October 5, 2022

Everyone has heard about the  British Royal Family. Members of the English monarchy are always in the spotlight, and every little event of them ends up becoming a matter in news around the world. However, many people do not know that there are other royal families with kings, princesses, queens, and so on.

In a few years’ time, thanks to the Salic law of succession, we will see a large presence of women taking over the throne of European monarchies. Even if it takes a while for this to happen, the truth is that there are six women already prepared to play their future roles as queens. These are the princesses of Europe.

Today’s princesses are not just dedicated to monarchies. Like any mortal, they have aspirations, dreams, and other professional responsibilities. Some even pose in front of cameras and the public. In the meantime, others maintain their private lives, but they are no less impressive.

And when we think of princesses, we immediately imagine palaces and comfortable life. However, this is not the life of all of them. For some, the title of a princess may not be a good thing.


Princess who disappeared 3 years ago says she's hostage in a mansion

As is the case with Princess Latifa, the daughter of the Emir of Dubai. In videos released by the BBC, she said she is being held hostage and fears for her own life.

In 2018, the princess, who is 35, tried to escape but was captured. And since that time, she had no longer made public statements.

“I am in a mansion. I am kidnapped, and this mansion has turned into a prison,” he said. Latifa recorded the video, released in the bathroom, because “it is the only room with a door that I can close”, explained the princess.

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“All the windows are locked; there are five policemen outside and two policemen inside. I worry every day about my safety and my life. The police told me that I will be in prison for my whole life and that I will never see the sun again,” said the princess.

Latifa’s videos were shown by the BBC earlier this week. The broadcaster obtained the material through close friends of the princess. The Dubai news agency was contacted by the AFP news agency but did not comment on the case.


In 2018, the princess had announced in a video posted on YouTube that she wanted to flee her country. Almost crying, Latia said she had been tortured and imprisoned for three years by her own father, Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, after making his first escape attempt in 2002.

The first video was published after the failed escape attempt in 2018 when the Indian Navy seized the sailboat the princess was on. According to the BBC, Latifa said she was doped in capturing the boat and only woke up when she was already detained in Dubai again.

Latifa’s father, Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, 71, is the emir of Dubai and the current prime minister of the United Arab Emirates. He is credited with spearheading the transformations that have made Dubai a city of global importance. Also, the man was also behind the construction of the tallest building in the world, with 828 meters.

Earlier this week, a spokeswoman for the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights told the BBC that she would question the United Arab Emirates about the princess.

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