October 5, 2022
Indiana Jones 5 confirms Logan James director new date release

The entertainment market, especially the film industry, has been greatly impacted by the crisis caused by the new coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) pandemic worldwide. As many activities are paralyzed and should continue to do so for some good months, some highly commented projects “have cooled” in recent months. This is the case of Indiana Jones 5, which is now “warming up” again, with a few words from the production.

Producer Frank Marshall admitted that COVID-19 would delay all work for an entire year, which leads to the launch for July 2022. He confirmed that James Mangold, director of Logan, actually signed a contract and that he has been performing the pre-production with the watchful eye of the other producer – and creator – of the franchise, Steven Spielberg.

“Our priority now is, of course, the safety of everyone – the cast, the team and all of us. So we are looking at the guidelines that are coming in slowly from health experts, from studios and from the public and from different parts of the business. We are just trying to incorporate everything so that we can move on and be safe, “explained Marshall, in an interview with Collider.

He recalled that recordings that depend on many people gathered and even objects handled by other professionals are not a reality at this time. “Obviously, this is going to slow things down, so we’re trying to adjust. For a while, we cannot, for example, have scenes in large crowds. There will be no more craft services … Many people are working on solutions so that we can work and be safe “, he commented.

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Marshall also said that a review of the new roadmap was just beginning when work was halted. At least we already have a date: starring once again Harrison Ford, Indiana Jones 5 is scheduled for July 29, 2022.

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