October 6, 2022
Maria Alice Vergueiro is dead

Maria Alice Vergueiro was a popular Brazilian actress with her career on stage, cinema, and also a television show. If you are from the time when “on the internet everything was wild”, you probably remember a video that rocked: Tapa na Pantera (2006). At a time before “Eita Giovana”, “It’s over, Jéssica” and “Sanduíche-íche”, the short film starring actress Maria Alice Vergueiro conquered the internet. This Wednesday (3), Maria Alice died of pneumonia. She was admitted into the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Hospital da Clínicas, in Sao Paulo, with a severe condition, and her body will be cremated next Thursday (4), in Itapecerica da Serra, according to her daughter, Maria Silvia.

The short film Tapa na Pantera, directed by Esmir Filho, Mariana Bastos and Rafael Gomes, was presented at the 14th Gramado Festival, in the independent category, and was well known because of the humorous manner in which he presented the relationship between a woman, played by Maria Alice, and marijuana. With striking phrases like “Smoke here, have a tea” and “I smoke in the pipe because what is bad is the paper”, the short has been watched by millions of people.

But Maria Alice’s long career takes place on stage. Nicknamed “muse of the underground”, she has already starred in a show in which she staged her wake, Why the Horse? (2015). Maria Alice also faced a tireless fight against Parkinson’s. Maria Alice debuted in the theatre in 1962, in a time when the military dictatorship took over the country, O Rei da Vela (1967), Galileu Galilei (1975) and A Ópera do Malandro (1978) were performances that had their interpretation.

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Maria Alice also played several roles in television soap operas, such as Lucrécia in Sassaricando, in 1987, and films such as Chronically Inviable, in 2000. She starred in 2016 in the short movie Rosinha, directed by Gui Campos, which received more than 40 national awards and including the Special Jury Prize at the 44th Gramado Festival.

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