October 5, 2022
Preacher Lawson Net Worth 2020

Preacher Lawson is a very popular name in the United States and if you stay in the States without knowing this man, I would advise you to recheck your map or ask around to be sure of the country you are presently in. If you know him, how well do you know him? Do you know his Biography or Early Life?, Career, Preacher Lawson Net Worth 2022? His Lifestyle, Age, Personal Life, Family, Relationship, Height and weight, and other important factors you shook know about him.

If you are interested to know him, then this article is for you.

“What is the Net worth of Preacher Lawson, How much Salary does he take him annually? How did he start his career? How Old is he?”

Below are the sub-headings we are going to be looking at today;

  • Preacher Lawson Biography and Early life
  • His Career
  • Age
  • Height and Weight
  • Family and Relationship
  •  Net Worth 2022
  • And other interesting facts about him you need to know.

Preface to the topic Preacher Lawson Net Worth 2022

In the year 1991 on March 14, Preacher Lawson was birthed in the United States.

He is famous for being an American popular comedian.

He came to spotlight when he reached the final stage of the 12th season of American Got Talent and still went ahead to occupy the 5th position in the American Got Talent championship.

Continue reading to know Preacher Lawson Net Worth in 2022 and how he makes his money.

Quick Facts about Preacher Lawson
Real Name Preacher Lawson
Born In the year:

1991, 14th of March In

Portland, Oregon, U.S.
Occupation: He is a comedian (Stand-up comedy and into comedy skit), a blogger and a YouTuber



Comedy career
Active Since:
  • 2010 till date
  • 29 years old
YouTube Channel information
Channel Name:
Number of Subscribers 543,000+
Total views 12 million views
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Early Life of Preacher Lawson

In the year 1991, the 14th of March Preacher Lawson was born in the United States.

When he was still a kid, he has already moved to 20 different places but Memphis, Tennessee was the longest place he has ever stayed.

Later on, Preacher proceeded to work at Orlando, Florida as a comedian.

According to him, he remembered how his mother always makes him think to stay or live in a car is very luxurious and with such mentality, he strived harder to become who he is right now.

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Preacher, later on, started writing jokes at the age of 16, and by the time he clocked 17 years old, he did his first performance. In 2015, he even won the funniest comedian in Florida in the year 2016 together with the Seattle International Comedy Competition.

Preacher Lawson Career


His America’s Got Talent in 2017

In the year 2017, the talented comedian, Lawson succeeded to make it through to the finals after several eliminations on season 12 of America’s Got Talent and in that competition, he was among the best performer.

He was also allowed to perform in  America’s Got Talent Live.

2019: AGT & BGT: The Champions

2017 America’s Got Talent was a rare opportunity he had been looking for and that alone did a lot in his career.

Because of his outstanding performance in America’s Got Talent in 2017, he was still invited in America’s Got Talent in the year 2019 where he became the top five in the overall competition after being voted by those who spontaneously like him immediately they saw his performance.

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He proceeded to Britain’s Got Talent and still excelled there coming out with bottom 7 after huge support and vote from his fans.

These performances in America’s and Britain’s Got talent skyrocketed his career and even earned him live performance in different places.

According to him, that was semi-prime In his career because the popularity was awesome and rapidly growing.

Lawson’s YouTube career

Aside from being a comedian, Lawson also does serious things on his YouTube channel.

Lawson runs a travel vlog on his YouTube channel, teaches good dieting, music, and videos, vegetarians, and spicing it up with his comedy.

Over the years, his channels have grown bigger and massive that it has gotten a total view of over 13,000,000 with over 540,000 subscribers.

He also has a channel in which he uses for his skit videos name BoxOfChocolates.

Рrеасhеr Lаwѕоn Аgе

The popular comedian, Рrеасhеr Lаwѕоn was born in the year 1991, 14th of March therefore, he is 29 years old as at the time of writing this article in the year 2022.

Неіght, аnd Wеіght of Рrеасhеr Lаwѕоn

Рrеасhеr Lаwѕоn is 5 ft and 9 feet tall, he weighs of 70k.

Аwаrdѕ & Асhіеvеmеntѕ

Preacher Lawson no doubt has been able to achieve a lot from his career throughout the years and has also been able to bag several awards that have skyrocketed his name and earned him global recognition.

Below are the Awards and Achievement for Preacher Lawson;

  • When he started his career in the year 2015, he was able to win the “Funnіеѕt Соmеdіаn Іn Flоrіdа”
  • He later proceeded to win the “Ѕеаttlе Іntеrnаtіоnаl Соmеdу Соmреtіtіоn” in the year 2016.
  • He took the number 5th position overall when he went for a competition in the rеаlіtу ТV ѕеrіеѕ America’s Got Talent. The top four that eliminated him from America’s Got talents were Ѕhіn Lіm, Сrіѕtіnа Rаmоѕ, Dаrсі Lуnnе, Кѕеnіуа Ѕіmоnоvа, and Dаrсі Lуnnе.
  • Also, he was given lots of recognition globally for coming top 13th in the same America’s Got Talent in 2017. Preacher Lawson in 2022
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What is Preacher Lawson Net Worth 2022

Preacher Lawson has an estimated net worth of $2 million at the time of writing this article in the year 2022.

The popular stand-up comedian has earned massively from his live performance and shows he appeared in. For instance, in America’s Got Talent In 2019 where he came 5th in the competition and talent showoff.

The popular comedian is also a blogger and a YouTuber/vlogger where he has over 540k subscribers with over 300 videos.

His AdSense is also monetized with Google AdSense and he amassed lots of money from Google AdSense over the years.

He also sells mеrсh on his website.

He earns a lot from his YouTube channel and also his blog

He also accepts sponsored video on his Instagram account with over 300k followers.

He also earns lots of money from his stand-up comedy and his live performances in different events.

With all these being said, Preacher Lawson isn’t a newbie in the industry as he has gone far beyond an average level so has his money.

According to him, he believes that the only thing that brings everyone together is laughter and he always tries much as possible to make people laugh away their sorrow.

It seems he is not relenting on making people happy as he has vowed to do that at any little chance he gets.

As time passes, Preacher has become very popular in the United States and more popular globally.

Preacher Lawson Biography

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