September 27, 2022

To know how to be good programmer, you should know that what is worth doing at all, is worth doing well.
And you can only be good at something when you have mastered it. Computer programming is not an exception.
Except in rare cases.
How beautiful will it be for you, if you can code in any programming language with ease and accuracy?
That would be awesome, you say.
This post will teach you all you to know on how to be good programmer at any language you choose.

how to be a good programmer

Before we get into the meat of this post, I would like to point out some facts.
There is a popular saying that goes along this line: Every master was once a disaster.
It is a fact.
And if you are going to take anything out of it, it should be:
The mistakes you make today are part of the journey to be a good programmer.
Let get into the main part of the post.

Why You Should Start From The Basics

Try to lay your hands on a material that explains the basics of the language.
You can then build your knowledge on those basics.
This will save you time because if you begin the learning process from advanced part of the language, you will meet some difficult aspects that will make you go back to the basics.
And it might not be easy then.
You should still brush up the basics of any programming language if you started from an advanced part of the language.
It will make the whole process easy to understand and explain.

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How To Document Your Process

It is important to document the learning process for future reference.
You should make a note of what you understand as you progress.
Aside for future reference, you can actually start blogging on the programming language.
That is actually an easy way to get some motivation that will keep you going till coding becomes a habit.
You could be making money along the way too, especially if you are able to explain the details and drive some traffic to the blog.

How To Make Revision Your Weapon

Don’t just write and neglect your note. Revise the previous topic you learned before moving to the next.
The more you repeat a code, the more you will remember it and become familiar with it.
Repetition enhances retention.
If you follow the second point in this post, about blogging, you should read what other programmers have written about something you want to write.
This simple tip will widen your knowledge more than you can imagine.
Make friends in the blogosphere, join communities. You will pick up vital knowledge from masters of the language and coupled with want you are doing; no one can stop you from becoming a master.

Why Learn From Many Tutors

The first step to learning a language is learning from a proven tutor or mentor.
It will be better if you can have more than one such proven tutors.
You will be able to learn the language from different angles and that will open your eyes to different perspectives.
You can’t compare to heads to one.
But you need to be careful though, don’t learn from all tutors at a time.
Pick them one after the other and progress from like that.

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Why You Should Always Have A Project You Are Working On

The main difference between someone that serious about coding and someone that is not is projects.
You see, the only thing that indicates your proficiency in a programming language is the project you have built with the language.
This is what potential employers will look at if they want to hire you for any job.
It is also a good way to develop your skills because learning materials cannot teach you all you need to get the work done, you have to get your hands dirty.
And what better way to do that than to tackle as many projects as you can.
In conclusion, the more active you are, the more you will master a programming language.
I have explained some the ways you can become active with a programming language and the next step is for you put them into practice.
And watch yourself become a master and earn while you learn how to program.
Thanks. Please share if you pick one or two things from this post.

how to be good programmer
how to be good programmer

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