October 3, 2022
Kia e-Niro 2020 - What you must know about the car

Kia e-Niro 2021 is a new electric car, which is a new product from Kia. Not only carrying sophisticated technology, but the products are offered at more affordable prices.

Car manufacturers in the world are currently strengthening the horses of their electric car products. This South Korean producer is no exception. The range of electric cars they have made has been widened through the new Kia e-Niro car. Kia Niro has a more affordable variant that has been launched in the UK.

Kia e-Niro 2021 Available in Various Variants

When launched in the UK, Kia is available in a variety of alternatives. Starting from variants 2, 3, and 4 +. Kia offers cars with a variety of power and batteries.

It is starting from batteries with a capacity of 39 kWh. When the battery is fully charged, the car will have a mileage of up to 290 Km. It comes with an electric motor that has 134 hp power and 395 Nm of peak torque. This engine can make the car accelerate from 0 to 100 kilometers in just 9.5 seconds. In addition, this car can also reach top speeds of up to 155 km per hour.

Kia e-Niro 2021 has standard features that are quite exciting. This electric car has 17-inch alloy wheels. There are also features chrome door handles. The fantastic features of this car do not end there, Kia e-Niro also has a 7 inch TFT color display cluster. The interior design is also luxurious, equipped with electric seats for the driver, and combined with upholstery and leather.

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The color is glossy black on the trim. It has an automatic air conditioner complete with an 8-inch infotainment system and is integrated with a smartphone connection. Kia e-Niro, with a higher variant, has a 64 kWh lithium-ion battery. We are supported with a higher-output electric motor too. Its power can reach 201 tk with 395 nm of torque. Kia e-Niro 2021 engine performance for 4 + 0.9 km hours in 7.5 seconds. While the top speed of this car is 167 km/hour, this e-Niro version can cover a distance of 454 km more on just one charge.

What is the Price of Kia e-Niro

As is known at this time, Kia is indeed being serious in working on electric cars. The goal is to be able to compete with Japanese car manufacturers.

Therefore, now they offer Kia e-Niro, which is not only sophisticated but also has a more affordable price. When viewed from sales made in the UK market, Kia e-Niro is sold at a price of 29,595 pounds. This is equivalent to 518 million after receiving subsidies from the government.

This price is valid for the Kia e-Niro 2021 variant with 39 kWh. In this case, the program or Plug-in Car Grant alias PiCG, which has been created by the British government. The existence of a subsidy program made by the British government, the reduction in the price of cars, can get subsidies up to 3,000 pounds. This subsidy from the government is aimed at making electric cars sold more among the people. While the lowest price of electric cars in the UK is 518 million.

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