September 25, 2022

In this post, you are going to see how to restore kitchen cabinets without sanding and varnishing.

This is how I turned my cabinetry into a beautiful thing that my friends envy 🙂

There are two ideas in the post. The first is how I did it and the second is how my friend did it.

Both are dope, let’s get started.

My problem with Oak

How To Restore Kitchen Cabinets Without Sanding And Varnishing

Oak wear and tear as time goes by. I pretty much restore all the wooden parts of my house every New Year.

The Product I used to get the work done.

The product I use to get the work done is Restor-A-Finish. It is around $10 on Amazon.

You should shake it before use. There are more instructions at the back of the can.


Oakwood gets dry and white after a while. You need to restore it to bring back the glossy shining and deep color that makes it look beautiful and neat.

Safety First Before You Do Anything

Safety is the priority with any maintenance I am doing. You should have the same mindset too.

Before you restore kitchen cabinets without sanding and varnishing, the least safety measure you should take is wearing a glove.

Please do any safety tip you know. The first question I usually ask myself before any work is ‘what can possibly cause a problem here and how can I prevent the problem from happening?’

Once you answer that, you are good to go.

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Hardware: The Metals around the Cabinet

Remove all the hardware on the cabinet. You might need a screwdriver.

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And in some cases, the hardware parts will be rusty. Apply a mixture of vinegar and water on the rusty surface.

People Will Love It

If you rent the house you are living, your landlord will love you for this simple maintenance actions.

And if it is your house, you are extending the life span of your cabinetry.

In both ways, no visitor will come to your house without loving the looks of the cabinet.

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How my friend restored his kitchen cabinets without sanding and varnishing

Last Saturday, I was chatting with a friend about how to restore kitchen cabinets without sanding and varnishing and he told me his story.

When he moved into his house, the whole cabinet was is in a bad shape.

And he didn’t have money to pay someone to restore it. So he thought of a cost-effective way.

He decided that he’s going to do it himself. And he did.

But how did he do it?

He bought a product called Poly Shades by MINWAX. It is a good product for the work. It has both stain remover and polyurethane in it.

My friend just gets himself a brush and get to work.

He covered the whole cabinet with the product three times and everything looks nice and shiny.

The amazing thing about Poly Shades is that it lasts longer than most other products. My friend moved into the house 5 years ago and the cabinet still shines like it was last month.

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On a final note…

Now you have the necessary details to turn your kitchen cabinets into something new and beautiful without sanding and vanishing.

You can either use the Restore-A-Finish product or the Poly Shades products, both are good and cheap.

I am very sure that your cabinets will become new overnight if you follow the simple tips in this post.

The only favor I ask of you is to share this post. Please do that now.

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