October 5, 2022

There is a Taurus person in your life, and you want to steal his heart, but don’t you know how to do it? Do not worry, Sweet Astrology, our astrologer GLAMOR, reveals the seven tips that will help you fall in love with all Taurus and the actions you should never do.

  • Cook your favourite food and surprise it with a romantic candlelight dinner.
  • Surround your evenings with tasteful decoration and atmosphere, use flowers and floral fragrances. They love romance!
  • Share quality time with him; he likes to be listened to.
  • Make him feel that you need, appreciate and value the support he can give you.Support him in his work and respect the decisions he makes, always with a smile.
  • Accept with great pleasure all the attention you want to have to flatter you.
  • Be patient, even if you suddenly feel that you are stubborn or that you do not advance. Its sign defines it.

Mistakes you should avoid not to lose a Taurus?

  • If you make an appointment with him, do not leave him standing, they hate informality.
  • All the agreements you make with him will have to be fulfilled; he can not bear uncertainty.
  • Do not pressure or rush it when making decisions.
  • Don’t be impatient; they like to take their time.
  • Do not take a stubborn attitude, you will not be able to convince him, and he will end up disenchanted.
  • Do not take your relationship seriously; it is very formal in couple matters.
  • Don’t risk your financial stability; they can’t bear to feel insecure about money.
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