato Gaúcho’s net worth, money, salary, income, and assets.

Net worth 2022$7 Million
Net Worth in 2021$1 Million – $5 Million
Salary in 2020Under Review
Net Worth in 2019Pending
Salary in 2019Under Review
HouseNot Available
CarsNot Available
Source of IncomeFootball player

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Renato Gaúcho, from “Brazilian Gullit” to the tour the carioca

Renato’s Italian period, the only time he played outside Brazil, didn’t work out very well. In just over a year, the one who was supposed to be the “Brazilian Gullit” returned to Flamengo and “its” beaches in Rio de Janeiro.

After winning the 1989 Copa América and the 1990 Copa do Brasil and playing just a few minutes in the World Cup in the same year Renato began a certain journey through Rio de Janeiro. He was runner-up in the 1991 state with Botafogo and champion with Fluminense in 1995 , when he scored another one of his eternal goals, this time with the belly.

In the middle of his tour in Rio, he played and won the Supercopa Sudamericana for Cruzeiro, when he made a historic match with five goals scored. The 8-0 victory against Atlético Nacional in 1992 is until today Raposa’s biggest victory in international competitions.

Then, he played a few more matches for Flamengo and Bangu before ending his career to study Physical Education.

The story of Renato Gaucho as a coach

Renato Gaúcho retired with 502 matches, 233 goals scored and at least one of each of the main titles in the Brazilian calendar. As a coach, Renight ‘s career , that is, Renato Portaluppi, emulated, in a way, his period as a player.

The new teacher traveled around Rio de Janeiro and spoke a lot, but he was successful even at Grêmio. However, it was only a shortcoming that he was not successful in his ‘second home’.

Libertadores vice

Already more experienced as a coach, Renato Gaúcho did his first big job at Fluminense between 2007 and 2008.

Vice of the Copa do Brasil in 2006, for Vasco, the coach did not let the 2007 title slip away with Flu, which as a “prize”, set him up a strong team for the 2008 Libertadores.

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Commanding Darío Conca, Thiago Neves, Dodô and Washington, in addition to young Arouca and Thiago Silva , Renato showed his main qualifications as a “teacher”. He built an offensive and cup-bearing team, which eliminated three-time Brazilian champions São Paulo and Boca Juniors on the way to the final.

There were two games in the confrontation against LDU. 4-2 for the Ecuadorians and 3-1 for the Brazilians on the way back at Maracanã. On penalties, it was LDU.

Going to and from the Gremio

The defeat in Libertadores marked a new and difficult phase of Renato’s career as a coach.

Relegated with Vasco, fired from Fluminense in the relegation zone and with lightning passes by Bahia and Atlético Paranaense, the coach only found a little more peace at Grêmio.

Still, it took three passes in six years to get it right. In the first two, he built good teams , always offensive and competitive, but always entering the eternal musical chairs that is to be a soccer coach in Brazil.

The Libertadores by Renato Portaluppi

In the wake of Roger Machado’s dismissal, Renato Gaúcho became Grêmio’s coach again in 2016. He took on a well-built team by the one who was his assistant in 2013 and under his command in 2007 and 2008.

In the end, Renato just didn’t repeat Fluminense’s 2007 feat because it was better. Winning the 2016 Copa do Brasil somewhat “by force”, Grêmio qualified for the Libertadores edition that would define its identity in the following years.

In a mix of defensive experience and creative youth, Renato Portaluppi’s Tricolor not only won the 2017 Liberta but also won the respect of all Brazilian football.

Transmitting confidence and authority in the form of a brown character, Renato made his players always play with the ball on the ground and their heads in place. More: and he established an enduring game model , based on ball possession and dribbling, which managed to hold on until the exit of more than half of his base, already in 2020.

In this last work Renato became the longest-lived coach of the 21st century in Brazilian football. He gained a reputation at the club, the respect of the market and the recognition of the press. He just didn’t stop being a talker.

The curiosities about Renato Gaúcho, the Renight

As we said, Renato Gaúcho was remarkable in Brazilian football not only for what he did on the field but also for his collection of lines and stories off it .

Below, we have gathered just a few of the main ones.

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Flowers for the “girlfriends”

In 1985, Renato made a joke with the Globo Esporte report that gave a lot to talk about. Straight from the concentration of the Brazilian National Team , Renato looked at the Globo camera while kissing flowers and throwing them to the ground, each one in honor of a woman.

The problem was that the names of the alleged girlfriends were actually the names of their partners’ mothers! Coincidence or not, the striker was cut by Telê Santana from the 1986 World Cup for indiscipline.

Barbecue on the enemy

In 1991, Renato infuriated Botafogo fans. The striker played for Fogão, which was defeated 3-0 by Flamengo in the final of the Campeonato Carioca . Until then, everyone was hot-headed.

The real problem was when he appeared at the celebration barbecue of the red-black players, having himself been one the year before. A photo of him appeared in the newspaper and he was from Botafogo.

Beach with Romario and Edmundo

In 1996, Renato Gaúcho was the protagonist of one of the best reports in the history of sports journalism for television. He was one of the protagonists, actually.

The striker shared the scene with Romário and Edmundo, the three of them on a beach in Rio de Janeiro and in financial litigation with their respective clubs. Just click below and honor.

“Let’s play in the Brazilian”

As a coach, Renato gave one of his most famous statements.

Even with his head swollen after the 4-2 defeat to LDU, in the 2008 Libertadores finals, the coach called the crowd to Maracanã, announced the victory and also said that, with the title, Fluminense would go ” play in the Brazilian” .

Flu, it is worth saying, was not champion and did not even play in the Brasileirão. Renato was even fired after entering the relegation zone with Tricolor.

Better than Cristiano Ronaldo

Not even when Renato Gaúcho became Renato Portaluppi did he leave the hustle aside. In an interview before the 2017 Interclub World Cup, in which Gremio would face Real Madrid, the coach categorically stated that he had been better than Cristiano Ronaldo.

Whether former number 7 was or not is not for us to say. But that pissed off the Portuguese ace …ah, that’s for sure.

Renato Gaucho titles as a player


  • Gaucho Championship: 1985, 1986
  • Copa Libertadores: 1983
  • Interclub World Cup: 1983


  • Guanabara Cup: 1987
  • Brazil Cup: 1990
  • Union Cup: 1987


  • Mineiro Championship: 1992
  • Copa Libertadores: 1992


  • Carioca Championship: 1995

Brazilian Team

  • Copa America: 1989

Renato Gaucho titles as coach


  • Brazil Cup: 2007


  • Gaucho Championship: 2018, 2019, 2020
  • Brazil Cup: 2016
  • Copa Libertadores: 2017
  • Copa Sudamericana: 2018
  • Gaúcha Recopa: 2019

Renato Gaucho Awards as a player

  • Golden Ball (Scoring Magazine): 1987
  • Silver Ball (Scoring Magazine): 1984, 1987, 1990, 1992, 1995
  • Interclub World Cup Final Player: 1987

Renato Gaucho Awards as Coach

  • Best Coach of Copa Libertadores: 2017

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