October 6, 2022
The police officer who does not want to retire

We work hard to retire when the age comes. This is the dream of many people, after all, many who aspire to conquer this right already know what they want to do with their free time. Some bet on cooking classes , others prefer to dedicate themselves to gardening. Obviously, the options and advantages are many. But, notwithstanding, not everyone thinks so. Not everyone plans to stop working anytime soon, regardless of age. In that case, retirement becomes a nightmare.

That’s exactly how LC “Buckshot” Smith thinks. The policeman, a 91-year-old American, is still on active duty. Considered one of the oldest officers in the world, Smith revealed to the Odditycentral news portal that he has no plans to retire anytime soon. Although the policeman did not have the same wiggle he had during his youth, his age does not prevent him from patrolling the street in his hometown, Camden, Arkansas, four days a week.

The police officer who does not want to retire

Officially, on paper, Smith is among the retired American class. However, instead of staying at home, devoting himself to any other type of activity, he decided to look for a new job. The policeman worked as a deputy for 46 years and after obtaining his retirement he was unable to remain without work for more than five months. Unlike his friends, who devote their time to hunting and fishing, Smith decided to invest his time by becoming a police officer.

When Smith took over as a novice police officer, he was 80 years old. As the OddityCentral news portal puts it, “he loves to serve his community and only plans to retire once and for all when the good Lord tells him the right time.”

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The 91-year-old police officer has been doing rounds in his hometown since 2011, when he decided to give up his free time. For Smith, work is pure fun , which makes it even more enjoyable. The policeman loves to interact with the community and the local residents worship him. “He’s been having fun for the past decade, he loves people, and they love him,” says the Odditycentral report.

According to the report published by the portal, Smith works from 7 am to 3 pm, four days a week, serving as a police department bailiff and assisting with the community surveillance program, which involves prioritizing certain services, such as, for example, traffic activities, school zone patrols, annual parades, etc.


The nonagenarian does not conduct a patrol, as we are familiar with, but drives an unmarked car, wears a police uniform and carries a firearm with him, even though he does not need to. Nevertheless, the possession of the weapon is at the request of the mayor, Julian Lott. For the politician, it is essential, because you never know when the occasion will require the use of weapons.

“He knows all the residents of the region. He knows my mother and he met my grandmother, for example. For this and other reasons, he has the authority to take care of our community, ”said Lott.

Smith, in an interview with the media, revealed that it is not the weapon, nor the badge and much less a uniform that make him a good officer, but his respect for the people. Instead of making prisons, he tries to win the compassion of the people he serves and claims that, throughout his career, he has taken more people home than he has to prison.

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