October 2, 2022

Jared Goff Net Worth is estimated at around $30 Million as of the year 2022.

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In the following text, we show the complete trajectory of Jared Goff, from the devastating start in high school to the historic campaign of 2018. Times, statistics, records, trivia, everything, in short, about the quarterback. Right below.

Who is Jared Goff?

Jared Thomas Goff is a professional football player from Novato, California. Born on October 14, 1994, he has played since 2016 for the Los Angeles Rams, an NFL franchise .

Goff is a very efficient quarterback and versatile in his shooting . Whether in the pocket or out, pressed or on the move, he gets the passes with clean and well executed mechanics.

More than precision, shirt 16 has been increasingly recognized for being a decisive player. He is, for example, the Rams’ record holder for turnaround passes in the final quarter of a single season . He has also led the NFL in decisive passes , which are those made between the third and fourth quarter of games.

His technical and mental attributes have completely influenced the Los Angeles franchise. In two years, Jared led the team to its first winning campaign in 14 years; in three, the first Super Bowl in 18 seasons.

The quarterback’s accomplishments did not go unnoticed. At least not by the management of the Rams, which in 2020 made him the third highest-paid player in the NFL.

Jared Goff Height

Jared Goff measures 1.93. He’s one of the new generations of tall quarterbacks. The taller stature of passers has always been a trend, but it has increased in recent years in the NFL. Just look at players like Justin Herbert, Josh Allen and even prospects like Trevor Lawrence.

Jared Goff Weight

Jared Goff weighs 101 kilograms or 222 pounds as they are usually measured in the NFL.

When did Jared Goff start in the NFL?

Jared Goff started in the NFL in 2016. After being the first overall pick in that year’s Draft, the quarterback debuted on November 20, in Week 9 of the NFL. The opponent was the Miami Dolphins.

What is Jared Goff’s salary?

Jared Goff signed a contract extension with the Rams in 2020 that made him the third highest-paid player in the NFL. His average annual salary of $33 million, coming from a contract of four out of a total of up to $134 million, is the 15th highest among all athletes in the world.

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Your salary progression:

  • 2020: $31 million
  • 2021: $27.8 million
  • 2022: $25.5 million
  • 2023: $25 million
  • 2025: $26 million

What were Jared Goff’s teams?

Jared Goff played for just three teams in his short career, one in high school, one in college and one, of course, in the NFL.

  • Marin Catholic High School (2010-2013)
  • California Golden Bears (2013-2015)
  • Los Angeles Rams (2016-)

Jared Goff’s Story on College Football

Jared Goff was a star in high school. In his three years at Marin Catholic, he passed for more than 7,000 yards and 93 touchdowns, as well as a 63% hit. The numbers, of course, rained down university proposals when he graduated.

The young man chose to remain close to his region and in 2013 committed to UC Berkeley in California . He already started his career with the Golden Bears making history as the first rookie in the team’s history to be the starting quarterback.

Throughout his time on the Californian team, Jared Goff hasn’t stopped breaking records. The quarterback owns no less than 26 Bears marks , among rookie, single seasons and total team contribution statistics.

Goff didn’t win titles, didn’t win a regional classic or even and had “only” one victorious campaign, in 2015, which hadn’t happened since 2011. On the other hand, he showed a clear and constant evolution. His aptitude for the NFL was clear.

His first season, 2013, ended with 3,500 yards, 18 touchdowns, 10 interceptions and a 60% pass rate. Like Sophomore (2014), he climbed the numbers to 3.9, 35, 7, and 62%, respectively. An absurd advance.

Then, in 2015, he passed 4,700 passing yards, surpassed 64%, and even set his conference record for touchdowns thrown (43) . He only went down in interceptions, which he conceded 13 times. It was his final year at College Football .

How did Jared Goff start in the NFL?

The impressive numbers in College Football put Jared Goff as one of the top prospects for the 2016 NFL Draft . In the event, he exceeded expectations and was soon the first overall pick, exercised by the Los Angeles Rams .

Nowadays, the talent and achievements of shirt 16 justify the choice. At the time, though, it seemed very much based on the cross-field fit between player and franchise, both being from California.

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Jared Goff’s NFL History

Jared Goff started his NFL career at the age of 22. Drafted into the first pick, he was well-prepared by the Los Angeles Rams as a backup to veteran Case Keenum during the first eight rounds of the 2016 season.

His debut and his entire first year were less than impressive . The Rams continued to rebuild and, with a team well below average, had a campaign of four wins and 12 losses. A seven-game starter, Goff threw for just over 1,000 yards, seven touchdowns and less than 55 percent.

The 2017 season was already very different for team and quarterback. The arrival of new head coach Sean McVay energized the team and made Jared find his space and rhythm within the NFL.

The jump in numbers speaks for itself: 3,800 yards, 28 touchdowns, 62% hits and seven interceptions.

The quarterback’s performance, added to the fresh air brought by McVay, resulted in the Rams’ first winning campaign (11-5), the West Division title and the first playoff trip in the last 14 years.

Goff and Los Angeles ended up going Wild Card to the Tennessee Titans — with a TD and over 250 yards from the player — but the damage was done. And it was seen up close in the 2018 NFL.

The Magic Year and Super Bowl LIII

With the foundation laid by coach Sean Mcay and a taste of the previous year’s playoffs, Jared Goff went after more. And it did. The number 16 led the Los Angeles Rams to a brilliant season.

The numbers achieved by Goff were impressive . Most of them are to this day the greatest of the quarterback’s career, especially the 4,600 rushing yards and 32 aerial touchdowns.

Impressive even was his practically perfect performance against the Minnesota Vikings , in week 4. The shirt 16 completed 26 of 33 passes, which covered 465 yards and reached the end zone five times.

Jared’s passing rating for that game — which ended 38-31 for the Rams — was 158.3, considered perfect in the NFL and achieved less than 30 times in all of the league’s history.

The game and the numbers alone would be enough to prove the enormous evolution of Jared Goff as a third year . But he went further, leading the Rams to Super Bowl LII.

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Goff and the franchise passed through the Dallas Cowboys and New Orleans Saints before falling, or rather, plummeting, in the final against Tom Brady ‘s New England Patriots : 13 to 3.

Future of regularity, efficiency and versatility

The heavy blow in the 2019 Super Bowl didn’t take down Jared Goff, but the Rams ended up feeling a little.

The player came close to 2018 numbers , especially in yards thrown (4,300). He even had more passes completed (394) than in any other year of his career.

The quarterback’s performance was decisive for another winning campaign (9-7). It just wasn’t enough to repeat the playoffs, which would only happen again in 2020. Then, with a better understanding of his leadership role, Goff can really impact the Rams’ campaign.

The 3,900 yards, 20 touchdowns and 370 completions weren’t his best numbers. However, with a 67% record and only 160 sacks conceded —both career bests—the quarterback led the team to a 10-6 and, for now, National Conference divisional games.

Jared Goff’s NFL Statistics

  • Seasons: 2016-2020
  • Games (Owner): 69 (69)
  • Yards (Passing) : 18,171
  • Utilization: 63.4%
  • Touchdown (Passe): 107
  • Interceptions:  55
  • Yards (Runs):  314
  • Touchdowns (Traveled): 10

You can check out Jared Goff’s full stats here .

Jared Goff Records

  • Jared Goff is the most completed passes in a single game for the Los Angeles Rams: 45 (2019)
  • The quarterback is also the most attempted passes in a single game for the Rams: 68 (2019)
  • Goff also holds (tied with four other players) a curious Los Angeles record: most games turned in the last quarter (4) in a single season (2018)

Facts about Jared Goff

  • Jared Goff has donated more than $200,000 to the Los Angeles food fund
  • The quarterback boasts impressive form and still doesn’t eat red meat. An enzymatic problem does not allow you to digest the proteins of this type of food.
  • Jarred Goff has, since 2019, his own clothing brand, “JG16”.
  • Jarred’s father Jerry was a professional baseball player in MLB .
  • Jarred’s number 16 shirt is worn in honor of Joe Montana, one of the NFL’s greatest players of all time.
  • Jared Goff is considered the second best passer in the history of the University of California. The first? Aaron Rodgers .

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