October 5, 2022

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Welcome to my blog. Today I will be discussing PCOM PA Program and I hope you are going to like it.
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Why I Choose PCOM PA Program

With as many as possible professional medical courses you can think of, why do you choose to be a physician assistant?
This is one the questions some of us get asked either from relatives or a complete stranger.
I will share what motivates me to be a PA and why many people choose the PCOM PA Program.
Having a parent that works in the medical field does not mean you will like to work there. That is what happened to me.
One of my parents works as a nurse, which is lovely but that is not what made me choose PA.
While I was young, we visit the hospital quite often and I just liked how my pediatrician will predict accurately what is wrong with me and what I will need.
This frequent amazement builds something inside of me.
It pushed me to want to know how my pediatrician can say all that she is saying, and it works all the time.
What better way is a good start to a physician assistant career that joining one or two medical settings and growing from there.
That is what I did and I couldn’t appreciate it more.
This led me to further believe that PA is what I want and I have never looked back.

Benefits Of Being A Physician Assistant

If I say being a physician assistant gives you the privilege to work with doctors, it does not mean doctors are betters.
But it means you get to work on a big project and important project of life, help your fellow human stay alive in good health.
To me, the biggest benefits of being a physician assistant is that I get the chance to help humanity in an important way.
I heard some college from the PCOM PA program saying that they choose to be a physician assistant because it gives the flexibility to work with many professionals in the medical field.
You get to be a dynamic health practitioner.
No wonder people seem to call physician assistants doctors. PAs just know so much in all medical fields.


Why You Should Choose PCOM PA Program

It true that they are many programs out there, and why would you choose PCOM?
Firstly, think of the core need of a student in a higher institution. What do you think it is?
I will help you out.
It is a very strong and efficient faculty.
That is what PCOM will give you. You get to work with amazing faculty staffs that already know what you will need and are willing to help.
How come they already know what you need?
Because they were once in your shoes and as the saying goes, ‘experience is the best teacher’.
Secondly, you get to practice what you learn in a better way. PCOM has many rotation sites that are up to the standards.
At PCOM, they know that there is no better way to learn than doing.
You don’t just read and read all the time you also get the chance to practicalize all that you learn.
At PCOM, the students don’t need to worry about if the school is well accredited or not. PCOM is accredited.
You just need to work hard to earn the certificate.
What Do Other Health Practitioners Think Of Physician Assistants
If you are important to your colleagues, they wouldn’t mind raining huge praises on you when talking about you.
Other health practitioners think that PA plays a very important role in the medical field. A role that keeps getting bigger and bigger day in day out.
The career is very rewarding and you get the chance to get many opportunities along the way.


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