October 3, 2022
Reason why Jon Snow should not have reached the throne in GOT - Kit Harrington

its now over a year since one of the most acclaimed HBO series of the last decades came to an end: ‘Game of Thrones’.

Definitely, the story was a big twist in its final season, and its last episode was no exception and was also full of unexpected twists. And while not all fans were 100% satisfied with the way the series ended, Kit Harington (the actor who played Jon Snow in ‘GOT’) has just confessed that he has a strong reason why he agreed with how things ended for your character. Although millions of people expected Jon Snow to end up occupying the coveted throne and even some of them dreamed of him reigning alongside Daenerys Targaryen (before he died in their hands), finally Bran Stark took power at the end of the story, which divided opinions, but the truth is that Kit could not agree more with this decision.

Why did Kit Harington not want Jon Snow to come to the throne in ‘Game of Thrones’? In a new video that was shared on Twitter, the 33-year-old interpreter explained the real reason why he considers that his character did not deserve to stay in power.

“I disagree when people tell me, ‘ I wish you had been on the throne’ or ‘I wish you and Dany would have reigned together,'” Harington said. ‘Jon’s place has always been in the north; he would never have been happy in the south. ‘It is like with Ned Stark. When Ned goes south, he is in danger. But Jon is always the happiest there; it’s like Tormund tells him: ‘You are the north’. He belongs to the north, ’emphasized this celeb in the same conversation.

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The irony is that, although Kit is satisfied with the outcome of his character (who became the favourite of many fans of the series), he has not wanted to see the final chapter yet. Can you believe it?

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