September 26, 2022
Nissan Note e-power electric car

The third-generation Nissan Note e-Power has launched for the Japanese market. Nissan itself will start selling it starting December 23, and the Note is Nissan’s best-selling model for the domestic market.

This car will now come exclusively with the company’s e-Power electrified powertrain. With the all-new Note, Nissan wants to bring the excitement of e-Power to more customers.

It offers unique excitement and linear acceleration as electric motor propulsion. The company has sold 430 thousand e-Power cars, and the next powertrain is Europe and China.

The new Note comes with a second-generation e-Power system that the manufacturer has redesigned and developed extensively. With more power, a higher quality driving experience, and increased efficiency.

Electric Car Nissan Note e-Power

Nissan Note e-Power, the Latest Electric Car Released in Japan

The torque has increased by 10% and the output by 6% (the previous generation had 109 PS / 254 Nm). Nissan has tuned control technology to achieve smoother acceleration and lower cabin noise.

The new inverter is 40% smaller and 30% lighter. There are no detailed engine specifications, but the old one uses the 1.2L HR12DE with 79 PS / 103 Nm.

But Nissan says that the ICE is now operating at a lower RPM. With the increased insulation on the body of the Nissan Note e-Power, customers will experience high-end serenity.

Nissan’s signature Vmotion grille forms a strong V-line at the bottom of the headlamps. The character line extends from the front, engraves the side profile, then moves through the horizontal rear light.

Yokohama said that their front grille pattern was taken from a traditional Japanese design. There will be 13 body color options, including Vivid Blue and the new Opera Mauve color precisely for the Note e-Power.

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Features and Technology

On a new note, the electric energy generator can be the driver according to road conditions. Surface conditions and vehicle speed will make road noise increase, so the engine starts to charge the e-Power battery pack.

This reduces the need for the engine when operating in quieter conditions. That means you won’t pay much attention to the Nissan Note e-Power engine.

In the safety department, there are other things besides driver assist technology that are now normalized. The Nissan ProPilot with Navi-link synchronizes active cruise control with the navigation system on the road.

It detects a speed limit sign to adjust speed automatically. It also uses native data to assess upcoming corner angles and slow down the car accordingly.

For Japan alone, each model has an AWD option and will feature an all-electric drive model. Also, also with dual electric motors at the front and rear.

The AWD variant will be announced by Nissan next month. The first model has adopted ultra-high tensile steel of 1,470 MPa for the Nissan Note e-Power chassis.

Nissan Note e-Power interior

As for the interior, this car features a completely overhauled Nissan design. Horizontal dashboard complete with digital gauge cluster and Nissan Connect’s extensive touchscreen infotainment system.

Nissan takes advantage of the all-new and outstanding Note interior packaging. Despite having small exterior dimensions, the center console is more comprehensive and longer than its Honda Jazz rivals.

Together with Nissan’s Zero Gravity seats, the new Note promises better comfort during long-distance driving. The large armrests also offer increased comfort.

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The maker of the Nissan Note e-Power claims that the rear space far exceeds the regular segment and that the seat reclines the driver can recline. The quality of the interior is also increasing through the use of more premium materials.

The minimalist dashboard features a touchscreen instrument panel display and head unit. Nissan high center console positioned for easy access to the electronic shift lever.

With what’s under the skin, let’s admire the design of the new Note, which is very different from the previous high-roof mini MPV.

The manufacturer makes it according to Nissan’s latest Timeless Japanese Futurism design concept. Its simple yet modern and distinctive Japanese approach sets the Note apart from most compact cars.

For the Japanese market, the Nissan Note e-Power will come in three classes, namely S, F, and X. They will all have prices starting from 2,029,500 Yen, equivalent to $19,404.76 million to $20,186,800 

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