September 27, 2022

This is the most detailed guide on how to get rid of sand burrs on the planet.

The best part?

I’m going to show you some techniques that you have never thought of about sand burrs.

Long story short: if you hate sand burrs, you are going to love this guide.

Let’s begin.

What is a sand burr

how to get rid of sand burrs
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Since you are ready to fight sand burr, what better place to start than identifying what it is.

It is a type of grass that grows once in a year. It spreads on the ground and bears burrs at the tip of it.

The burrs appear in August.

How to get rid of sand burrs

Uproot Sand Burrs Using A Weeder

One of the common ways to get rid of any weed is to get rid of its root.

You can do so too to get rid of sand burrs.

However, it will be a difficult work to start uprooting all the sand burrs in your lawn.

That is why you need a weeding tool.

A common tool that helps for this purpose is the Tacklife Weeder.

You need a tool if the sand burrs are many. If you try to use your hand and do it manually, you can get back pain at the end of the day.

How To Get Rid Of Grass Burrs Organically

Get Rid Of Sand Burrs Using Solarization

Solarization is the process of killing weeds using heat.

In the case where there are many sand burrs in your lawn, weeding out the root will not be a time-efficient choice.

That is why you should use the solarization method…

Use weeder to uproot as much sand burrs as you can. You won’t be able to get rid of all if it’s many.

Cover the rest with a plastic sheet and make trenches around the sheet just to make it stick to the ground.

Sunlight will be trapped in the sheet and won’t be able to go out, thereby creating heat.

It is this heat that will kill the sand burrs.

The only defect of this method is it takes time. You will wait for a few weeks before you see the result.

Eliminate Sand Burr Food

An old and easy to do technique of getting rid of any plant is to prevent food from it.

Just like in humans too. We’ll eventually die when we don’t eat.

Cut the top of sand burr weed away leaving just the root.

The top is the part that makes photosynthesis possible on the weed. Cutting it off will deprive the weed of the necessary nutrients that make it grow.

How To Get Rid Of Sand Burrs By Mowing

Regular mowing can be the only way you need to get rid of sand burrs around you.

Because mowing, especially early before the burrs come out, will prevent the weed from making seeds.

And if you are late, rake after mowing and pack the debris far from your surroundings.

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This will prevent the seed from spreading.

Regular mowing and maintenance of your lawn are enough and if you are the type that doesn’t have the time. Using chemicals is among the options you have.

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Using Chemicals To Get Rid Of Sand Burrs

There are two types of chemicals you can use to get rid of sand burrs.

Pre and Post emergent chemicals.

You will use Pre-emergent when you haven’t seen the weed. When you know that there is a possibility of the weed growing in that area but it hasn’t.

Pre-emergent are best used in the fall when the weed hasn’t grown and in 52 degree F temperature.

Post-emergent is used when sand burrs have started growing and it is still small.

The best temperature for post-emergent is 75 degree F.

Get a chemical that has either DSMA or MSMA in it.

Just like there are two types of chemicals to apply when trying to get rid of sand burrs…

There are two types of chemicals too.

Liquid or granular. Granular is powdered/solid chemical.

I like the liquid chemicals but you can use the granular form if you have reasons for it.

Have it in mind you’ll wet the granular chemical with little water after applying it.

For liquid application, do it when the wind level is low. This will prevent the chemical from flying around to other plants.

Chemicals can be the main weapon on how to get rid of sand burrs, however, it takes a bit of time.

How To Control Sand Burrs

I can tell you from experience that using chemicals is the best way to control or get rid of sand burrs from your surroundings.

You can use all the methods I’ve given above, they will work, but they should be a compliment to the chemical application.

You can control the weed that grows around you with chemicals.

In fact, I’d advise anyone to use chemicals in the fall to grow the wanted grasses so that there will be little to no chance for unwanted ones to grow in the spring.

You need to maintain your environment if you want to control sand burrs.

Use chemicals when the weed is too much and mowing/weeding later on.

How To Remove Burrs From Skin

These are my opinions and what I have learned from experience and relatives.

First Aid Treatment for Burrs

Wash the affected area using soap and water. This alone can be all you need.

However, you can the burr can get trapped in your skin…

Then you should use tweezers that are sterilized to remove the burr and other particles in the skin.

Protect the wound from bacteria by using an antibacterial ointment to rub it and use a bandage on it.

Replace the bandage every day to keep the wound fresh.

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Wounds need to be fresh because of bacteria.

Despite using bandage and ointment…

The wound can still swell, become red, or excretes water, then you have to visit a doctor.

How To Cure Itchy Burrs On Skin

Sand burrs don’t need to cut into your skin before causing damage or irritation.

It can make your body itchy just by touching it.

And how do you cure that?

Take a little warm oatmeal bath. That is a simple cure that works most of the time.

It works when your body is itchy from contact with different types of burrs.

This is how you prepare the oatmeal bath…

Get two cups of powdered oatmeal and add to a warm bath. Use a cream that has menthol in its content to rub your body.

You can use the cream as many as four times a day.

See a doctor if the itching persists.

How To Cure Puncture Wound Of Burrs

The first thing is to stop the bleeding.

There are many ways to stop a wound from bleeding, use anyone you know.

Using neat clothing to add pressure to the wound can stop the bleeding too.

Then wash the wound. Remove any burr or spine from the wound and cover it with bondage.

See a doctor if you can’t remove some of the particles from the wound.

You should complain to a doctor if the wound is on your feet. The doc will check for any sign of tetanus.

Checking for tetanus is important especially if you haven’t had a treatment for it in the past.

How To Remove Sandspurs From Feet

The first thing you can do is to try and remove sandspur with your hand (applicable to sand burrs too).

You should do this with care and gently because if the sandspur breaks, you might need more than just your hand to remove it.

The part that is in the skin can cause itchiness and irritation in that part.

But, what if the sandspur breaks into your skin what should you do?

My mum does this perfectly.

You will need someone to help you operate that part with sterilize tweezers and remove the debris.

Without sterilized tweezers, you can always use other things to open the skin.

Don’t cut deep though.

Summer Tip for Sand Burrs

The seed of sand burrs get hard in the summer and the spines to become sharp.

Hard seed and sharp spines make sand burrs more dangerous in the winter.

However, I’ve noticed something different.

I hardly get sand burr wounds on my feet in the summer.

Reason being that my feet too usually get stronger at that time due to the sun.

So it now comes to which is the strongest, my feet or the spine.

My feet always win the battle in the summer. I can walk on pavements barefooted in the hot sun.

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I am sharing this because it is not peculiar to me, many of my friends too had this experience.

The other parts of the body will still suffer though.

There are some tips below to help those parts too.

My Unconventional Ways To Remove Sand spurs From Feet And Other Parts Of The Body

One: using a comb.

You may think that it is dumb. But it isn’t. Try it and see for yourself.

Use a comb to remove the debris from your body.

Two: wet any part that is likely to be attacked by sand spur.

I learned this from a grandma. She told me to lick my hand, it is funny.

Three: Flick it away.

Use one of your fingers to flick the debris away from your skin. Just like how you hit someone with your finger when you want it to be painful.

I use the middle finger often.

Let the middle finger and your thumb make a circle. Then release the middle finger with force.

Four: Tell a friend.

Tell someone to help you out. Explain to them they should remove it with care.

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Will Round Up Kill Sand Burr?

The straight answer is: Yes Round Up do kill sand burrs.

However, there are conditions attached to it…

Round Up only kill grasses that are green and just developing.

Apply Round Up when the wind is still. And target the stems. Make sure all the stems are completely wet.

You might need to apply Round Up more than one time but not when the seeds are out.

Round Up cannot kill the seed and oftentimes, it will not kill the grass when it has produced seed.

Special Tip for Round Up Users

The main active ingredient in Round Up is glyphosate. The other ingredients are less important and often times affect the environment.

You can get glyphosate on its own and apply it to the sand burrs.

The ingredient on its own is cheap and can be very effective when applied in liquid form.

Will Hi Yield 2, 4-D Kill Sandburs?

Hi Yield 2, 4-D is not made for grassy weeds.

It is used to kill broadleaf grasses.

What Herbicide Kills Sand Spurs

Many herbicides kill sand burrs, the important factor to keep in mind is the time at which you should apply the herbicide.

Many people tend to use a pre-emergent herbicide.

Pre-emergent herbicide is usually less effective on sand burrs.

The only pre-emergent that I think works on sand burrs is the with Pendimenthalin ingredient in it.

This type of herbicide is to be applied in early spring.

Pre-emergent herbicide is the most effective on sand burrs. It is best applied in early June. One that I used has Imazaquin in it.

Centipede grass is a type of grass that really helps when you are trying to kill sand burrs around it.

Use herbicide that contains Sethoxydian to kill sand burrs among centipede grass.

The ingredient will not kill your centipede grass.

Before I conclude this post, it is important to know that most of the ideas here are from my experience.

And they work for how to get rid of grass stickers in the yard and how to get rid of sand spurs too.


Finally, you now know how to get rid of sand burrs in many ways possible.

You can use a weeder, solarization, mowing or preventing photosynthesis.

After that, I explained how to remove burrs from feet and other parts of the body.

Then you discovered some of the common herbicides that kill sand burrs.

You are going to positive results if you followed the instructions given in this post.

Kindly share the post if you find at least one of its tips useful for you.

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