October 5, 2022
New Suzuki ACross PHEV

New Suzuki ACross PHEV was introduced for the first time. The new SUV from Suzuki is planned to be launch in the next few months.

ACross became one of the models designed on the basis of the Toyota RAV4 Prime PHEV. This is a collaboration between the two brands. ACross itself is one of the biggest SUVs owned by Suzuki. When compared, its position is above Vitara. This car has dimensions similar to RAV4 with a length of 4,635 mm, a width of 1,855 mm, and a height of 1,690 mm. This car also has a 2,690 mm wheelbase. The large body size makes ACross can load as many as five passengers. In addition, it also has a luggage capacity of up to 490 liters.

New Suzuki ACross PHEV VS Toyota RAV4

Suzuki ACross and Toyota RAV4 become a form of global cooperation in sharing the vehicle platforms of two Japanese manufacturers. As reported by the Suzuki page, the appearance of ACross itself is not entirely similar to the Toyota RAV4. This car has differences, especially in the face. In the form of ACross grille that is bigger than that of his brother. The interior is also different.

Because both companies will try to maintain the character of their respective brands. Suzuki ACross became the highest model ever presented by Suzuki. Even this model also carries the concept of plug-in hybrid technology.

Suzuki ACross exterior

New Suzuki ACross interior and exterior

As mentioned earlier, the New Suzuki ACross PHEV is not just changing the emblem. But it also has a variety of differentiators from RAV4, both on the exterior and interior.

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On the exterior, if you look at the more curvaceous features equipped with LED lights that are slimmer. Here there is a unique DRL LED game. They are supported by a large hexagonal radiator grille that looks structured while RAV4’s features tend to be small, not implies a dashing impression.

Then another difference can also be seen from the figure of ACross standing on a 19-inch two-tone rim. Still a matter of appearance, outside the New Suzuki ACross PHEV. The sides and stern are still identical to RAV4. The shape of the stop lamp is complete with LEDs transverse to the bottom.

The construction of the pillars, the body of the side silhouette is very distinctive with the character made by Toyota. The stern spoiler also sticks out, adding to the aesthetics and harmony of this latest Suzuki SUV.

Hybrid Plug-In Machine

Behind the hood of ACross is embedded plug-in hybrid powertrain technologyThis technology is claimed to provide smooth acceleration. Save fuel with CO2 emissions of only 22 g per km.

The latest unit from Suzuki uses a powerful electric motor on the front. They are combined with a mechanical 2.5-liter gasoline runway. The maximum total output of New Suzuki ACross PHEV is 134 kW or 179 hp and 270Nm of torque. The front dynamo of this car can suck energy from a lithium-ion battery with a high capacity of 18.1 kWh. Or 50.9 Ah, which is installed at the bottom of the floor.

Advanced Features Owned

ACross with standard variants has been equipped with a touch screen and 9-inch navigation and supported by Apple CarPlay technology and Android Auto. In order to deliver power, this car uses a sophisticated 4 × 4 E-Four motion system. The core of this e-Four system is AWD Integrated Management or AIM.

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This technology is considered to have high sophistication. Not only can it regulate the distribution of motion energy, but it also can control the engine. In addition, braking assistance, transmission patterns, as well as electric power steering or EPS as needed. 


New Suzuki ACross PHEV also has quite complete safety features. This is supported by a number of helpful tools. Like Lane Tracing Assist, Pre-Collision System, and Dynamic Radar Cruise Control by default. Including security features such as Road Sign Assist (RSA). Rear Traffic Warning (RCTA), and Blind Spot Monitor (BSM).

This is one of the joint venture trade steps of the two automotive companies. There is little product differentiation to target different segments. This SUV will come in 6 attractive color choices, like black, white, silver, gray, red, and blue. Suzuki said that the first model of the New Suzuki ACross PHEV would be distributed to consumers in Europe at the end of the third quarter of 2020.

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