September 26, 2022
Milena Titoneli Biography and Networth

Milena Titoneli is one of the Brazilian athletes who updates the definition of the expression “fight like a girl”. Her net worth is around $3 Million a of the year 2022

Young but with unprecedented achievements in the sport, Milena lives on the threshold between promise and reality. We have estimated Milena Titoneli’s net worth, money, salary, income, and assets.

In recent years, she has become a force in taekwondo and has established herself as a medal chance at the Olympics.

To learn more about Milena Titoneli, follow us in the text below. Biography, titles, medals, trivia, in short, we show you everything you need to know about the Brazilian athlete.

Who is Milena Titoneli?

Who is Milena Titoneli
(Washington Alves/COB)

Milena Titoneli is a professional taekwondo fighter from São Paulo. Born on August 6, 1998, she has been part of the Brazilian National Team since 2016 and since 2014 has been training with the Two Brothers Team, a team from the Department of Sport, Leisure, and Youth (SELJ) in the city of São Caetano.

Milena, who competes in the 67kg category, is considered a revelation in taekwondo but is already an athlete marked in the history of the sport. She was, for example, the first woman to win a gold medal in the sport at the Pan American Games.

Before that, it had already been ranked first for the Youth Olympic Games. The fighter is now looking to be the first gold medalist at the Olympics.

Milena Titoneli Biography

Milena Titoneli Biography

Milena Titoneli’s biography is almost entirely devoted to taekwondo. To give you an idea, the sport entered the Olympics in 2000, just two years after the birth of the future athlete.

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Still, Milena started late in the sport, at the age of 13. But she evolved quickly. So much so that she was already a black belt at age 16, in 2014.

In the same year, she joined the Brazilian Youth Team, took bronze in the qualifiers for the Youth Olympic Games, and made history by becoming the first Brazilian to compete in the tournament’s modality.

The performance sent her to the main Brazilian team. Milena Titoneli then joined the team as soon as she turned 18, in 2016. Still, the athlete’s “internationalization” only started in 2018, when she started participating in the open and Grand-Prix circuit.

Despite being “late”, the period was essential for the sensational 2019 season. In it, Milena Titoneli was a bronze medalist at the Worlds and a gold medalist at the Pan American Games, both unprecedented in the history of the Brazilian sport.

In 2020, already consecrated in the sport, it fulfilled expectations and qualified for the Tokyo Olympics with the right to a gold medal in the pre-Olympic.

Milena Titoneli Net Worth

Milena Titoneli Net Worth is estimated around $3 Million. Her net worth has been growing rapidly starting from 2019-2020. She earn her net worth from the professional as a taekwondo.

How did Milena Titoneli start in Taekwondo?

Milena Titoneli started Taekwondo at age 13, thanks to…food. In love with a good mouth, pre-teen Milena ate a lot and was encouraged by her mother to play sports, to “balance the scales”.

Unhappy with popular sports among friends, such as volleyball and basketball, the young woman watched and became interested in taekwondo. When she started the first workouts, she fell in love.

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It didn’t take long for Milena to join the São Caetano Center of Excellence, a partnership between the Two Brothers team and the city’s SELJ, one of the leading places in Brazilian sport.

To scale the innovation of the Center, during the first moment of the pandemic of the new coronavirus, a virtual training system was developed, using virtual reality glasses and information about the fighting style of possible opponents.

According to Milena Titoneli, the location and knowledge of the coaches were essential for its rapid development. His aptitude, talent, and tenacity did the rest.

Milena Titoneli’s story at the 2019 Pan American Games

The greatest moment in Milena Titoneli’s career so far took place at the Pan American Games in Lima, Peru, in 2019.

At the age of 20, Milena already had some international experience, although her greatest achievement so far had been in Rio de Janeiro, the gold medal at the 2018 Military World Games.

The Brazilian started the competition by facing and beating the Colombian Katherine Dumar in the quarterfinals. The fight, fierce, ended in 9 to 8 and sent the athlete to the semifinals.

In the semis, Milena Titoneli had an excellent performance and released her leg. She beat Cuban Arlettys Herrera by a wide 10-5 lead.

Then, in the final, he faced probably his biggest rival, the American Paige McPherson. The veteran had beaten Milena at the Pan American Championship and the Grand Slam, both in 2018.

But 2019 was Brazilian’s turn. Even at a disadvantage, Milena Titoneli recovered and turned the fight around at the end, winning 9-8 and becoming the first woman in the country to win the gold medal in Pan-American taekwondo.

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Milena Titoneli titles and medals

Pan American Games (Gold): 2019

Military World Games (Gold): 2018

World Championship (Bronze): 2019

Rio Open (Ouro): 2015

Argentine Open (Gold): 2018

Costa Rican Open (Gold): 2018

US Open (Ouro): 2019

Chinese Open (Gold): 2019

Helsingborg Open (Gold): 2020

Pre-Olympic (Gold): 2020

Pan American Open (Silver): 2016

WT Presidents Cup (Prata): 2019, 2020

Spanish Open (Prata): 2019

Facts about Milena Titoneli

Milena Titoneli is obsessed with the Lion animal. Not only does it represent her zodiac sign, but she also has a tattoo in her honor located on her back.

In addition to the feline, the fighter is close to canines. So much so that she has two puppies at home. One of them was even immortalized in a tattoo on his left forearm.

Another of Milena’s passions is music, which she can listen to at any time of the day.

Another passion of Milena’s: food. She says it’s his favorite word.

Milena Titoneli has her feet turned inwards. They both help the fighter to find different angles in her kicks and complicate her when walking down the street.

Milena is sponsored by Ajinomoto, a food products brand. It also receives the Bolsa-Atleta.

Milena Titoneli is a military athlete. She is a sergeant in the Navy.

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