October 5, 2022
Mercedes Benz EQC 2020

The Mercedes Benz EQC is ready to hit the global automotive market segment this year. Unmitigated, this brand-new four-wheeled vehicle is ready to show all its advantages.

To give the EQC the level of performance it lives up to its name, we saw an all-new drive system. These vehicles get support from compact electric drivetrains on each axle.

This gives EQC the characteristics that make him more confident. It has now emerged as a sporty car from an all-wheel-drive vehicle.

Santer sounds, this car has an engine capable of producing 402 hp and torque of 561 ib-ft. With fast-charging capability, go from 10 to 80 percent in just 40 minutes. After that, EQC is ready to conquer any highway.

Mercedes Benz EQC specifications

Meanwhile, this new vehicle was immediately registered as a Mercedes Benz. The look of this car has also shown innovation and creativity that is new to its design.

There is a grille and headlamps at the front, which combine in a sleek black panel surface. Also, a setting gets stronger with the presence of an LED light band at the top.

As for the inside, there is an asymmetrical cockpit that puts the driver in steady and intuitive control. Interestingly, rose glode accents can give a clear aesthetic impression to this electric vehicle.

Digital and fissile have joined very seamlessly to empower anyone who will hold the wheel. Besides, vehicle technology is more than just proof.

The Mercedes Benz EQC has an MBUX media system that can respond to the driver’s natural conversational language. In other words, this MBUX media system makes it easier for the driver to drive.

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Not only that, but this system also helps regulate the function of the car very well. Meanwhile, on the other hand, there are engineering with additional EQ settings.

This can help manage the charging status of the vehicle, displaying range, energy flow, and other features of the electric drive. Along with the EQC assist system, which makes it easy to maintain maximum efficiency, of course, it will make it look even more perfect.

In this way, the EQC is a car that is more than an electric vehicle. This will be the car of the future-ready to decorate the streets. Here is a complete review for you at a glance discussing the specifications of the Mercedes Benz EQC.


EQC installed two electric motors with lithium-ion batteries. It has a direct drive transmission that produces one speed to send power to the four wheels.

There is still no trial of this one electric vehicle. However, Mercedes Benz predicts that this car will sprint from zero to 60 mph in 4.8 seconds.

Like any vehicle bearing the Mercedes Benz badge, it can do an excellent job. Especially in balancing between speed and comfort. It also provides a smooth ride on rough road surfaces.

Exterior design

The Mercedes Benz EQC progressive trim comes with enough standard features to keep most luxury SUV buyers happy. All models come with a sunroof that allows natural light to enter the cab.

Additionally, rain-sensing wipers are available to keep the windshield clean. A power liftgate is also standard, along with LED headlamps.

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Interior Design 

As more car manufacturers offer electric transportation, Mercedes Benz has entered the competition by launching this brand-new car. The Mercedes Benz EQC is a five-seat compact SUV and is largely the same body structure as the gas-powered GLC class.

The cabin looks so luxurious, with a shiny plastic wrap, attractive textiles, and a modern design. Although final EPA figures are yet to be announced, preliminary estimates put the SUV’s driving distance at roughly 200 miles

Overall, it looks like a combination of luxury from this one car. In addition, it can produce electrification that is environmentally friendly.

So that makes the Mercedes Benz EQC a very attractive choice for buyers of luxury SUVs. It is not impossible if automotive lovers start eyeing this brand-new car.

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