October 1, 2022

Least Educated Presidents in Africa (Top 10).

Gone are the days when only the educated persons are allowed to lead and manage the affairs of a  country as the president.
Now things have really changed most especially in Africa.
A president with no education could find it very difficult to lead because he may not have the requirements and idea to bring technological development and may find it very difficult to compete with the rest of the world.
That is why in Africa, thing seems not to be getting better in some parts because some of their countries are being ruled by those who have no certificate.
How can someone without education lead millions of people who are highly intellectual and highly intelligent? Well, it happens in some countries in African.
A president need basic knowledge to lead and guess what? ( knowledge are acquired through education).
On this article, we would give a rundown on the Least Educated Presidents in Africa (Top 10).

Least Educated Presidents in Africa (Top 10)

1. Joseph Kabila  (Democratic Republic of Congo)

Joseph Kabila’s only basic education is  a high school certificate, although, he has presently enrolled to a training at the PLA National Defence University which is located in Beijing, China.
In addition to this, he passed through a military course in Tanzania, then at Makerere University which is located in Uganda after he has acquired his high school certificate.
This is over 40 years and still counting, he has being ruling the people of Democratic Republic of Congo and has refused to step down.
He became the president at a young age of 35.

2. Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz (Mauritania)

Akjouit, Mauritania was born in the year 1956 and he schooled at the Royal Military Academy located in Morocco.
It is known that he decided to make military training as his career path and shun any form of acquiring any a high school certificate.
He joined the Royal Military Academy of Meknes, Morocco in the year 1977 and founded the elite Presidential Security Battalion (BASEP) after he received numerous promotions.
In 2003 june, he was one of the key players to foil an attempted military coup and a military rebellion in August 2004.
The fact still remains that, regardless of how he has laboured for his country, when we decide mentioning top leaders in Africa who are educated, he sure won’t make the list of top 100.

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3. Paul Kagame (Rwanda)

Paul Kagame began his primary school education in a school which is closer to a refugee camp.
In that refugee camp was where he joined some numbers of refugees in Rwanda to with the aim of learning English.
He later went to the Rwengoro Primary School which is where he came out with the best grades.
Subsequently, he registered in Ntare School which Is located in Uganda and down to early ‘70s, he lost his father, which was where he put a hold to acquire a formal education
He was suspended because he fought those who oppressed Republic of Rwanda at his school. He finally completed his studies without a single distinction at the Old Kampala Secondary School.
Seeing all that has happened, he ended his education and became the president of Rwanda.

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4. Yahya Jammeh (Gambia)

Yahya Jammeh was enrolled into basic/primary education at St Edwards Primary School which is located in Bwiam and he obtained his secondary educational certificate at Gambia High School in Banjul.
He obtained his General Certificate of Education with a good result of credits and just little passes in some subjects in the year 1983.
In the year 1984, he decided joining the Gambian National Army.
He rose to the rank of a lieutenant in the year 1989 and in the year 1992, he became a commander of the Gambian Military Police in 1992.
Additionally, he received numerous military training in Senegal and the U.S Army School respectively.

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5. Ismail Omar Guelleh ( Djibouti)

Ismail Omar Guelleh was Born in Dawa in Ethiopia.
He was at a very tender age when he  started attended a traditional Islamic school.
He was born into a very popular politically powerful clan known as , Issa clan.
in the 60’s before he could even finish his high school education he moved to Djibouti where he later became a police force and was ranked a junior non-commissioned officer.
Though, he passed through training from the Somalia National Security and also the French Secrete Service.
The highest known school education obtained by the president is secondary school education.

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6. Jacob Zuma  (South Africa)

Jacob Zuma is known to be the fourth president of South Africa.
He can’t boast of any certificate except the one of grade 5.
After he has finished grade 5, there is apparently no record of him furthering his education.
Some people have argues that he never attended any school although, he came from a poor background.
Though, he was politically inclined and he joined politics at a very going age.
In May 2009, he emerged as the president of South Africa.
There have been arguments and debates about him being unfit to lead a country like South Africa with no educational certificate or qualifications.

7. Dennis Sassou-Nguesso (the Republic of Congo)

Dennis Sassou-Nguesso, the president of the Republic of Congo, is known to be the president of his country since the year October 25, 1997.
He received his educational training at a teachers’ college which is located in Dolisie.
After that, he went ahead  to receive a military training at the officer’s schools of Cherchell located in Algeria and also the Infantry Academy in France from 1961 and 1963.

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8. Muhammad Buhari (Nigeria)

President of Nigeria Muhammad Buhari was enrolled into a primary education located in Daura and Mai’adua and then, went further to Katsina Provincial Secondary School (Government College, Katsina) a school he got his secondary education between the year 1956 and 1961.
This has spark a lot of controversies in the country for an uneducated man ruling over those who are educated.
So many top politicians have called him out to resign but it looks like that isn’t happen because he was voted back to power.

9. Isaias Afwerki (Eritrea)

President of Eritrea, Isaias Afwerki got  his secondary school education from Prince Makonnen High School.
Hewas admitted to study at the College of Engineering located at Haile Selassie University.
After he had studied for one year, he joined the Eritrean to fight for their freedom .
He is known to be the first president of Eritrea.

10. Abdelaziz Bouteflika (Algeria)

Abdelaziz Bouteflika grew up in Oujda, Algeria and he went to Abdel Moumen High School.
Record has it that he was a brilliant student, but he didn’t go further in his education.
Abdelaziz Bouteflika is the President of Algeria.

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