October 5, 2022

Recently, the automotive market portion was shocked by the presence of Xiaomi Redmi Car. As we all know, Xiaomi is popularly known as one of the smartphone manufacturers. However, who would have thought, a vendor that is very famous for cheap mobile phones began to bring up car innovations.

This is not the first time Xiaomi launched their car product. Because, before they had presented the Xiaomi Electric Car. If this car gets an excellent appreciation from the general public, there is a possibility that the vehicle will suffer the same fate.

Xiaomi Redmi Car Specifications

Essentially, this Redmi Car is not a product of their original product. Nevertheless, this car is the result of collaboration and rebadge from the Bestune T77 model. And most Interestingly, this Bestune is a subsidiary of FAW, which has manufactured passenger cars. Possibly, the name sounds a little strange to us.

Bestune T77 itself is a new product and first appeared at the Beijing Auto Show in 2018 ago. Whereas the mass version also only appeared in November 2018. From this point of view, it’s not fancy that Redmi Car has a number of advanced specifications. Do you want to know what specifications they bring? We will review the following for you.

The design

Xiaomi Redmi Car has a design that looks futuristic and very attractive. Concluding from the overall appearance, Redmi Car is a classy SUV model. Not only that, but the brand-new car from Xiaomi is also similar to the Range Rover Evoque. As the car has a floating roof model. It is not enough to discuss the appearance of the Redmi Car design in this regard. Turning to the back looks a little similar to the DFSK 560.

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DFSK 560 is one of the variations of the car that will soon be announced its official price. When viewed based on the Xiaomi Redmi Car size, this is more similar to the Wuling Almaz.

Not to forget the size of the exhibited dimensions. In terms of size, this Redmi Car has a very suitable, ideal, and proportional size. They start from the length of dimensions reaching 4,525 mm, the width of 1,845 mm, and the height of dimensions reaching 1,615 mm. The size is increasingly apparent with a wheelbase reaching 2,700 mm. If we observe very carefully, this Redmi Car has a distinctive look like a Chinese car manufacturer. Especially with the addition of box-shaped lights and integrated with the grille.

This display is increasingly dynamic with the support of the sporty bumper. Not only that, but taillight has also been installed with a matching concept with white wheels.

Display Xiaomi Redmi Car does indeed have its charm. So do not be surprised if it will be much in demand and sell well in the market.

The Engine

Redmi Car has a control engine that is very reliable and strong. The manufacturer has pinned a 1,200 turbocharged gasoline engine. With this engine’s provision, the brand-new car from Xiaomi is capable of producing power up to 141 hp. Also, it is capable of producing a maximum torque of 204 Nm.

The most exciting thing about this engine is that it is combined with a 6-speed manual transmission. Thus, the Redmi Car is ready to compete on the streets. It even has the opportunity to occupy the best position in its class with this machine stock. This machine stock cannot be underestimated. Given that Xiaomi is a smartphone manufacturer, it can present cars with strong capabilities and performance. Xiaomi Redmi Car is capable of producing maximum speed with its runway kitchen.

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What is the Price of  the new Xiaomi Redmi Car SUV

The presence of this Redmi Car indeed provides good news itself for several users of four-wheeled vehicles. Because, with the provision of this flagship specification, Xiaomi only offers low prices. Redmi Car was released to the market with a price range of $89,800 to $134,000. Of course, it is a very affordable price to get the Xiaomi Redmi Car. You also should not miss the best single car on this one.

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