September 25, 2022

Computer programming is not easy and there is every reason why you should look for programming motivation.
What if I write the easiest ways to keep your motivation really high, would you read it?
The following words explain the simple acts that will help shoot your motivation to program to the top of the sky if you will implement them.

I Am The One That Did It

There are many benefits that come with knowing how to program. Can you imagine how cool you will feel when a friend comes around and find you using an app to solve one the problems in the house?
And the friend asks where you got the app and you were like “I created it myself”.
I know it is a nice feeling because I have felt such before.
Even if you don’t know how to do it now, I am sure it is something you will like to do someday especially if you are interested in programming.
I think it is the nature of man to create or build things.
And the beauty of all programming languages is that you can easily learn more languages after the first one.
Most programmers that can use more than one language actually testified to that.

The Tough Times Don’t Last

Just like every other work out there, programming also has its negative side too.
The first thing that a new programmer will have to go through is the amount of time it takes to be good with a programming language.
Know that it is part of the game.
Don’t give up before you get up. The first few weeks might be tough; you just have to stick to it until you get to the stage where you start dreaming programming.
And when you get there, the sky will be limit to what you can achieve.
Because there, you won’t only know how to use what you know to build useful programs, you will also find it easy to learn new technologies and add to your programming arsenal.

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Repetition Is The Key And Simple

You don’t have to make it hard on yourself just do this:
Get a pen and paper, watch or read a few lines of code, then write the code as many times as you wish.
You will notice that if not all, some of the code will stick to your brain without much willpower.
Learning how to code isn’t a 10,000 hours thing. And neither is it a 24 hours thing too. The only thing I know is that if somebody can do it, you too can do it.
You know most people will scare you with 10k hours to become an expert but it’s a lie likewise, it isn’t a day’s job too.
I only know that if you keep to it for a few weeks, you will be on a good lane to make coding easy for yourself.
Do you know that the more you familiarize yourself with something, the more that thing becomes easy for you?
The best way to chase away pain is to face it head-on. That difficult thing in our lives is cowards. We just need to fight for few weeks (usually 21 days) and they will bow.
Practice what you learn day in day out and it will stick more than how you could imagine.

I Will Achieve My Goal

Your goal at the beginning of the course is to finish it and you will.  If that goal isn’t interesting to you anymore I know what you should do.
Set a new goal but this time make it interesting and interactive. I will give you some examples.
Think of a program that can help you in any of your daily tasks. If the task seems to be big at first, break it down into simpler chunks.
Think of a program that will solve the first chunk of the task.
With the little to no knowledge of your programming language, right down the steps you think will help solve that chunk.
Now code the first step using the programming language you choose, code the second step and so on. If you don’t know how to code any step search online hoe to do it.
Implement what you just searched see that works and learn why it works.
Repeat till you finish all the chunks and ultimately your daily task program. And afterward, you will see how confident you will be with programming.

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My Fat Ass Friend

Another way to motivate yourself while learning programming is to work on a program that is funny. Most people like comedy and you will easily find motivation for that.
Do something that displays jokes at random or a program that displays funny memes when you click a button.
You get the idea. Just try to link the work to comedy and if possible, get a friend to involve.

I Will Finish All My Projects

The easiest and best way to know how to code is to build projects with the programming language you wish to learn.
It is as simple as that.
If you read the two section above, you would understand how to think of project ideas. And the beautiful part of this comes when you have built around five to ten projects.
you would have mastered most of the key parts of the language and that is all you need to become a programmer.
You don’t have to know everything, those programmers that work in big companies or do freelance don’t know everything either.
Another thing that building several projects will teach you is that Google is always your best friend and best teacher.
Talk to your best friend if there is anything you want to know. And make sure you contribute to wherever you find something meaningful on and offline.
Remember if those folks don’t share what they know, you wouldn’t be learning from them too.

Programming Motivation To Learn The Second Language

The first is always the hardest. The simple secret learning the second language is still “building projects”.
And by now you would have become familiar with how to use Google to get the answers to your programming questions quickly.
Most of the programming languages out there use the same idea to carry out the instructions. You just need to know the syntax.
The first language will open your eyes to how codes are written and you will be able to predict what a line of code does even if you don’t know the language.
So learning the first language is where the work is, if you will go through the short-life-span pain, you will reap the reward multifold later.
Don’t give up, the pain is for a short period of time. And the gain will be forever.

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