October 4, 2022
Read the story of an actress who weighed 19kg, see how she looks today

It is always complicated to write about diseases and what they cause in people, but it is still necessary, mostly when the story portrays the overcoming of someone since this can be a reason for overcoming others who are in the same or at least similar situation.

Right here on our website, you can find several articles about diseases and how to overcome them or overcome life in whatever the case may be. People who manage to overcome some difficult phase of their lives serve as inspiration for us and, consequently, for you, like us, Ultra Curious. We will leave some links at the end so you can check other stories with just one click.

Rachel Farrokh disease

The story this time is beautiful and portrays a problematic passage in the life of the American actress Rachel Farrokh, 37 years old and moved the whole world. The actress who suffered from anorexia came to weigh 19 kilos and had to face death closely.

When she suffered from the disease, she and her husband were unable to afford treatment since few hospitals were capable of treating cases as extreme as hers and, therefore, those who could be offered treatment at a very high price.

Rachel suffered from an eating disorder 10 years ago when she lost her job and faced emotional trauma. At the end of 2014, everything got worse, and the disease intensified. The actress came to have a child’s weight, which caused her liver failure, kidney failure,, and even cardiac arrest. With the physical damage to her body, she could not perform an activity on her own or even stand up because of her weakness.

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this actress weighed 19kg, see how she looks today

When she was already losing hope and giving up the disease for good, she decided to seek help on the internet. With her husband’s help, she recorded a shocking video, then presenting her devastating physical condition and asking for help with donations for her treatment. Watch the video and add the caption.

Shortly after recording this video and publishing it on the internet, the couple managed to raise more than 200 thousand dollars, and that money would be enough to carry out the intensive treatment in a hospital specialized in that which is in Portugal.
Her story caught the whole world’s attention, for only six months later, she was much better and was very visible. She is managing to leave the disease behind and go about her life as usual. Although there are still weaknesses in her, the actress has already managed to gain enough weight and can carry out her necessary activities without help, including walking.

Rachel Farrokh today

Today Rachel is one of the main symbols of the fight against anorexia and considers herself an activist for the cause. In addition to struggling to recover, she now tries to alert the world to eating disorders and how complicated it can be.

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