October 3, 2022
martine grael net worth and biography

Whether it’s Christmas photos, special birthday songs, or New Year’s Eve dinners, in short, everyone has a family tradition, no matter how small. Martine Grael and her family have something, shall we say, grander: the Olympics.

Four generations at sea and three at the Olympics, the Grael surname is basically synonymous with sailing, but also with a medal. They have been at the Games for more than 50 years, 15 participations and, depending on Tokyo, 10 podiums won.

The story of this victorious family and the rich legacy that Martine Grael carries you can find out in the text that we have prepared below.

Martine Grael Biography

Biography of Martine Grael

The 12 years in which the Grael did not send their representatives to the Olympics were long and strange. Torben’s daughter, Martine Grael, ended the anguish.

The path of the first female Olympian in the family followed the tradition of the letter. Martine had her first contact with sailing when she was four years old, at the Rio Yacht Club. At the age of 13, she was already a Brazilian champion in the Optimistic class and a two-time champion at 15.

In 2009, alongside her current partner, Kahena Kunze, she was the world youth champion of the 420 class. The duo, however, chose to seek more experience.

Martine teamed up with Isabella Swan, owner of the first women’s Olympic medal in Brazilian sailing, to bid for the spot for the London Games in 2012. It didn’t work out.

Martine Grael Wiki

Popular AsMartine Grael
Zodiac SignAquarius
Born12 February 1991
Birthday12 February
BirthplaceNiterói, State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Martine Grael net worth

Martine Grael net worth has been growing rapidly. As of the year 2022, Martine Grael net worth is estimated around $5 Million. her income source is mostly from being a successful Sailor. Martine Grael cars and house information is currently not available, we promise we will update it anytime we get her reliable information about her luxurious cars an, asset, and house.

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The story of the Grael family

The story of the Grael family

Much of the history of Brazilian sailing is intertwined with that of the Grael family. Although the first Yacht Club here was founded in the 1900s, it was only in 1935 that the first national competition for the sport took place.

Five years earlier, that is, in 1930, Preben Shmidt, the Dane living in Rio de Janeiro, won the boat Aileen, used by his countrymen to win the Silver Medal at the Stockholm Olympic Games, in 1912. The idea was to sail through the Bay from Guanabara with him.

The gringo would be the progenitor of the surname Grael; the vessel, the starting point of the most sporty Brazilian family.

The legacy of the Grael family

Preben had three children. Two of them, the twin’s Axel and Eric Schmidt, inherited a passion for the sea. And they took it to new heights.

The pair were simply three-time world sailing champions, winning their titles in 1961, 1963, and 1965. Before and during, two medals at the Pan American Games: gold in 1958 and silver in 1963.

They participated, of course, in the Olympics. And again, the family’s history collided with that of the main Brazilian nautical sport. In the very first participation of Axel and Eric, in the Games in Mexico City, in 1968, the country won its first medal in sailing.

The winners were not the twins, but the flying dutchman class partners Reinaldo Conrad and Burkhard Cordes. The competition was a milestone for Brazilian sailing, which exploded once and for all in 1980 in Moscow.

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There were simply two gold medals, the only two in the country on the medal table at that edition of the Games. The success, of course, increased the sport’s visibility and prestige.

Torben, Lars, and the first medals of the Grael family

Torben, Lars and the first medals of the Grael family

There were the brothers Torben and Lars Grael, at the time the newest generation of the family to emerge in sailing, watching everything excitedly. Lars, the oldest, started boating at age 4, alongside his grandfather and aboard the Aileen.

In his youth, he did the same with his younger brother and brought him to compete. The pair was successful in national regattas but ended up not staying for the Olympics, even because they chose different modalities.

No problem: adding the performances of both, Torben and Lars Grael have seven of the twelve Olympic medals that Brazil won in sailing between 1984 and 2004.

Torben, with five of them, is one of the greatest Olympic medalists in the country’s history, alongside fellow sportsman Robert Scheidt. Gold in Atlanta (1996) and Athens (2004), he played in six games and only missed the podium in 1992, in Barcelona.

Lars, meanwhile, won bronze in Seoul in 1988 and in Atlanta in 1996. Two years later, in 1998, he had an accident that resulted in the amputation of his right leg.

The yachtsman no longer competed in the Olympics, however, after a period as a public manager, he returned to the sport and to conquests, collecting medals from the Bacardi Cup and the Brazilian Championship.

The success of the duo Martine Grael and Kahena Kunze

The success of the duo Martine Grael and Kahena Kunze

The elimination in the tryouts made Martine Grael look for new airs, categories, and competitions. And she ended up resuming the duo with Kahena Kunze. The duo had not only worked before but had something in common, family tradition. Kahena, after all, is the daughter of world champion Cláudio Kunze.

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More experienced and confident in the partnership, Martine and Kahena had an excellent Olympic cycle, weighing in, of course, in the Rio Olympics. They were champions of the Sailing World Cup in 2014 and runners-up in 2013 and 2015.

When 2016 finally arrived. Martine Grael introduced her partner to another family tradition, taking a medal right on her debut at the Games. But it went further: instead of her father’s silver or her uncle’s bronze, she took gold right away, in the 49erFX class.

The future of the Grael family

With Martine’s gold, the Grael family has 17 participations and 8 podiums in the Olympic Games. This account, however, can become outdated in a short time.

Marco Grael, Martine’s younger brother, has everything to be at the Tokyo Games. Alongside Gabriel Borges, he won the gold medal at the Pan de Lima, in 2019, in the 49er class. And there are more people emerging.

Nicholas Grael, son of Lars, started a little later than usual in Vela but showed that the blood is strong and quickly became one of the Brazilian promises in the category. Competing in the Snipe class, he has already won the Brazilian East and Southeast Championships, in addition to the Octanorm Cup, all in 2020.

Whether each member of the new generation of Grael follows Torben’s longevity or Lars’ perseverance, the family tradition has what it takes to last for a long time. Brazilian sport wins.

Grael family medals in Olympics

Martine Grael Medals at the Olympic Games

Gold Medal in Rio de Janeiro (2016)

Torben Grael Medals at Olympic Games

Silver Medal in Los Angeles, USA (1984)

Bronze Medal in Seoul-COR (1988)

Gold Medal in Atlanta, USA (1996)

Bronze Medal at Sydney-AUS (2000)

Gold Medal in Athens-GRE (2004)

Lars Grael Medals in Olympic Games

Bronze Medal in Seoul-COR (1988)

Bronze Medal in Atlanta, USA (1996)

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